Best Buy Complaints (contact Details, How To Make A Complaint, Are They Taken Seriously + More)

Best Buy is the leading technology and home appliance store in North America. It also includes a Geek Squad service center, a Geek Squad website, a mobile apps, and stores throughout the U.S.

All of these topics can be covered quite easily! If you have problems at a store, you should always bring this up to the store manager or a company contact, because they are a part of the company and are not permitted to talk to you. If you are upset about some stuff in your purchase, you can usually go online to file a complaint.

How Do I Make a Complaint to Best Buy In 2022?

I’d like to say thank you to Best Buy for giving me a free replacement. I know a lot of people with bad luck would not have this option and that’s why I’m writing to express my pleasure for this wonderful experience. I would never be able to pay Best Buy back if it wasn’t for you, but I just want you to know that this makes it worth it.

How Do I Contact Best Buy to Complain?

The following email addresses are for Best Buy complaints and suggestions: Contact Us – Contact Us – Customer Support
Email Address – Phone Number

If you have received this message in error or are otherwise unsure as to how to contact Best Buy for your complaint or suggestion, please contact us at the number below.

This is a Best Buy Customer Service and Product Information Department email.

Are Complaints Taken Seriously at Best Buy?

The company does listen to its customers, and it even has a customer satisfaction program, but customers are dissatisfied with the company because they think that the company doesn’t act on their complaints.

One customer review site says that Best Buy is at 295 out of 995 companies.

I agree with you there, although I guess there’s not a lot anyone can do about store design.

What Are the Most Common Complaints That People Make About Best Buy?

The best way to describe how to install your new dishwasher is to say that it should be easy, and most of all, fast.

Best Buy is not a good company. There are thousands of complaints logged by customers about the company.

There has been an increase in complaints about non-working products in the last few years.

Best Buy has failed to perform with respect to the provision of services and with respect to the provision of information. Specifically, they have failed to provide services and information as agreed.

Yet, people have complained about products not working and receiving faulty and defective goods that are covered under warranties.

Another one is that you get a few coins even if you only played a few hands.

Many people have complained about the products and services offered by the company, but many people appear to get their problems resolved.

How Do I Complain About a Manager at Best Buy?

If a customer has a complaint about a manager, then they should complain to the manager and don’t go to an HR department.

To complain about your retail manager, call the phone number listed on your receipt at your local Best Buy. Doing so will put you in contact with someone who can help you.

However, if you’re a store worker and you’re having problems with your former or current manager, then calling the above number is likely to assist you with resolving the problem.

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How Do I Complain About Specific Products and Services at Best Buy?

You can get your products at Best Buy for computers, cell phones, televisions,
appliances such as refrigerators and stoves, fitness equipment, smart home products, and much more.

Having a broad range of items, it’s not uncommon for issues to arise with some of these things. For instance, TVs may break too soon, computers may run too slow, and other issues.

For customers who have purchased items from Best Buy and wish to get a refund, they can either contact the company that sold the item directly or the Best Buy customer service phone number given earlier above.

If the customer doesn’t like the service or the store they should always give the store a chance to fix the problem. If that doesn’t work, they should give the store a chance to fix the problem.

Some of what you can get at Best Buy includes TV installation, cell phone repair, home wi-fi setup, recovery of data, virus removal from computers, and more.

If people are unhappy with a product they bought from Best Buy, they should tell the company about it, and the company should respond.

Can I Sue Best Buy?

Get a lawyer.
Send a letter to the company’s attorneys (this should be sent as early as possible).
Explain that your account has been compromised, and that you wish to make a complaint.

For more specific information about filing a lawsuit against Best Buy, it’s wise make sure they are protected under the law and speak to a lawyer for legal advice.

Some examples of reasons that someone might sue would be personal injury while shopping at Best Buy, harassment or discrimination, and breach of warranty.

If you’re interested, you can read our posts on the Best Buy competitors, is Best Buy an ethical company, and what is Best Buy.


Best Buy is one of the more popular retail stores to purchase all of your electronic devices, and appliances. The company has received many complaints in the past that involve product quality, customer service, incorrect charges, and more.

Filing a complaint against Best Buy may be relatively simple, requiring nothing more than a few moments to wait on hold for a phone call from a customer service agent. This may be a preferable option for some, but others will prefer to file a complaint through the website.

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