How To Pass Walmart Assessment (your Full Guide + Faqs)

To get a job at Walmart, you need to know how to pass the Walmart Assessment. Before you can work at Walmart, you must be able to pass this test.

I should point out that most people are not nervous about the tests.
I think people find the tests intimidating, so they take advantage of that.

I do practice tests to help prepare for the tests.

I don’t think anyone would expect to be nervous about the test.

How To Pass Walmart Assessment In 2022

The Walmart Assessment tests four different areas of your application: customer service, problem-solving, work experience, and work personality. Based on your performance in these four areas, your application is reviewed to determine your chances of being hired at Walmart.

To continue reading, you’ll find tips that can help you pass the Walmart Assessment.

Do You Have To Pass An Assessment To Work At Walmart?

Before Walmart hires associates, they must first pass a test that helps companies measure their ability and personality in four areas, including teamwork and problem solving.

What Areas Does The Walmart Assessment Cover?

Walmart is a global market leader, which means they cover a wide range of topics.

For all of you that know me, I’ve been a customer service person for the last 15 years, and I believe in service, no matter where you are.
Whether you travel internationally or domestically, the service level for your vacation should be the same wherever you are.

The company wants to make sure that the people working for them have the skills necessary to help customers. So, rather than simply giving everyone a gun or a badge, the company decided to give them some tests.

In the customer service scenario, you will be presented with different situations and asked to determine the most appropriate action to take.

One can expect to do well in this section if they pay close attention to keywords presented within the passage and relate them to past experiences they may have had.

We all know that when a problem arises we first need a problem to solve it. If we have a problem we can’t solve we have to find out what it is before we solve it. Problem solving is about looking for the cause of the problem and then finding a solution for it.

You will be learning things like problem solving and decision making.

However, since many jobs at Walmart require cash handling, it’s essential to demonstrate basic knowledge and the ability to use a cash register, register tape, and/or cash handling equipment.

While taking this assessment, you will show that you have a clear understanding of the fundamental concepts behind how to solve a problem.

It is also helpful to list your hobbies. If you’re a fan of tennis, for example, you can share your playing experience with fans of that sport.
If you enjoy photography, share your experience in taking photos and show the people what you’ve got.
If you have any experience in cooking, you can share your work in making the food.
Try to think of other things you want to share. Don’t worry if your work experience is a little bit boring, you can still write about it.

If you have been asked to write a cover letter, this section is where you will write about why you are interested in the job and your qualifications.

If you’re applying for jobs in multiple industries, be prepared to tailor your resume to the requirements of each new job you encounter.

(Optional): If you have a significant amount of experience in the field, explain briefly how you got your job and why you want the job.

Personality survey to determine my personality.

For me I just answer the questions to the best of my ability, with a little bit of help from the link I provided.

In terms of filling in a personality test, you should take any questions that relate to the role you’re applying for very seriously as they can give a good indication of how you’ll perform and what kind of person you are.

So if you are applying to be a greeter at the Walmart, you want to have more outgoing personality traits.

How Do I Pass The Walmart Assessment?

Although Walmart doesn’t give you specific tips, here are some they give out to past applicants.

Every time you talk with the people of New York, practice to talk with them and practice to know their language, and practice to study their language.

When it comes to taking your assessment, it is good to take time to review what you are being tested on and also what you have done in the past.

Another feature here is that one can test his/her knowledge on many sample test questions like those asked on the actual Walmart Exam.

Read each sentence carefully to check the grammar and to see if you can figure out the meaning of the sentence. If you find it difficult, please don’t hesitate to come back to our forum.

Rather than feeling pressure to complete your paper quickly, take your time and carefully read through each question.

It is possible to fail after reading a passage because you misread a word.

Don’t waste time thinking of ways to put off your problems. You have to deal with them head on.

Make sure that you take your time to read very carefully. Doing so doesn’t automatically signal that you’re mismanaging your time.

How Do I Pass Walmart Teaming Assessment?

The Walmart Teaming Assessment is required for applicants that want to be managers.

This implies that you are working here because you are considered a “great performer”, with a track record of excellent productivity.

1. Write a few sentences describing your work with associates, your approach to leadership and your role as a leader.

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a group?

3. What are the major leadership styles?

4. Analyze and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of some of the most successful leaders in history.

5. Write a short story in which a leader faces a crisis.

This section provides a series of scenarios that teach you how to lead yourself, your employees, and your suppliers.

Your area will allow you to manage your users and content.

You’ll have to take some information which is provided and use it to manage the best things that happen.

Well, let’s start by making sure that we’re all on the same page as to what’s acceptable behavior, because otherwise it’s really easy to start a fight.

* Keep in mind the value of time.
* You can’t do everything at once.
* The earlier you start, the sooner you finish.
* To get started, think about what you want to accomplish.
* It’s always easier to accomplish something than it is to undo it later.
* You can’t do everything at once.

You will face challenges that are similar to those that you will face as a manager in a retail store.

In addition to this, you will be asked to examine your own professional competence and personal strengths.

Tell us your story! Include what you do and what you do well, what motivates you. If you’ve been working for a while, tell us about how you got to where you are? If not, you can still tell us your story but only briefly.

Since you’ll be writing about your experience, make sure to include any relevant skill sets that could show how your experience will benefit the company.

Describe yourself as an effective Communicator and leader.

When you respond to this questionnaire, remember that it’s a Walmart way to get to know you and figure out if you’re a good fit to be a manager.

The process is pretty straight forward and consistent, but you can use the questions below to see how you fare on any new task.

How Do I Pass The Walmart Physical Assessment (PAT)?

There are two steps during the application process: Fill Store Orders and Load Store Freight. During the physical assessment you must pass the Fill Store Orders and Load Store Freight.

Examinees are asked to perform a number of physical assessments and other tests. The weight lifting requirement is included in the “Lifting Requirements Test”, which is part of the physical fitness assessment.

The important issues are to determine if you have the right physical qualifications to physically perform the job. This may include evaluating your ability to see, hear, and speak.

To know more about what happens if you fail the Walmart assessment test, check out our post on why Walmart does background checks, and if Walmart hires at 16.


With the core values of Walmart so heavily revolving around testing areas, if you do not pass the testing area, Walmart won’t hire you.

The problem is that you have two classes to retest. You can’t retake the same class in a six month period.

And, you can review the guide and tips before your Walmart assessment to prepare yourself for your Walmart interview!

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