Safeway Intercom Code Meanings (200, 201, Code Green, Shoplifting + More)

In grocery and retail stores, the speaker often says numbers in a specific order. These are codes for products, conduct etc that are shared between store staff.

Safeway has codes that shoppers use to understand more about why you sell them the items they want. I’ll show you what my codes mean, as well as a few other codes!

Safeway Intercom Code Meanings In 2022

Customers are issued a card to alert staff of missing children. The system is called Child Find, and most stores have their own unique codes that are activated by the card. If someone does not have a card, they can also use a mobile app available on most smartphones.

If you want to learn more about what the codes in an intercom can mean, how to use them, and so on, keep reading for more useful information.

What is Safeway’s Code Green?

The retail and grocer stores’ individual meanings for Code Green vary. In some stores, Code Green means an item or line has been stocked without an item code. In other stores, the code may be used to notify a store of an impending shortage of an item. In this case, Code Green may be used to remind store employees to start stocking the item and preparing it for customers.

Code Green was once used to mean a medical emergency or shoplifting, but at some point in the past Code Green came to be used as a sign at Safeway stores for a hostage situation.

If a man is in a store and is holding a gun to one of the employees, and a police officer arrives, they will shout a Code Green.

Safeway employees cannot give out this information for security reasons.

Nonetheless, if a worker hears the “code green” alarm, that should signify that a bomb threat has been made and workers should be cautious.

What is Safeway’s Code for Shoplifting?

Safeway does not allow the public to find out the codes of the stores.

Code 200 is called when the store calls to apprehend a shoplifter. Walmart is calling Code 100 or 200 over the intercom to apprehend shoplifters.

And in this case, Safeway would assign codes 100 or 200 to identify the shoplifter.

Customers should be careful if they hear a message saying “Climb Out of the Store!” The code usually relates to a robbery, or other dangerous situation.

What is Safeway’s Code 201?

When there’s a phone call for a certain department in Safeway, an employee will announce “Attention- two zero one.” This serves as a signal to other employees that the caller has made a phone call and they are supposed to listen.

What is Safeway’s Code 202?

Attention-two zero two. If multiple departments hear this call, all departments will be notified.

Alerts in Cisco UC can be used to monitor telephone calls and provide you with a summary of what is happening on the phone line.

What is Safeway’s Code 1250?

The Safeway database includes the meanings of the codes for all codes that include an alphabetic character. If a code 1250 doesn’t include an alphabetic character, it is either for a generic meaning or a proprietary meaning and is stored in a different location in the database. For a complete list of codes, please contact your local Safeway representative.

This code is not a guarantee of safe use or operation of your equipment and could possibly have many effects, such as damaging internal components, and may lead to additional costs for the company.

What is Safeway’s Code Adam?

Safeway implemented a new technology which is a new way of protecting their stores by having one server with many computers that will monitor in real-time all their security cameras and make an attack harder to hack.

When Walmart created Code Adam they could not find a way to track people that left the store since everyone has a unique cell phone number. They created code Adam, a computer to track a person’s progress once they left the store.

The Safeway will notify the Police Department as soon as the police are contacted. The Safeway does not hold the parents accountable for the whereabouts of the missing child!

Does Safeway Use the Same Codes as Other Stores?

Target and Walmart have codes with the names of their stores which you can use to access more of their products.

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A Safeway intercom system is intended to alert staff, alert customers, and enable staff to hear what customers think of their products and services.

There are no regulations for Safeway except that it is an “approved” merchant.

However, as we are told on the show, the code names are not a real secret and they are used regularly to inform everyone about important events in the store.

Therefore, customers are urged to be cautious when they hear numbers or codes being recited while shopping at Safeway as a safety precaution.

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