Does Safeway Price Match? (try This Instead)

Many retail and grocery stores have a customer satisfaction guarantee that they can match with another store for you.

If you are shopping at Safeway and see a lower price for the same products at another store. You may wonder if Safeway will match the price for you.

If it helps, there is lots information on these topics in the following articles.

Does Safeway Price Match In 2022?

The Safeway price match policy was updated to remove price match of produce, groceries, and store products. The company plans to implement a new program, Just For U, in 2022. This program will allow customers to save by taking advantage of the Just For U card, coupons, and two-for sales.

In this article, we will go over how to save money at Safeway and other grocery stores. If you’re interested in hearing more about price matching, continue reading.

How Can I Save Money At Safeway?

In addition to the discounts that Safeway and other retailers offer, there are still a number of ways that customers can save money as well.

Which Kinds of Sales Does Safeway Offer?

Safeway often has special deals for customers, which can be found on the Safeway App, the Safeway Weekly Flyer, and signage in Safeway stores.

The most common activities are the sales and the deals.

One thing you can do with two-for-one deals is offer them for $12.50 instead of $1.50.

Promo codes are easy to type in. They are also good for making it easier to get discounts when it comes to buying goods at the store.

What Kind Of Coupons Does Safeway Offer?

You should get a flyer each week, in addition to online coupons.

Many grocery stores will often offer discounts on their brands of food. If you buy a case of yogurt for example, you might get $1 off instead of the regular price of $6.

Which Grocery Stores In Canada Offer Price Matching?

While Safeway does not give out price matching at this time, you can find a list of grocery stores from Canada.

When you are in the market for something for your home, shop at the following stores and see if you can find the same exact item for a lower price elsewhere.

[**] As a general rule, the more desirable the item, the more expensive it will probably be found at the big box retailers. This might apply more to larger items, like computers, than to furniture.

The store, which is located at the front of the mall and to the left of the entrance, has an interior that is mostly white with a few different colors painted on it.

Some stores allow price matching if you take pictures of the competitors exact item and put it in the email. Then you should have your email account ready to receive the email from your competitor.
For others you can email a link to the item you’re trying to price match and they should respond to your request to a store associate.
Also, some stores are not allowed to price match certain brands or retailers. For example, Walmart does not allow you to price match items from Amazon and vice versa.

To find out more about the Safeway gift card, check out our previous blog post on how to use a Safeway gift card to pay at gas stations and pay for groceries.


* All prices for Safeway brand items must be compared to a competitor’s price.
* We do not offer price matching.
* We do not honor other store coupons, coupons from manufacturer’s websites, or competitor coupons from 3rd party sources.
* We do not accept competitor coupons for sale price.

however, all stores and supermarkets offer a wide variety of discounts, promo codes and sales in order to enable customers to save money on their grocery shopping, as well as the myOffer app for coupons.

With the Safeway Rewards program you can get savings by buying some of their products, as well as get extra savings by shopping their stores.

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