What Does Return To Sender Mean Fedex? (+ Other Common Faqs)

The company has a system in place that allows it to return all packages to the sender when it is unable to deliver it to the recipient.

If you’re wondering why your FedEx package is taking so long to arrive, then you should know that there can be many reasons behind the delay. But, one of the most common reasons is that a problem with your FedEx package was reported by the carrier’s tracking system.

What Does Return To Sender Mean FedEx In 2022?

Return to sender is a term used by FedEx to describe a situation where a package was returned to the sender due to a variety of reasons. Examples include a package being refused for not paying on delivery, or the return of a package that is damaged.

To find out the reason why a package is returned to the sender, read this entire article!

What Does It Mean When It Says “Package Returned To Sender”?

If you’ve shipped a package, and someone gets it back instead, you’re responsible for returning the package to the sender.

I think that the return to sender is a standard policy of the mail companies which they use to deal with the problems when they miss a delivery.

The package may have been sent to the wrong address. This is not a fault of the shipper. The shipping service does what they contractually agree to do.

If you have received a package that was not delivered to you, it may have been mailed to you by mistake. If this happened to you, please open your package and follow the instructions on the label.

Why Does FedEx Return Packages To The Sender?

FedEx doesn’t want to send people away from their offices, which is why they provide this service.

I was not able to find an address for the recipient.

When the recipient cannot be found, FedEx will return the package to the sender.

While this could also happen if the sender provided the wrong apartment number, the wrong spelling of the street name, or the wrong zip code.

Sometimes the computers at the FedEx hub that processes packages make mistakes. When that happens, the company has to send a manual worker to make sure it gets to the right place.

When a FedEx employee cannot locate the destination address on a shipping label, they use one of the following options to locate the recipient:

Use a tracking device.
Contact the sender.
Contact the recipient.
Verify the address.

If your package is returned due to any reason then you will be billed for the same. This will be explained to you in the package notification email.

– The item does not exist anymore.
– The seller can not provide the original item (broken, damaged, etc…)
– The item is out of stock.

When a package cannot be delivered, FedEx will either try to find a location to pick it up or return it to the sender.

Usually, the next time you try delivering the package will be the next time the person is home, or for the next delivery attempt.

Many customers are unaware of the fact that if they don’t attempt to return the item within a certain time frame it will be returned to sender.

The recipient did not accept the item.

Sometimes, a package is delivered but its recipient refuses to accept it.

If customers are asking you about a product for which they’re getting charged, you could ask if their package arrived in error. If the answer is, “yes,” you could say you’ll send them another copy.
If customers say their order arrived damaged, that’s one reason you might offer to repair your customers’ items.

If you received a package and decide that you don’t want it anymore, you can return it. The return label is in the package so you can return it to the Post Office, and they will give it back to the sender. The sender has to cover the return postage.

4. You can’t validate your age because you can’t show any proof of identification.

Some packages may be prohibited from delivery because they contain items that require the signature of someone younger than 21 years for delivery.

This requires a government issued ID, such as your passport, or a student ID or driver’s license.

If you can’t provide this information, FedEx will return it to the sender. Unless they have a special service for that purpose.

How Do I Return A FedEx Package To Sender?

If you’re the sender and you want to get your Express shipment back to you, FedEx makes it easy for you.

Log in to your FedEx account, go to the tracking page, and follow these steps:

Click Tracking.
Click “Track your shipment.”
Enter your tracking number or other information about the shipment.

Also, if you need a FedEx Ground package sent back to you, contact Customer Support online.

In fact, if you need an address other than the U.S., you can use FedEx Access. You can also request a special shipping label using FedEx Access.

How Long Will FedEx Hold A Package Before Returning To Sender?

If the package is delivered to a FedEx Office location and cannot be picked up, or if the package is delivered to a third-party retailer and cannot be picked up, then the package is usually held at the location until a FedEx agent can deliver it.

We’ve taken an in-house survey with an online link that informs recipients where their package is.

Once the client has finished paying for the service in full, they will pick up it up.

Please note that the time for packages sent by express services has increased.

If the recipient has not claimed their package then they will either send it back to the sender or leave it at their doorstep.

What Happens If My FedEx Package Is Returned To Sender?

If your package is sent back to the sender and FedEx refuses to accept the return, you will be charged for the original shipping and handling as well as the return shipping and handling.

If the package is lost or damaged during the shipment, the carrier is entitled to an additional charge for the cost of shipping the item back to the warehouse for repairs.

You may also be charged in some way by the sender of the package or by a shipping company if someone loses or returns the package.

At FedEx, we know that when we issue an undeliverable, FedEx packages may not be taken to the post office to be rerouted or redirected. Please contact your FedEx business service representative to inquire about our procedures for delivering such packages or to learn more about the delivery process, as there may be steps you can take to deliver your package.


Package delivery is usually straightforward as long as the recipient receives the package. However, many packages are damaged or never reach their destinations.

While it is not always possible to avoid having packages returned, we can minimize the risk by double checking addresses, informing recipients about deliveries, and staying on top of package pick ups.

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