Amazon Flex Not Working (12 Potential Fixes + Faqs)

If you are having issues with Amazon Flex, you may want to know how to fix the issue so you can get back to delivering.

I’ve been searching for the answer to this question, and I’ve found some solutions that may help! Check out the links below to learn more!

Why Isn’t Amazon Flex Working In 2022?

If you are facing any other issues regarding Amazon Flex or your Amazon Flex app, then you need to first restart your app to see if that fixes your issues. If you are having any other issues with your Amazon Flex account, then you can try logging off, removing and reinstalling your app and then restarting the app.

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1. Restart the Amazon Flex App

If you see the “Flex App Stopped Working” error message, the best thing to do would be to restart the Amazon Flex App.

2. Reboot Your Device

Reboot your device if it is having any errors or problems, such as Amazon Flex not working.

Not everyone can handle restarting their phones, but for those who can, it is a great way to clear the memory and performance issues.

3. Log Out & Back Into Amazon Flex

I once experienced in which I had to log into Amazon Flex, and when I went back into my account it would tell me it timed out and I would have to log back in again.

4. Uninstall & Reinstall Amazon Flex

In the case the problem is not solved, if you want to uninstall the app, you will need to install the Amazon Flex SDK and reinstall it, since the SDK is a bit outdated and the app will not run again after the SDK installation.

It is recommended to not uninstalls the app through Android’s settings as it can mess up your phone and make it unstable.

Go into your app store, search for “Amazon Flex,” and then click the Install button under the App.

5. Force-Close the App

Make sure that the app you are using is not running.
Close it from the Android app that you are using to run the Amazon Flex app if your device has a Task Manager.
Restart the device.
Connect to the device via USB and install the app from the Play Store or App Store.
After that, you can start the Amazon Flex app.

It’s the same in Android. Click on “Apps” and look for Amazon Flex. Click the “Settings” icon on the top right. The “force stop” or “stop” button is easy to find.

6. Check Your Internet Connection

When you receive a job in Amazon Flex it will try to go through the network and it may not work. So, you should make sure to have a good internet connection. You can also use a cellular data connection if you have one.

7. Close Apps in the Background

An app that’s running in the background can cause memory loss, glitches, or lag with apps in the foreground.

If you think this happened to you, close all other applications running in the background, especially any games, and then reload the Flex app.

8. Clear App Cache

1. Open AppStore or PlayStore on your computer.
2. Go to the “Downloads” tab.
3. Check the “clear data” box next to the Flex app.

9. Wait 10 Minutes & Try Again

There could be times when Amazon Flex isn’t working because of server overload. This is the result of too many people are being added to the app at one time.

A different issue can be that Apple can block your account if they believe you to be cheating. That’s why I recommend trying to log out and see if maybe it was just that.

10. Check to See If It’s Amazon Servers & Wait for a Fix

There is a tool for this in Amazon [Amazon Help Forum][Amazon Help Forum]:

I tried some of the suggestions from the troubleshooting page, but all of them
just worked for me.

11. Update the App

If you’re having problems with Amazon Flex, go ahead and update to the latest version. Doing so will get rid of those problems, and ensure you get the best experience.

If you have not already done so, you should also turn on automatic updates so that you’re getting the latest features for Flex. This will also prevent problems with the app not working.

12. Check Login Credentials

If Amazon Flex is not working, you should double check your login credentials, because you could be mistyping the email address or password without realizing it.

Is Amazon Doing Away With Flex?

Amazon is changing its name to Flexible Scheduling. This means that Flexible Scheduling will allow you to choose the days off and the hours you want to work!

Can I Have Two Amazon Flex Accounts?

You can allow Amazon to put the same email address on multiple accounts and it will allow you to associate another email address with each account.

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The problem we’re having is that the app is being force closed in the background and the system doesn’t give us a window to choose a solution.

The best solution is to uninstall and reinstall the app. If that doesn’t work, try to force-close the app.

When I close the app, I don’t get the error message anymore.

The app is designed to work offline.

You can try to reboot your device, log out and back into the app, clear out the app cache of your account, or change the password of your account to check if that solves the problem.

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