Does Sam’s Club Install Tires? (all You Need To Know)

Sam’s Club is truly a one-stop-shop as they also sell clothes, food, paper products, cleaning supplies, and also offer their customers auto and home improvement centers.

Sam’s Club has a notable auto center for their members’ vehicles. In addition, the store sells tires that are installed for their customers. However, the store doesn’t install the tires, and they don’t give you a price on the installation costs. Instead, they recommend that you purchase auto center.

All that is known about Tire Installation in Sam’s Club is here, I hope it is informative.

Does Sam’s Club Install Tires In 2022?

As of November 27th, 2020, Sam’s Club is offering Lifetime Tire Balance and Roadside Assistance to its members for $129.00. In addition, included with the installation, is a 3-year road hazard warranty.

This article is all you need to know about Sam’s Club tire installation and other auto services.

What Does The Tire Installation Package At Sam’s Club Include?

When you bring a set of factory-installed tires, Sam’s Club offers a Tire Installation Package. However, it is good as long as you are a member.

For standard vehicles, the Sam’s Club Tire Installation Package costs $20 per tire. For motorhomes and Duallies, the package costs $25 per tire.

Routine Service: You’re serviced, inspected, and receive a free oil change, rotation, and filter.
Tire Replacements: You receive as many tire replacements in your new vehicle as you would have under your factory warranty.

Tire maintenance is important for vehicles that you use on a daily basis.

Upon your request, Sam’s Club will re-balance your tires to the tire’s recommended tread remaining.

If you live in the Southwest, and you have your tires flat, you can count on Lifetime Flat Tire Repair.

If you ever experience an unexpected puncture in your tires, Sam’s Club will fix your tire as long as you have 2/32nds of tread remaining.

In order to clear the clutter in your garage, consider having your tires rolled, crushed, or shredded. A professional tire shredder can take tires off a truck, automobile, motorcycle, or any other type of vehicle.

Tires are disposed of in a safe and appropriate manner. Only EPA licensed haulers are allowed access to scrap tires at the Sam’s Club recycling centers.

Tires were not working so people were stuck in their cars to get assistance.

After you purchase your tires at Sam’s Club, you can visit any of the Sam’s Club Tire Centers located throughout the United States for 24 hours, every day, and get your tire fixed at no cost.

The tire can get hot, so it is best to mount it with a heat shield that is big enough to cover the tire and rim.

Mount the tire onto the wheel using heat-resistant tools.

The valve stem threads into the rim and the tire needs to be secured to these.

 Sam’s Club uses top-of-the-line tools to mount your tires to your vehicle’s specifications.

However, Sam’s Club doesn’t provide a new valve stem when mounting the new tires.

After the tire rotation event you may experience loss of traction.

A Sam’s Club car service employee will rotate your tires during the usable life whenever you ask them to.

Do You Have To Be A Member To Have Your Tires Installed At Sam’s Club?  

You need to be a part of the Sam’s Club membership in order to get your tires mounted.

Sam’s Club does not allow people who are not members to install their own tires at a self-service location.

Is There A Warranty For Sam’s Club’s Tire Installation?

When you buy tires from Sam’s Club, you agree to the store’s tire installation guarantee. This is the same tire warranty as any other product you buy from the store. For more information on tire warranties, visit our Customer Service page.

The satisfaction guarantee states that you can get your money back if you are not 100% happy with your purchase.

After you purchase tires, you should inform the Sam’s Club employee about a problem concerning the tires so that they can fix the problem immediately.

What Kind Of Tires Does Sam’s Club Install? 

If you have specialty tires that you would like to get installed at Sam’s Club they can install any type of tire.

For example, a customer purchases a set of wheels at Sam’s Club and pays $22.50 to have the wheels installed.

If you need tires, you can also install tires at Sam’s Club as they have a specialty department. If you decide to install tires you will pay $20 per wheel. However, if you purchase tires at Sam’s Club, these prices will not apply.

How Do You Schedule A Tire Installation At Sam’s Club? 

Sam’s Club makes it easy to schedule a car repair. Furthermore, as Sam’s Club works on your car, you can do your shopping at the store.

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There are a few different ways you can make an appointment. It is best to contact your local Sam’s Club to schedule an appointment.

You can also schedule an appointment online. Just go to Sam’s and go to the ‘Auto & Tires’ section for your zip code before you enter your address.

What Free Tire Services Does Sam’s Club Offer?

The Tire Installation package does not include auto services. They are available for an additional fee. However, there are many other services that are free for Sam’s Club members.

When you buy tires at Sam’s Club, you are automatically eligible for road hazard protection.

If a part of the tire or rim is damaged and you don’t replace the damaged part with the same or similar part within 4 years of the purchase date, you would be responsible for the repair.

The tire’s tread depth should be no less than 2/32nds. The tire should be free of damage or bulges that affect the tread’s ability to provide protection. There should be no wear-induced damage, such as cracks, that would affect the tire’s ability to provide a serviceable tread. The tire should also be properly inflated.

If you own a car, you probably look for ways to keep it in the best shape possible. That’s why Sam’s Club provides this great value to its valued customers!

To learn more, just Google the items you want to know. The information you find will be of help to you in finding out the answers to your questions.


Sam’s Club gives its customers the chance to have their tires rotated and checked for balance. The company also offers a lifetime tire and wheel warranty.

If you are not a Sam’s Club member, and you can’t get your tires installed at Sam’s, then you are going to have to go somewhere else to get this done.

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