Why Is Instacart So Expensive? (10 Reasons Why)

The service is incredibly useful for those who don’t want to walk around grocery stores, who have trouble with the bagging, and who don’t have a car.

Although Instacart is a bit expensive, its users can still receive more of the perks that come with the subscription. For example, you can save on coupons, earn a bonus if you refer friends, and some items have discounts on them. As for the prices of products, you can expect them to be around $3.99 per order.

Why Is Instacart So Expensive In 2022?

1. Stores on Instacart Upcharge to Cover Operational Costs

On instacart, you pay more to get your order delivered.
This is not the same as on-line stores.

Many stores might be charging more for items because it’s a bad economy.

You can try to shop around in the discount stores, but they do not have the selection of products you’re looking for, like a larger selection of wine and beers.
You can also try looking through the grocery store sections (with the large, full-service grocery stores) and/or discount stores, and looking for the lowest priced items.

In the U.S.A, we often buy the most expensive product, just because it’s more expensive.

Instacart stores that don’t show are usually ones that don’t have the markup on their listings yet.

If you’re buying in-store, you’ll see a message that says “Higher than in-store prices.” When you click on it, it will show you the same message that we will show you when you click on that button.

You can save even more by buying online and we’ll ship your order directly to your address. The savings are even higher when you buy a larger quantity so you can buy more of the product that you are looking for.

Aldi reflects the same regular pricing as the UK, which is lower than the French in many cases.

This is really good to know, because if you want to be able to see the message the user wrote, you can click on the “i” and it’ll show you the message in a tag.

ALDI is a supermarket chain that is very popular in Germany. It might not be as well known in the US. ALDI is very popular in Germany because they sell things at a very low price. In Germany, ALDI is actually owned by Aldi’s, a very popular grocery store chain in Germany. The ALDI stores are very big and have a ton of places to sit and have some food if you are hungry.

On November 27, 2018, CVS announced that it would close all of its 450 Instacart stores in the United States in order to focus on its brick-and-mortar stores.

2. The Store Isn’t Partnered with Instacart

I think I figured that out when I noticed that some stores showed up on my app and others didn’t. I had to double check but yes, some stores are partnered with Instacart, which is great!

The grocery store Instacart partners with does not upcharge and it’s kind of a reward for customers shopping with a store.

Although you may be paying more at your favorite grocery store, you will also be able to save more money on groceries because you won’t be paying any membership fee to Instacart. As part of the grocery delivery process, shoppers use payment apps such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

3. You Order Instacart From an Already Expensive Store

While Wegmans has an excellent and affordable grocer line, it is also known for bringing the pain at the cash register. So with a wide variety of delicious and reasonably priced groceries that is one of the best grocery stores in the country.

Wegmans is a grocery store chain in the U.S. It sells a variety of foods, and all of them cost a lot.

No matter what the case is, the stores are doing this, the upcharges, because they want to earn the extra money. I’m going to look at Wegmans, and I’m just going to go around the store and just look at the prices of our groceries.

4. Instacart Doesn’t Recognize In-Store Markdowns

For example, if you ordered a family pack of bratwurst from Aldi and you received the wrong bratwurst you requested, when you received your order.

Even though you didn’t receive any discount, you did manage to save yourself a few dollars.

Because if you’re not buying the product from the retailer it’s being sold by, you can’t use that discount.

5. You Didn’t Factor in the Instacart Service Fees

Instacart is like DoorDash or UberEats. You have a pre-set price from the start to the end, and then you have a higher price during checkout.

This is due to the fact that Instacart doesn’t pay its delivery drivers (many of whom are independent contractors) very much, if anything. Most delivery drivers make less than minimum wage, and receive no sick pay.

The best thing about this is that once you’ve filled the cart with products, you can still get back to any page on the site and add more products with no extra fussing around.

You’re definitely trapped! There’s nothing you can do except place the order and sit back and endure the pain.

6. You Order Instacart Delivery

Instacart pays the delivery drivers and then, when they deliver the order, it is delivered by the driver.

There’s a lot of responsibility involved that come with running background checks, maintaining insurance coverage and keep the business profitable.

Or, perhaps you’re always in a hurry for your delivery, and you choose Priority delivery, which also adds an additional $2+ to your delivery fee.

You can also get your milk delivered by Instacart.

The delivery fee is also a pain in the ass. It’s also one of the reasons why
companies such as Amazon and eBay make so much money, because they’re
able to take that cost away from you and add it to
their profit margin.

7. You Order Instacart Delivery During Peak Shopping

Shoppers have already paid their subscription fees for groceries, and thus they will need to pay an extra fee for each and every order. Most people are aware of this.

While the beauty of Instacart is that busy 9-to-5 professionals do not have to go shopping on the weekend.

You can schedule delivery for a weekday evening. But you can’t schedule a business day delivery.

8. Your Instacart Driver Deserves a Good Tip

When a customer selects Express Delivery in the checkout process, you will be prompted to create an account or login. Sign up is free and takes just a few seconds.

Tipping is important to make sure that the waiters and waitresses get the share of their tip they deserve, and that you make sure your waiters and waitresses get the salary they deserve.

Note that tipping might increase the price of your order, especially if you get a large, expensive haul.

9. You Use Instacart Regularly But Aren’t an Express Member

If you use Instacart, but you aren’t an express cardholder, you might be paying more than necessary.

The $10/mo Instacart Express fee covers delivery fees. The fee is $99 per year for you to use the service as many times as you like.

Since you’re paying less upfront, Express discounts your service fees. Plus, you’re eligible for all kinds of discounts and perks, like the late fall 2021 five percent cash back on pick-up orders deal.

10. Instacart Is Ultimately About Convenience, Not Saving Money

One could save money but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best option for everyone.

This is not the only problem with convenience though. Often, the time you save on grocery shopping might not be worth the time it takes to get to the store, or the time it takes to run the errands after you shop.

To know more about this issue, you can check our posts about how to get your Instacart refund and how to use Instacart Express.


Instacart charges $10 per hour for its delivery service, which means that the minimum charge is $50. There are no delivery fees to make a purchase.

One of the reasons we’re so excited about this partnership is to help low-income shoppers easily and quickly make purchases with SNAP benefits,” said Melissa Ennen, VP of SNAP and food assistance programs for Feeding America.

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