Is Aldi And Kroger The Same? (which Is Cheaper, Product Quality + More)

The two companies have spent the past several years competing in their own way, with Aldi continuing to expand its presence both in the U.S. and overseas. Kroger is looking to make it three out of three, as the company recently announced it would buy the British grocer Sainsbury’s.

Aldi and Kroger are both known as discount stores. They don’t sell everything you find in a well-stocked supermarket, but they have a number of items that you might find on sale. Now, if you’re looking for specific items, be sure to find what you want at each store, but if you are in search of a bargain, you don’t have to shop at only one store!

Is Aldi And Kroger The Same In 2022?

The Aldi grocery store model is an interesting one because the Kroger company is still relatively new, having only been founded in 1958. Aldi, on the other hand, was founded in 1962 and is now the fifth largest supermarket chain in Europe.

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Are Kroger and Aldi Similar?

Both are very distinct and different in their own ways, but they do share some similarities.

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How Are Aldi And Kroger Different?

Both stores carry similar products but the difference is noticeable when you look at how they run the store.

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The Kroger Marketplace stores are like Target or Walmart stores, in that they are multi-departmental stores. It has a store location, a pharmacy, a gas station, and groceries.

In turn, Aldi can then pass those savings to the customer.

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But as a traditional retailer, Kroger doesn’t practice the cost savings often seen at Wal-Mart or Target, even though it’s also run as a for-profit business.

Aldi already has around 2,000 stores, but they have plans to increase as many as 2,500 by the end of 2022.

Kroger is present only in a very narrow corridor from Texas up to Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan.

Kroger Marketplace stores are larger, with a floor space of about 165,000 square feet.

Kroger has over 15,000 SKUs that aren’t necessarily generic branded items, though they aren’t necessarily also store brands.

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Is Kroger Cheaper Than Aldi?

When comparing Aldi vs. other grocery stores, Aldi always beats the competition when it comes to price.

Aldi is beating the other big grocery store chains on price (when it comes to many staples), and they don’t make any mistakes. When your store doesn’t make any mistakes, that’s a major plus in its favor.

There are some cases where the price differences are startling. An Aldi bag of russet potatoes are $3.99, while at a Kroger it’s $6.20!

Compared to traditional big-box grocery stores, Aldi may be cheaper, but it’s usually only a dollar per pound.

If you are looking for good deals on grocery items, Aldi would be your go-to store.

Does Kroger Have More Quality Products Than Aldi?

You will enjoy the wide range of products that Aldi has, as well as the great quality of every single one of them.

Aldi is known for its cheap-priced items, but the store brand items are also known for quality.

This writer likes that Aldi’s has a great selection of produce.

We also like that this writer at We’ll Try Anything says, “…They have a great quality product at a great price”.

When it comes to quality items, Aldi is better than Kroger in most cases, however, when it comes to more generic grocery items, Kroger is generally better.

Kroger has the best cheese selection but no produce is available and only the cheaper meats are available.

Whereas, compared to other supermarkets, Aldi’s prices are lower, the shopping experience is faster and more efficient because you can buy in bulk.

Does Kroger Carry More Items Than Aldi?

No Aldi supermarket is like every other Aldi supermarket, they all look different to their neighborhood stores.

Aldi will provide many products to its customers. Its history is the reason why customers will tell you, there are usually many things beyond the basics.

The new system will make it easier for people to compare the prices of products in different stores.

Are There More Organic Items at Kroger Or Aldi?

Kroger currently has a much wider selection of organic products, but Aldi has been adding more and more organic items to its Simply Nature line each season.

You can also select from their own organic line. They also have a number of famous and well-known brand products.

Is Meat Better At Aldi Or Kroger?

People think that the meat at Aldi is bad and the cuts are not good, and the same type of meat at Kroger is good.

The reason why we decided to spend more money at Kroger is because we want to get the best meat, and we feel like Kroger has the best selection of meat.

The company has been steadily growing and acquiring smaller competitors like Trader Joe’s. In 2017, sales grew 3.8% to €20.8 billion. Shares rose over 7% on the news, and Aldi is trading at about 13 times 2020 earnings.


Aldi makes a great store for grocery shoppers who don’t have any favorite name brands they’re loyal to, and don’t need a ton of name brand options for their pantry.

Kroger is much better for shoppers who are really time-constrained, as it’s one of the only places you’ll find a bakery, as well as a decent selection of healthy goods like yogurt and natural foods — all of which are key for many shoppers.

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