Spark Reviewer Program (your Complete Guide + Common Faqs)

People love free stuff, and the IRS likes to send people non-bill-related envelopes.

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Walmart provides customers with a platform with which they can review brands of merchandise that they buy, including their own.

The Spark Reviewer Program is a program that provides you with information on the products you have purchased from or the Amazon app, you can also check your order history. You must be a Prime member to enroll in the program, but that’s where the similarities end. It is not an affiliate program, and they do not pay you to sign up.

What Is The Spark Reviewer Program In 2022?

Walmart was looking for people to review their products but only randomly selected people were chosen to participate in the program. People that were chosen received free samples of the products they were to review and were paid a small fee to do so.

Let’s see how the Spark Reviewer program works and how you could potentially be asked to join it. You can also receive Spark activities.

How Does The Spark Reviewer Program Work?

Walmart’s review program works for both sides. Once customers have purchased something through the program they are then more likely to return to Walmart to make another purchase.

Reviews are essential for any product. Without reviews you will not be making the right decisions.

After this incident, I have to always be extra cautious when I shop online especially when buying cosmetics as I do not want to make the same mistake again and not take any risks.

Consumers like to share their experiences, and word-of- mouth is a great way to spread positive reviews.

Walmart sees this problem as one of lost customer loyalty. As a solution, they’ve launched the Spark Program.

By getting the honest opinions of customers on a variety of products, Walmart increases the likelihood that positive reviews of those products will galvanize shoppers to purchase those items.

Walmart has no influence on the reviews and it is best to be honest with the review.

It’s a win for loyal customers with a history of being helpful, and Walmart boosts their reputation for selling quality products and brands.

If you make an impact on Walmart you will receive a letter inviting you to become a Walmart partner.

If you are to be invited, you’ll register by following the instructions and signing up for sample alerts, which occur about once a month.

You will be notified by email when a sample alert is available for you to choose, and when it has been mailed to you.

You’ll then get a set timeframe in which Walmart will be giving you a review. Make sure that you don’t miss that review on time, as Walmart is the king of customer satisfaction.

 Next, you will be asked to write up what you think for the product page and submit it. Boom! You’re done, and you obviously get to keep the sample. pays all the postage and shipping, so the process is free except for a little of your time.

How Do You Join The Spark Reviewer Program?

You can’t just apply for the Walmart Spark Card. You have to apply for an invitation.

If you get your hands on the Walmart App, you can use that to your advantage! It will also let you check prices there and keep you on the Walmart site while you shop.

The easiest way to become a better commenter is to start commenting more frequently on the products you buy.

We are looking for people who give good reviews. You don’t have to be the best writer!

Because the author loves the item, or the item is incredibly useful and the author is a fan, or because the author has been working with the item for some time and genuinely wants to share his/her experience with others.

I need a simple application, very lightweight, very focused on the needs of my project.

To stand out from the rest, you need to stand out from the crowd. That means showing the value of your services to your potential buyers.

Even if you don’t like the review, if you can convey your thoughts in a way that isn’t aggressive or condescending, you’re on the right track.

Is The Spark Reviewer Program Real?

The Walmart Spark Reviewer Program is a scam website that is trying to scam people by pretending to be a real review website.

Since the invites went out yesterday, you can probably expect to see them on your email soon.

Another reader writes in to inform us that they have been a Spark Reviewer for over a year and also shared the freebies they have received.

I’m not a “shill” nor do I even consider myself a reviewer.

We have a lot of products that we get at least four samples per month.

Walmart’s Spark Reviewer Program is a real way to sample high quality products for free!

Does Walmart Have A Spark Community?

In addition to buying more stuff, Walmart also offers its customers discounts for referrals.

Walmart knows how important it is to connect their customers with the items they want and need, therefore, the company provides their participants with a chance to be part of a program that helps them better understand who they are, what they like, and how to connect their buying habits to the products they choose.

In order to earn points, members have to interact with the Spark community by reviewing the blogs, forums, and asking questions.

Activities that include being interviewed, discussing topics, and shopping are all a great way to practice different ways of communicating.

Chosen members will probably have activities that occur every once in a while; per the Spark Community page FAQ, sometimes there will be one or two activities every month. But usually, there will be a couple of activities every month.

Because for the first time in 10 years, there will be no international conference in July. This is a time for reflection.

If you need to conduct any form of testing or testing of any kind, it should be short but thorough. Focus groups are often very short, but if you can make it long enough to get any good feedback, then you can use that. A focus group can also be used in a marketing survey, but it’s typically used after a product launch or a change in policy.

This is the time it takes to complete the survey. There is also an opportunity to earn bonus points by taking the survey more than once.

Once the community member has earned enough points, they can use their gift card to purchase something on

A Walmart store in New York has a 3D printer where customers can print out items for pick up.

How Do You Get Walmart Spark Activities?

There are Spark activity for you to participate in and they are related to the Walmart website. But you have to first be chosen as a spark reviewer to be able to participate.

You can earn points, and you can even go into FreePlay mode, by providing your opinion of products you have bought, so that other shoppers can see what you have to say.

If you want to know more about shopping at Walmart, you can also check out Walmart shopping tips, and to learn more about buying Walmart gift cards.


Walmart’s Spark Reviewer program and Spark Activities invite loyal Walmart shoppers to participate in free giveaways for just a couple of minutes of their time.

When they use their secret algorithm to figure out who will and won’t be chosen to appear in the program, they’ll take into consideration the reviews you’ve submitted.

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