Why Is Mcdonald’s So Good? (10 Reasons Why)

McDonald’s is fast food, made for people of all ages, they are good, and everybody likes them.

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When you start thinking about McDonald’s, you may think of it as a fast food chain that’s easy to go to. The truth is, McDonald’s is good because of how they do things!

Why is McDonald’s So Good In 2022?

McDonald’s is excellent because they use 100% beef, chicken, and fish in their sandwiches and burgers. Additionally, they use flash freeze their food so they’re always fresh. They also have a relationship with Coke, who delivers Coke syrup in stainless steel tanks.

The McDonald’s fast food chain is ranked among the top five companies for employee satisfaction.

1. McDonald’s Burgers Contain 100% Beef

McDonald’s is like a magical portal that allows you to access an infinite quantity of chicken sandwiches so that you can get enough calories on-the-go.

Furthermore, McDonald’s hamburgers contain no additives, fillers, or preservatives, which makes their burgers not as healthy as other fast food restaurants.

As for the flavor, McDonald’s uses a variety of cuts of meat to make their hamburgers, including trimmings of sirloin, round, and chuck.

As an extra, each burger is seasoned with salt and pepper allowing the natural flavors to come through.

2. McDonald’s Flash Freezes Food to Lock In Flavor

McDonald’s processes the food and it is frozen, they freeze it at every step. If you freeze something in a bag it’s going to last longer.

Furthermore, flash freezing involves quickly freezing the foods using circulating cold air to prevent the moisture inside the food from entering the food.

3. McDonald’s Doesn’t Use the Same Bun for All of the Burgers & Sandwiches

McDonald’s uses a lot of ingredients that they buy from a supplier. One of those ingredients are buns and they use one kind of bun for all of the different burgers and sandwiches.

Further, a McDonald’s Big Mac, a Quarter Pounder sandwich, and a Double Quarter Pounder sandwich all use a sesame seed bun, including a piece of bread in between the patties.

This also means that while the bun is a regular bun, it’s not made from the same type of grain and the dough is not the same.

McDonald’s can cater to more customers by having a variety of buns for different purposes and different burgers.

4. McDonald’s Has Special Limited-Time Items Like the McRib

McDonald’s decided to create a cult-like following for some of its limited-time-only foods such as the McRib and the Big Mac.

McDonald’s is a place that brings out one of these once a year and you could always just call in an order, but this is a little extra fun and helps you connect with the restaurant more.

5. McDonald’s Offers Sweet Treats & McCafe Drinks

In the United States, McDonald’s serves all of the classic, iconic desserts available at a fast-food restaurant.

In addition to the McFlurry, there are many other McFood offerings and they really represent the foodie culture of the United States.

It has a lot of sugar. And all those sugar and other additives might lead to diabetes, obesity, and other cardiovascular diseases. But the worst part of it all is that these items are designed to be addictive. McDonald’s has been caught before, and in the past it has marketed its food to children in order to get them hooked on the fatty and sugary food of the restaurant chain.

6. Food Safety is a Top Priority & Consistent Standards Ensure Quality Food

Regardless of which KFC store you go to, you know you’re going to get a quality meal with consistency. Which is why, despite the fact they’re both owned by the same conglomerate and can easily share the same recipes, the two chains have managed to coexist in relative harmony for decades.

McDonald’s ensures the quality of their food by taking it extremely seriously. These people are food farmers, suppliers, distributors, and suppliers who are trying to make sure that the food they are producing is safe for our food.

Foodborne illnesses can come directly from the farm, to the manufacturing plant, or end up at a restaurant. You should always check the label to ensure the food you’re buying is safe.

7. McDonald’s Coca-Cola is the Best Coke Ever

The best thing about McDonald’s is that it is one of the only fast food chains and restaurants that has the ability to have soda that doesn’t taste of chlorine.

Coca-Cola packages the soda syrup in stainless steel tanks so if there are fluctuations in temperature, it is not harmed. It keeps it fresher and allows it to be served at a higher temperature.

They also filter the water with the same process, from one location to another. And they use a wider straw to deliver more fizz together.

8. McDonald’s Uses Real Meat for Their Menu Items

The McDonald’s menu is full of only authentic beef, chicken, and pork, so it’s really good because there’s nothing fake about it.

The main difference is that each of these items shares a common ingredient (beef, pork, chicken, or fish), but they aren’t always used in the same proportion.

There’s also the fact that, unlike most fast-food chains, McDonald’s only makes french fries in one size. McDonald’s fries are the same size as potatoes you buy at the grocery store, not “slices” like most chains. That makes them more like the real deal.

9. McDonald’s Doesn’t Often Alter Proven Recipes

McDonald’s does not alter proven recipes to try to get into the latest food trend. This creates a good thing about McDonald’s because it allows their food to stay the same and loved by people all over the world.

When the company switched to Innate in the late 2000s, there was little resistance from customers, in part because Innate fries looked and tasted more like regular fries.

However, McDonald’s replaced the artificial, unhealthy ingredients with all natural, healthy ingredients.

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10. McDonald’s Fries are Nothing Short of Life-Changing

For french fries they’re pretty good and they’re similar to the Coke in that the recipe is the same every time. They’re not as unique as Coke and they’re not as special as Coke.

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Besides the potatoes, the french fries are made out of three different types of potatoes. The first is Shepody, a potato with thin, crunchy skin. The second is Russet Tanger, with round, dense and slightly sweet flavor. The third is Umatilla Russet, with its unique color and flavor.

To learn more, you might also be interested in learning about some of the other options available for you to enjoy a nice meal or maybe a snack, or even a coffee.


It’s so easy to guess why McDonald’s is so good, they use all-natural and high quality ingredients to make sure our food is delicious.


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To start, they use 100 percent beef fat along with 100 percent beef tallow, which is basically rendered beef fat, to create the crispy texture. The flavor is sealed in by freezing the fries for three weeks.

Last, fast food restaurant can trace everything from the farm to the store which allows the company to quickly identify and eliminate problems.

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