Instacart Complaints (how To Make One, Types Of Complaints + Contact Info)

Instacart is the easiest way to do your shopping and have it delivered to your home. We also offer services to help you manage your orders and customer service, but there is one thing that you can do.

If you have a complaint, it is your right to file a consumer complaint with the FTC.
You can also contact Instacart.
They can provide you with information on how to file a complaint.

Instacart Complaints 

As a part of its policy, Instacart is open to complaints from its customers who have experienced some trouble while ordering their groceries and other related issues. Customers can lodge these complaints directly using their account, the Instacart app, and through the official Instacart social media platforms.

If you have a problem with Instacart, like when they do not deliver your order or when they charged you for a delivery instead of giving you credits, you should be able to make a complaint!

How Can I Make a Complaint to Instacart?

You can contact Instacart regarding your concern with the company by calling the customer care desk, using the Instacart app, or visiting the company’s official website.

At the customer care desk, it is very important that you give them all the details, so that they can give you the right solution to your problem.

If you chose to report your complaint through the app you can do so by clicking on the 3 stacked horizontal lines on the top left.

Once you get there, you can click on the help section, and follow the prompts provided to report your issue.

It may be possible that the problem still exists. You can contact us about the complaint on the official website.

Clicking the ‘Get deliveries with Instacart’ category at the bottom of the homepage will let you know that delivery fees vary depending on what you choose to do.

The product quality complaint department also has an area where customers can include their feedback on the product they received.

Customers are expected to practice a high level of honesty and respect for the company, while observing their code of conduct as they make their complaints. We believe that it is important to know our customers’ privacy preferences and to support their right for privacy.

What Are Common Complaints Made Against Instacart?

Instacart customers are reporting that sometimes the shopper arrives to their store without their groceries. The customer should check with their store if a shopper has arrived and check in with the store if they are not there to see if their goods are still available for delivery. Once the shopper arrives at the store, you must stay at your checkout till to receive your purchase.

What Happens When You Launch a Complaint to Instacart?

After successfully launching your Instacart complaint with us, the company carefully analyzes our response, carries out its own investigation, and resolves the complaint.

Upon receiving any complaint, Instacart continues to work to ensure satisfaction for all parties.

If there are any issues with your order, you will immediately be notified by email and the status of your order would be updated right away.

You may find it beneficial for some to use the “Report a Complaint” link on the order status page to help the company understand specific problems or issues.

Can You Report Customers on Instacart?

If your personal shopper filed a complaint, you can file a complaint against her.

Although the shoppers can complain to the platform of any of the activity they believe to be illegal; Instacart is not responsible and cannot take any action towards the customer complaint unless it finds Instacart’s activity to be illegal.

The shoppers are also required to provide evidence that the requests made by the customers were really made and that they are actually eligible to obtain the service.

If the shopper files a false claim against any customer, then the company will deactivate the shopper’s account.

How Can I Contact Instacart to Make a Complaint?

– Please visit our [support site][link] or fill out a contact form.

How Do I Send an Email to Instacart to File a Complaint?

If you still feel unsatisfied after contacting the company through email, you can file a complaint through the legal department using the email

The company wants to make sure there are no problems associated with your orders or your account. Please contact them if any of these happen.

Sending an email should be an option after one has tried the “normal” and been unsuccessful.

Once you post an order, the community support staff will see it and do what they can to resolve it.

How Can I Call Instacart to Make Complaints?

You can request a quote to get your products by simply filling the form. You can then expect a call back from the retailer as soon as they receive your order.

Customers are advised to seek support via the official @Instacart account page or during the hours the delivery service is available.

All the phone numbers above are active 24 hours a day, and the customer support representatives also cover both customers and shoppers in service delivery.

How Effective Is Instacart with Handling Complaints?

However, it was discovered that the app’s checkout process had some issues, with some shoppers being unable to make purchases because the app wasn’t supporting the correct payment methods.

The Complaints Board gives a rating of 1 out of 5. This rating results in the fact that only 2 out of 223 complaints by customers have been resolved.

There are many customers who are satisfied with the service and product they got from Instacart.

Finally, Trust Pilot also gives Instacart a score of 1.3, based on 6,524 user reviews.

The company is being called out as irresponsible for putting themselves in this position.

It doesn’t justify that the company’s help center is paying less attention to the complaints I raised.

Whenever Instacart feels that its staff or personal shoppers are poorly serving the customers, it terminates the accounts of the culprits.

So, the customer gets refunded, or they get the items they ordered in their hands in less than two hours!

To learn more you can read our post on Instacart: What makes Instacart so expensive? and also follow our blog to learn more on the topic.


Instacart’s customers are like customers of any big box retailer, and hence welcome any complaint that shows up from a customer or even the personal shoppers.

Instacart is committed to a fair and transparent grievance process and provides procedures that its customers can follow. We also encourage our customers to file complaints even if they have not experienced a problem with us. We strive to provide a welcoming and positive experience on our platform and are committed to maintaining a fair and equitable marketplace.

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