Amazon India Complaints (how To Make One, Common Types Of Complaints + Contact Information)

  When customers face difficulties in accessing products, they are also unable to locate the required information on the Amazon India site.

If you are a customer of amazon you might ask how they receive and handle their customer complaints. Here are the details of the complaints department.

How Does Amazon India Receive And Handle Complaints In 2022?

Amazon accepts customer complaints from its online services as of 2022. Customers can report complaints by speaking directly to the customer service team through call, emails, internet forms, complaint sites, or social media. Once they submit their complaint, the company works towards getting the most suitable solution.

If you want to know more about how Amazon India deals with complaints, how common types of complaints are filed, how to file a complaint, and much more, keep reading!

How Can I File A Complaint To Amazon India?

You can make a complaint to Amazon in India, through the official website of the company.

It is also helpful to have to look up previous questions to find the correct answer or solution.

In other cases you might find you need to speak to a customer care representative.

However, if you must speak to customer service, then this option will give you directions on making a call to the customer support team or initiating a live chat.

Once you click on the Customer Service link provided, a new window will open. Then, click the “Customer Service” tab to view the most up-to-date information about customer service questions or support.

Well, after that, this action opens a section with a list of how you might need to contact the Amazon team.

After clicking the “Start Chatting” button, you can either click the “Start Chatting” button to start an online chat or “Call me” to receive more information.

If you choose to start an online chat, a pop-up will appear for you to continue chatting with a bot. However, if you request to speak to a human, you will be connected to a support representative.

You can choose to buy a song, but the same process will occur, with the exception that the customer service representative will call you instead of Amazon to complete the order.

In order to talk with Amazon India via a phone call, you can call 1 800-3000-1571 and speak to a representative.

Other than Amazon, you can also share your grievances on the company’s Facebook page or Twitter. You can also seek help from the consumer forums at Facebook and Twitter.

What Are The Common Types Of Complaints To Amazon India?

– The issue is not resolved after repeated attempts to contact customer service.
– You found your parcel is missing.
– The parcel is delivered to the wrong address.
– An item is listed, but you cannot find it.
– An order is placed and your order was cancelled but you received a bill for the item.

How Can I Contact Amazon India In Case Of A Complaint?

On receipt of your complaint, Amazon India will endeavor to resolve your query / complaint. You can also contact Amazon India at the following email address: [email protected] or at the telephone number: +91-11-4016-5555 (Toll free for local calls within India on all networks).

How Can I File A Complaint Against An Amazon India Seller?

You can report any listing abuse or violations of the policies and applicable law by clicking on the button “Report Seller Violation” under the Seller Central home page.

Amazon does a very good job of making sure that all sellers are up to date with terms of service, and there are no penalties for being in a gray area. But the best way to handle complaints like these is to be as professional and honest as possible.

In order to report your complaint about an Amazon seller, go to the seller’s page and click on the “Report to Amazon” button at the top of the page (the “Report to Amazon” button is located next to the review link).

I am a United States citizen and I was employed by the United States government in the position of [your position]. Specifically, I was employed at (full-name of agency) where I was employed as [your position]. I began working on [describe the starting date], and I completed the term of my employment on [describe the ending date] in the [your position].

How Can I Make A Complaint Against Amazon India?

If you are not satisfied with the above mechanisms to resolve the concern and want to file legal case against Amazon India, you can approach a legal agency and file a lawsuit.

If you file a consumer complaint with the Consumer Court or Consumer Foru, you have to choose between filing for a monetary recovery only or a monetary recovery and non-monetary relief.

You must first file a ticket with your local police department. This will allow them to file a case in the local police station. You must go to the station and give them all the information you have regarding the alleged incident, including all the details of the product and the price you paid for it.

How Effective Is Amazon India On Handling And Receiving Complaints?

Many complain that the returns are a lot delayed, and that the refund are not paid in a timely manner.

In this forum, Amazon India has registered over 17,000 complaints, and from this only 1,274 complaints have been resolved, leaving a vast backlog of 16,494 unresolved issues.

Despite the slow nature in resolving the cases, the company assures its customers of fast-tracking the issues and provides solutions even faster than it is taking in the cases.

To know more about Amazon complaints, you can also read our posts on Amazon India complaints, Amazon Europe complaints, and Amazon Global complaints.


Amazon India accepts and processes complaints, however it is up to the customer to decide if the seller is at fault and the buyer also has to be informed of the policy.

In order to prevent people from the inside from leaking the information, a procedure for blocking sites and online platforms is also implemented.

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