Verizon Insurance Claim (how To Make A Claim + Other Common Faqs)

Verizon phone insurance policies are different from other insurance plans simply because of what you are insuring. You are insuring, the “device”, not just the hardware.

If you have found yourself in this situation, you are in luck. There are still lots of ways you can get help processing your Verizon insurance claim. So you keep reading to learn how to file a claim with Verizon, and how long you can expect to wait for a decision!

How Do I File an Insurance Claim with Verizon In 2022?

All the Verizon insurance paperwork you need to file a claim is available in the My Verizon app. You can fill out the claim forms through the My Verizon app, or through the Asurion website. And if you have a Verizon phone you want to file a claim for, don’t worry about having it connected to the app: you can file a claim even if the phone isn’t connected to the app at the time.

This book is a comprehensive guide to repairing your home, or your car. If you want to avoid the hassle and costs of filing a Verizon insurance claim, or have no idea where to begin, this book is for you. It explains the process from start to finish and gives clear instructions on how to fill out the necessary forms and get the repairs done.

How Do I Make a Claim on My Verizon Phone?

if you have Verizon Insurance, and want to make a Claim for a service you have used, it will be simple, but you must be the owner of the Verizon Insurance.

additionally when you need to provide proof of purchase you will need to use a PIN that you can use to secure your online account.

Furthermore, if you want to file a claim through My Verizon app, that can be done using this link:

If you’re filing a claim in the My Verizon app, watch this video to help you through the process.

So how exactly the process goes is that the claim is filed with the insurance company, and the insurance company then investigates and makes a determination of whether or not the claim is covered.

If your device has a malfunction, regardless of the reason, you will need to use My Verizon to check your eligibility for the insurance claim.

How Long Do You Need to Have Verizon Insurance Before You Can File a Claim?

To file an insurance claim you must file it with Verizon Insurance. There is no waiting period.

You want to purchase your insurance policy, then you get to use it now.

How Much Does a Verizon Insurance Claim Cost?

The deductible for a Verizon phone will differ depending on the device you own, and the Asurion Insurance Deductible Look-Up Tool can help determine your deductible.

There are many things to look at when searching for information on car insurance. You should try to find the most competitive rates and make sure you have adequate coverage. You should look at each company’s website to see what the costs are. As seen here, the Asurion website has a lot of valuable information and provides an easy comparison of your potential coverages and costs.

A deductible is the amount of money you pay out of your own pocket before your insurance company begins to pay. It’s not based on the actual value of your device, but just how much you paid for it. If a deductible is set high, you may need to pay a lower percentage of the claim, but the total amount of your claim will be higher. If the deductible is low, you may need to pay a higher percentage of the claim, but the total amount of your claim will be lower.

The reason we have different deductibles for some items and not others is that, for example, a replacement phone is a purchase, but an iPhone is a repair. So, for phone damages, where the amount is the same for both, we require a higher deductible for a phone. But where the cost of the phone is not the same as the cost of a replacement, we require a lower deductible for a phone because the cost of repair is less than a complete replacement.

Can You Get Verizon Insurance After 30 Days?

Verizon has a separate insurance plan for new customers that you’re able to purchase. If you’re an existing customer, you have to wait until the 30 days is over.

Note, too, that open enrollment doesn’t often happen, and it’s not guaranteed to happen at all every year.

This is better than having to go through the hassle of dealing with multiple providers.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Verizon Replacement Phone?

You don’t get a replacement phone immediately after making a claim. It can take weeks, months or even longer depending on when you make your claim and when the insurer approves it, and the type of device you need to replace.

If your claim was approved, you may have a new smartphone on the same day of the week that the claim was submitted, depending on your type of smartphone and availability.

In addition, if your claim was approved by midnight on Monday through Thursday, then the device would be shipped out that night for delivery the next business day.

We’ll need to confirm that weekends are available in your area and that the claim has been approved. If everything is correct, you should receive the check by check in the next 10-14 business days.

But, you’ll need to wait for your replacement before shipping the products to the next stage of the shipping process.

How Many Times Can I Use My Verizon Insurance?

When you purchase insurance for a new device, you’ll need to make sure to select a plan that allows multiple claims.

However, they do allow you to maximize your deductions, while the single device will only allow you to make 9 claims per year.

And if you want to know more, you can also read our posts on if Verizon insurance covers broken screens, and if Verizon fixes broken screen.


Asurion customer service, available 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday, and on Saturdays from 8 a.m.-noon.

You can easily fill out the claim and get compensated, but you’ll have to pay the deductible yourself. This is because there is no account manager.

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