Home Depot Pro Account (how It Works, Who Can Sign Up, Discounts + More)

Home Depot tries to make it easy for customers to save money through its loyalty programs. In return, the company gets its customers to shop at its stores.

If you’ve ever wondered what the Home Depot Pro Membership is and what are the benefits that it offers, then you are at the right page. Find out everything that you need to know!

Home Depot Pro Account In 2022

Home Depot Pro is a free membership that is available to customers with a HD.com account. This free membership offers exclusive perks and deals while shopping at Home Depot stores and online. The Pro account also gives customers exclusive access to a variety of Home Depot Pro-exclusive offers.

You can keep on reading in order to find out more about how to use the Home Depot Pro account and its benefits.

What Is Home Depot’s Volume Pricing Program?

When you shop at Home Depot, you’ll save more on everyday home maintenance, home improvement, and landscaping supplies.

Your Pro Account is one way we show you our appreciation for being a loyal Home Depot customer. You get a little special perk on top of your everyday savings.

You can use the Home Depot Volume Pricing Programme, just put the items and equipment you need in a list.

A Home Depot Pro Desk employee will help you find products matching your requirements and will give you the best price available in the store.

Note that our Volume Pricing Program can save you and your customers money. If you do not have a Pro Account, you can still save a lot of money by taking advantage of the Volume Pricing Program.

What Are The Benefits Of A Home Depot Pro Account?

What Discounts Can I Get With A Home Depot Pro Account?

With your Home Depot Pro Account, you’ll receive many benefits and discounts at the store and online.

Like Home Depot, Amazon offers the “Prime Day Deals of the Week”, which is a changing item discounted exclusively for Amazon Prime members, and comes with free delivery when bought online. However, this discount will only last for a very short time.

One of the reasons that Home Depot offers better prices is because they have a great financing program.

Your payments are managed through your Home Depot Pro Account online and the app. You can view and manage your payment methods.

A Home Depot ad called “Get the Home Depot Pro Local Advantage” is available every Sunday starting at 6 am central time. If a particular Sunday falls on any other day of the week, the ad will run the following week.

To show you how this works, I’m going to show you three different Home Depot Pro Account holders in three different states: Tennessee, Nebraska and Florida.
[Video Clip]: Now, let’s start with a Home Depot Pro Account holder from Tennessee.

Who Can Sign Up For Home Depot Pro?

You’ve got to have access to the home improvement department, and you need a professional account to sign up for it.

If you plan to shop frequently at Home Depot, consider signing up for a Home Depot Pro Account. Sign up now to save $30.

How Much Does A Home Depot Pro Account Cost?

Home Depot’s Pro Account is free to join, and offers various members-only savings.

If you are enrolled in the Home Depot Pro Account program, you can also qualify for the Volume Pricing Program which can help you save more money.

What Can I Do With My Home Depot Pro Account?

With the Home Depot rewards app, and website, you can manage your Home Depot rewards account, and you can choose a card from your rewards account to shop with.

You can create or remove users to your Home Depot Pro Account, and manage your payment methods.

When you view your saved lists and purchase history, you can see your orders that you previously purchased.

If you establish a subscription for your Home Depot items, you will be eligible to save 5% on repeat orders.

How Do I Upgrade My Home Depot Account To Pro?

Home Depot offers you a way to upgrade your account by paying $59.99.

When you log into your Home Depot account, see the option that says if you’re a Pro customer and check it.

Pro is the next step to becoming an authorized dealer.

Home Depot has authorized dealers for products like tools, appliances and hardware which you can find using the product links below.

You can go to your local Home Depot store and talk to a Pro-Sales Representative about upgrading to the Pro Desk.

What Do I Need For A Home Depot Pro Account?

Some pieces of personal information you may need to establish your Home Depot Pro account, such as your email address, address, phone number, and password.

If you are running a company, you may need it on your business.

Note that Home Depot may also ask you for some information about your home improvement projects.

Why Should I Join Home Depot Pro?

Home Depot is the best place to shop. It is also a great store to save money.

You can also use the purchase tracking feature so that you can keep track of where you purchased your goods.

Additionally, if you do make a purchase from Home Depot after you have registered your rewards card, you’ll save up to 20% on a variety of stains, primers, and paints.

You can also receive a confirmation text message from Home Depot, if you approve a purchase. The confirmation text message can be read from the phone. The Text2Confirm feature is also available on the My Account section of the Home Depot website.

Conclusion: Home Depot Pro Account

Having a Home Depot Pro account benefits the home improvement industry by providing information about projects and offers to homeowners across all stores.

For a little extra convenience, you can keep your Home Depot account as a Pro Account.
[Paragraph]: To keep your Home Depot account as a Pro Account, just log in to your account, and choose to keep it as a Pro Account.

Home Depot is now allowing you to become a Pro member in order to save money on your large purchases. Learn more about becoming a Home Depot Pro member here.


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