Amazon Photos Not Working (12 Potential Fixes + Faqs)

I have problems with Amazon Photos not working and I want to know the most effective ways so that I can access my photos within minutes!

I’m not going to go through a long list of what you need, but I will give you some tips and hints on what you need to do.
The best way for this to be successful is to start to change the behaviour of your users, so that they are more interested in your app and its features than the look.

Why Isn’t Amazon Photos Working In 2022?

If you’ve discovered Amazon Photos not working, and you want to remove it completely, then you can uninstall the app. You could also try to restart the device, update the app, clear the app cache, or check your Internet connection. However, if you encounter Amazon Photos not working again, this could be because of an Amazon issue, for instance overloading the app servers.

Are you familiar with the Amazon Photos app? Are you having issues with it? If so, you’ve come to the right article! This article is all about why people are still having problems with Amazon Photos and how you can fix Amazon Photos. I’ll give you the solutions and tell you what I found that will work for you!

1. After installing Amazon Photos app, force-close it.

The issue of Amazon Photos not working may be fixed. However, as it is a mobile device, the issue may only be resolved on mobile devices.

To make things worse, it’s easy to end up with a closed Amazon Photos app. Just go to “Settings” and click on “Apps.” You then need to identify the app by name, and the only way to do that is to go to its app page and copy the name to your clipboard, then repeat it again and again to finally close the app.

A common workaround for the above problem is to clear the app cache. The reason for this is that, due to a glitch, the app is not properly registering a change in the theme, when it changes in the original app store. So, to solve the problem, first you open the stock Android app store and look at the details on the app, look at the version number.

Clearing out the app cache is a great way to get rid of any problems the app might have and get the app running smoothly. Clearing the app cache will help solve a lot of problems for Amazon Photos not working and can help rid the app of bugs, glitches, or corrupt files or data.

On a new Android device, clear the app cache by pressing the Home button, tapping the app, and then dragging the icon to the app trash.

If you’re using an older Android device, you can clear the app cache by following the steps below.

Uninstall and reinstall the Amazon Photos app.

If your app gets stuck after you uninstall it you can quickly and easily uninstall the app and reinstall it.

It really depends on your device, but just hold down the app and select either “Remove” or “Uninstall,” and then go into your app store and search for the app.

You can check Amazon Photos settings and see if there’s an issue with your account. You can also reinstall the app to see if that helps.

Update Amazon Photos App with new features and bug fixes.

Maybe you haven’t updated your app for a while now, so it could lead to Amazon photos not working because of security issues, bugs, glitches, or other app vulnerabilities.

After doing this, you’ll need to go back into your Amazon Photos app again and try to view your photos one by one to see if you see the photos you’ve been trying to access.

check your internet connection if it’s not working.

You will need to make sure that your internet connection is good. No matter which mode of mobile connectivity you’re using.

If you are experiencing issues such as app not connecting to servers or loading the images, make sure to have a good Internet connection.

Wait five or 10 minutes before you try again.

If you’re having problems downloading photos from your Amazon Photos account, you can try again in a few minutes, as it may be server overload causing temporary issues.

You should be able to sign out and sign back in to your app without having to enter your username and password.
If not then please let me know and I will look into it for you.

It’s always a good idea to login and sign out of your Amazon account when you’re doing troubleshooting so you don’t accidentally delete a photo while you’re trying to figure out what’s causing the issue.

If the iPhone XR doesn’t work for you, you can try to restart the device.

Make sure your device is plugged in, make sure the battery is charged, and that
you have at least 1GB of storage available.

Reboot your device into safe mode. This is typically done by holding down the
power + home button on your device for about 10 seconds. You may need to
do this more than one time.

If the problem persists, then you can reboot your device, but be aware that if you do that, the content of the Amazon Photos app will be lost. To avoid this, you can use a third-party app to delete the pictures from your device.

We found your photo to be of an incorrect size. The required size is at least 728 (width) x 484 (height) and is less than 16Kb. Please try uploading your photo again.

If your photo is in the 2 GB or more than 2 GB, it cannot be uploaded through the Amazon Photos app. The only way to upload such a photo is to do it through the desktop.

In the event that you’ve noticed issues uploading your photos, verify that the correct camera settings were used and try again.

If you have a lot of free space, it is better to delete files so that you can get more space for your data.

If you don’t have enough storage space on your device, it might cause the app to malfunction or interfere with updates, so we suggest deleting old unused files.

So you want to delete old files of the app so that the app can update and give you more storage space on your device.

The best tool for this is the Android task manager.

The apps that run in the background can slow down your phone and cause apps to malfunction.

This is a common issue with Amazon Photos, when you see performance errors you need to close all the apps and then see if performance returns.

Amazon Web Services has seen a number of problems since it launched its public cloud in 2007.

With the Amazon Photos App there are times when Amazon servers are to blame. In this case, if the problem continues or occurs again in the future, make sure you check on the issue at the Amazon website.

There is nothing you can do when you get the “Server error when attempting to access your shopping basket.” error message.

What Happens If I Delete the Amazon Photos App?

If you delete the Amazon photos app, then it will only delete the app and not your photos on the service.

Since your files are automatically backed up once your app is installed, it’s unlikely that you’ll lose any of your photos or files.

Does Amazon Photos Still Work?

Amazon can still be used to store your original photos. You can also purchase photo prints right from the app.

You’ll receive free delivery on all of the photos that you’ve chosen to print!

To learn more about this topic, you can also see our post on what is Amazon Photos, is Amazon Prime photo storage really unlimited, and why is Amazon’s iPhone app not working.


If you’re looking for fixes for photos not deleting from your device, you could try to restart the device, clear the app data, or update the app.

Also, you can check your Internet connection, force-stop the app, close any running apps, make sure your photos are the correct size, or adjust the photo filter.

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