Where Does Best Buy Ship From? (all You Need To Know)

Best Buy’s distribution centers are located at their headquarters in Texas, Iowa and California. The company plans to increase the centers and enhance machine power for the centers.

People used to wonder where Best Buy ships from. It has shifted away from where Best Buy is actually based.
But it’s great to know that Best Buy ships from all over the world. I’m also happy to know that we’re located in good places!

Where Does Best Buy Ship From In 2022?

Best Buy ships online orders from 23 distribution centers across the United States. These distribution centers are operated 24 hours a day to ensure that all store shelves are replenished while online orders are directed to customer’s shipping address once they are placed.

If you want to learn how Best Buy ships from, the amount and accuracy of Best Buy’s warehouses, and shipping costs, keep reading!

Where Do Best Buy Orders Ship From?

When we did our research, we found that Best Buy ships from their store locations, distribution centers, and warehouse pickup locations.

I am not sure if my question is clear enough, what I’m asking is how can you be sure that the item will be shipped from the correct address.

I was thinking about buying some of the new devices that came out for Christmas like the iPad Mini or the new iPhone 5.

In other instances, Best Buy may engage other third party logistics providers to ensure that items are shipped from the distribution center to the customer’s shipping address.

If shipping from the distribution centers, Best Buy will make your purchased items available for pick up at alternative locations.

How Many Distribution Centers Does Best Buy Have?

Best Buy currently has 23 distribution centers which ensures that the large volume of online orders are taken care of promptly.

In the United States, they are located near the major cities like New York, Chicago, Washington, and Los Angeles. In Canada, they are located in the major cities like Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver.

How Long Does Shipping From Best Buy’s Distribution Centers Take?

If you order online at Best Buy you need to be patient because it might take a few days until your order arrives.

Orders placed on a weekday will usually be shipped out on the next business day. Orders placed on the weekend will be shipped the next business day after the weekend.

You can use the location details in your mobile device’s app to determine when you can expect the items to arrive.

In addition, the store provides customers with an estimated delivery date during the checkout process. The estimated delivery date is provided in two options: (1) choose an option and (2) provide a new delivery date.

The delivery time is going to vary greatly depending on where you’re located relative to Best Buy’s distribution center.

It is very important to note that some products may run a few extra days before shipping begins.

How Much Does Best Buy Charge Shipping From Distribution Centers?

The shipping cost of an item is calculated independently from one order to another and one item to another. For example, shipping a $100 item from one customer to another is very different than shipping a $100,000 item from one distributor’s distribution centers to another.

This is a custom offer – we will ship to you after placing your order.
We will contact you when we receive your order.

If you select [Add to Bag],
you can add items to your bag and create a wish list.
When you are finished shopping, your list of products will be available for you to send to a friend or family member, or to credit to your account.

Best Buy offers customers free shipping with an online purchase from a specific category or free shipping site-wide.

Please note that shipping costs will be calculated once the order is completed.

Does Best Buy Ship Overseas?

Unfortunately, we cannot ship to other countries but we ship to all 50 states in the United States.

I’m not sure if that’s due to the COVID situation or because your package is going to a carrier that isn’t participating with the program.

If you live outside the United States or United States Best Buy stores and wish to ship or have someone select your order, please contact us by phone for an order number or email us.

If you ship to an address in the USA, your order will be shipped from a delivery center within that country.

We are not able to ship to any other country. If you would like your order shipped to a different country, please place the order in a different address through the website, and your order will be shipped to the address you entered for your billing address.

What Does” Expected To Ship By” Mean At Best Buy?

The date will be your estimated shipping date. This date is not fixed and can change because of delays at either of the distribution centers.

Please note: If you opt to receive your order by ground shipping, it will ship to the address you have entered on the order.

But we do not know for sure, since your case we do not know how much time passed.

Customers should note that “expected to ship by” is an estimate for when shipping should start, and should not be taken as a guarantee for when shipping will start.

Therefore, the start date for shipping may be earlier or later than the stated date. Please refer to the shipping confirmation email. If you need a different date for your shipment or shipping method, please contact us at 800-619-2369 or at customer_service@1800Flowers.com.

To learn more about Best Buy’s shipping and exchange policy, you should probably explore their shipping page, exchange policy page, or maybe you should read their tips page or their FAQ.


Consumers have shown so much interest in the latest products that Best Buy has established distribution centers in different states.

The order should be fulfilled on the same day in order to provide the greatest amount of convenience to the clients.

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