Does Lowe’s Drug Test? (warning: Must Read)

Lowe’s is a great company to work for with many jobs available and a great way to make money. It offers a variety of different jobs both in the corporate structure and at the store level.

Lowe’s drug tests potential employees. The process of taking a drug test at Lowe’s occurs with the use of the company’s drug testing software which looks for the presence of substances in the body that could be harmful to the health and safety of the Lowe’s employee.

Does Lowe’s Drug Test In 2022?

Lowe’s has drug testing facilities where an employee submits a sample to be tested for drugs and alcohol. This type of testing is more often used for the safety of employees at their workplace. The most common form of testing is a mouth swab.

In case you were wondering, Lowe’s drug tests for all kinds of drugs – including marijuana. They won’t even take a urine sample.

What is Lowe’s Drug Test Policy?

The company requires any employee who has a drug history to refrain from working until cleared for work by a company physician.

Although Lowe’s does not comment on any specific incident or case, the company has developed a system for drug abuse reporting with one person responsible for reporting. All of their employees are trained to observe, report and deal with drug-related issues in order to maintain this policy.

Lowe’s has a zero tolerance policy to illegal substances at work and any employee found to have these substances are subject to termination.

How Does Lowe’s Drug Test?

The mouth swab test is the most common drug test at Lowe’s. This is because this test can detect whether you have used any illicit material in the past 7 days.

Lowe’s uses a mouth swab drug test that can’t be tampered with and is administered under supervised observation.

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When drugs are present in urine, their metabolite profiles are detected using the technology of “Urinalysis.” Urine drug testing detects and measures the metabolite profiles of drugs in the urine. It is important to know that drug metabolite levels, while often useful for assessing a person’s level of recent use, may not be useful for detecting or assessing long-term use due to drug tolerance or dependence.

What Does Lowe’s Drug Test for?

The company may check if the person has worked or done work in the health care field. It may be a good idea to check for drug use if the person has worked in an employer’s health care field if that person was under the influence of drugs.

In addition, Lowe’s can ask for drug test results when the person has been injured on the job.

If the results of your drug test are negative we will tell you as soon as we receive them. If you have any doubt, please contact our contact center.


If you take prescription medication, it’s a good idea to pass the test before applying for an H1-B visa. However, if you have prescription medication that’s not part of your work requirements, you can tell the consulate that you carry it with you at all times.

Does Lowe’s Drug Test for Marijuana?

Not only do you have to pass a drug test, you have to beat the odds of being tested and the test detecting traces of marijuana in your system.

The decision comes from Lowe’s’ leadership. The company has not yet adapted its drug test to address the legalization of marijuana.

When Does Lowe’s Drug Test?

Lowe’s will often drug test new employees, and will also drug test employees who have been involved in an accident or incident at work, as well as random drug tests on employees suspected of using illicit substances.

Lowe’s is using a drug test when hiring. The company also wants to test people for mental ability and their professional experience. They are doing this by having people fill out an application, take an aptitude test, interview, and pass a background check.

Usually, Lowe’s would request the drug test during your first interview. It could be your second interview or it could be your third interview.

As per their rights and as stipulated in their employee contracts, Lowe’s reserves the right to randomly drug test employees, even if they are not suspected of using illegal drugs, to prevent dangerous behavior at work.

Lowe’s must pay you workers compensation due to your injury, so it will require a drug test to confirm that your injury wasn’t caused by your own behavior.

Although Lowe’s doesn’t appear to have any regulations or policies concerning on-site drug testing, individuals involved in an accident may have to pass a drug test in order to return to their workplace.

Does Lowe’s Random Drug Test?

Some companies like Lowe’s don’t even bother to screen random drug tests since they have an internal drug testing program.

Lowe’s is not a drug-testing company, they have not required drug testing because not even employees are actually tested anymore, it seems.

Who Does Lowe’s Drug Test?

Lowe’s has a drug policy that includes random drug tests for employees at the store level. They also do random drug tests for senior level employees, managers, and supervisors.

Lowe’s is looking for any employees, if they notice a colleague operating heavy machinery or tools, it is imperative that they are not under influence of any drugs or any other substances as they are very dangerous for others and themselves.

The reason why Lowe’s requires all employees to take a drug test is because of the employees.

Will Lowe’s Hire You if You Fail a Drug Test?

If you are asked to take a drug test at a Lowe’s interview, it is unlikely that you will get hired if you are caught using drugs.

In order to be employed at Lowe’s, you have to pass tests. You also have to show that you can perform the job. This includes taking a drug test. Employees are required to pass a drug test to be eligible for employment.

It is an agreement between Lowe’s and their employees. The company has an agreement with the government to ensure that their employees are clean. They can have drugs and alcohol on the job but they cannot operate a vehicle while under the influence.

Lowe’s will contact you via phone call to see if you are eligible to continue the application process, and if so, they will offer you a job.

How Long Does It Take for a Lowe’s Drug Test to Come Back?

Since Lowe’s chooses to send the sample to third-party labs, the results will be available quite quickly, while third-party labs can take anywhere from 1-3 days.

Can I Reapply to Lowe’s if I Fail My Drug Test?

The company will require you to wait a couple of months before you can work for them again.

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Lowe’s employees have the right to know the drug test results as it keeps safe working environment. Lowe’s drug test is based on the suspicion that employee may be using drugs which is the most common reason for the drug test.

Offers of employment at Lowe’s are conditional on passing a drug test. Lowe’s is conducting a random drug test for new and existing employees and if they fail the drug test, they could be fired.

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