Does Instacart Charge More? (yes, But Not What You Think)

Instacart is changing the way a lot of Americans schedule their lives and can structure their schedules.

This is because the same product is cheaper to buy from an Instacart driver than if you would get it from a grocery store.

does instacart charge more for their service, what are the cons of using instacart again, you might not be surprised about this.

Does Instacart Charge More In 2022?

Instacart retailers set their own prices. They may charge higher prices to cover their operational costs. The company also charges a temporary charge to the customer’s credit card that is higher than their order total to cover any overages that occur during shopping, such has a heavier item weight or more expensive replacement.

Instacart’s service charge is based on the value of items included in the total cost. When grocery prices fluctuate, it’s easy for Instacart to be able to charge a higher price from you. However, if you receive an unusually high service charge, it usually means the service fee was too high on that order.

Why is Your Instacart Charging More Than The Total?

It is because we are making a purchase with your current card.
Instacart will be holding your card for this transaction.

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It can be a little overwhelming at first to understand and know how to set up a budget.

Never fear; it’s just Instacart’s authorization hold in case items in your cart end up coming out at a higher cost than expected.

If your order’s final cost doesn’t change, you obviously get the full difference back, all $50 or $60 or whichever amount.

So, we’ll take.5 lbs. And since we don’t need any more bananas, we’ll take 5 cents off of that subtotal, and we’ll just leave a negative number here.

Shoppers grabbed a bunch of banana – the shopper grabbed a huge bunch of banana that weighed 1.65 pounds.

As such, if you look up the price of an apple in the US right now, you’ll find that it’s 1.25 dollars. This is because the price is based on the exchange rate. The price is not, however, the amount you have to pay when you’re in the country.

It can happen with things like a bag of organic vegetables, which are $2 more than regular veggies.

You approve the credit, you get $2 less on the credit card bill.

Instead of grabbing it and hoping that the shopper doesn’t take it back, ask them to grab it before or after you take care of your other needs.

If you buy one item from them, they’ll give you more than enough to buy the one additional item.

You can also try Instacart Express (formerly known as Grubhub). This is a service that you pay for and use to place your order and you also pay a fee to Instacart to deliver said order. You would have the option to set a tip.

Are Instacart Prices Different?

Instacart’s prices certainly include the cost of delivery, which isn’t always included in-store prices.

The in-store prices are always shown as the base, though, whereas all three prices usually feature a +50%, -50% or -100% sign.

Check the wording under the main logo on any given retailer’s Instacart “storefront” which leads to a new site, and if you can read it, it says “Your order is being processed” and there’s a small number of steps to process. On its way back, look up and down the list of available items and click “Add to List” to be able to add items to the cart.

If the file does not exist, it will return a 404.

“This price may vary in your region” is another example; if you live in a region with a higher cost of living, this price may reflect higher prices on things like rent, school supplies, etc.

Most of the times you go to a store, you will see a price that is consistent with some of the stores that are bigger.

Do Things Cost More On Instacart?

When shopping on Instacart, the cost of groceries tends to be higher.

Even if the price is still cheaper than what you would pay walking into a store, the markup could be substantial.

And if you want your shopping to be delivered to your door, you will have to add that to the order total.

It can cost as little as $3.99, but may cost a lot more (depending on how much you order) or none at all if you are out of range.

So there are also service fees. This can be anywhere between five percent and eight percent, depending on how much you shop, and how much you spend.

The tip is one last expense and it is just a little bit of money.

For $2 orders minimum, you still get the free delivery. I think you can expect about 3-4 minutes of wait to be delivered.
For $5 orders minimum, you’ll probably get your order in a minute or two.
I think, if you pay $5 for one or two items, you’ll get a free delivery. If you order a $5-10 worth of groceries, I don’t think you’ll get free delivery. However, the free delivery might be available on your next order.

If you have a huge order with many bags (or heavy bags), if you live more than few miles from the grocery store or if you live on the fifth floor of a building with no elevator, you may want to use a tip calculator.

If you have been treated well by your shopper, you don’t have to tip more than 10 to 15 percent, but it is good to tip a little extra if the service was great.

How Do You Avoid Instacart Fees?

If you are planning on ordering a large volume of groceries during the holiday season, it’s best to keep an eye on the sales you are
purchasing online versus the ones that show up at your local stores.

– Pick-up is a way to receive stuff you bought in person.

In order to receive free pick-up, all you need to do is place your order on the website. They do not charge a service fee for orders.

If you do not get shopping done at least twice a month, consider signing up for the Instacart Express membership.

Get unlimited free shipping on all purchases over $35 a year or $10 per month for a total of $99.

I’m a huge fan of Instacart Express. It’s saved my household from getting a bunch of unhealthy food shipped to my house. Every time I order from Instacart Express, the prices are always the lowest!

For more information on how to avoid Instacart markup prices, read our post on what are Instacart Express delivery fees.
For more information on what are Instacart demo orders, read our post on Instacart’s first order policy.


Instacart charges you more than the food you would buy at a grocery store and you’re charged more than the amount of food you actually order.

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