Does Costco Have Curbside Pickup? (how It Works + Things To Be Aware Of)

Costco has curbside pickup on Saturday and Sunday and it’s a great way to get more out of your weekly food shopping.

If so, look at this next part and see if you can find out what I’ve discovered about how to do this and what you should be aware of while doing this.

Does Costco Have Curbside Pickup In 2022?

While Costco does not currently have curbside pickup service available at its locations, the company tested out a pilot program in New Mexico in 2021. Unfortunately, the program was a pilot program and it was determined that it was not as successful as the company had hoped so it was discontinued as of 2022.

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Will Costco Bring Back Curbside Pickup?

Costco may stop offering its curbside pickup option, but the company will likely continue with its drive-through option.

How Did the Costco Curbside Pickup Work?

You had to create an order with the Costco website or the app.
You were required to pay the order in full to Costco.
After your order was placed, Costco would mail or deliver it to your home.

Does Costco Have Order Pickup?

If you are not a member of Costco, you can’t order your groceries online and then pick up your groceries yourself. Costco requires that you deliver the groceries right to your home.

How Does Costco Order Pickup Work?

Just make sure that you’re adding a pickup location in your Costco app, and then the store of your choice will show up at your local store when you’re ready to pick up groceries.

Although you can’t get your pizza delivered from Costco. But, you can get most of the products that Costco sells.
The delivery service is free.

What Are the Eligible Items for Costco Order Pickup?

Costco’s list of products eligible for free shipping comes from a range of categories, including electronic and computer supplies, household, pet supplies, kitchen, and clothing. It’s more than I can get from Amazon for free, and its a decent list for Costco’s own stores.
Of course, if you’re going to actually buy something at Costco, you might as well buy an extra $10 or $20 worth of stuff to get free shipping.

What Should I Be Aware of with Costco Order Pickup?

There are few things you should notice before pickup your order from Costco.
* You can pick up your order from any Costco in the country as long as you are a member.
* You must have your Costco membership card with you.
* You must have a phone number in your member profile so we can reach out to you if there is a delivery concern.

Does Costco Have Other Delivery or Pickup Methods?

Costco also offers pickup and delivery through Instacart. However, two-day delivery is also available through Instacart.

To illustrate, you can go to the Costco Instacart site, enter your zip code and your items will be delivered or you can pick them up at the store.

How Does Costco Delivery With Instacart Work?

If you want to shop at Costco and have items delivered to your door through Instacart, go to the Costco Instacart page and add the items you want to your cart.

You will see a list of products ready for you to choose from, and we will deliver your items to you in-store.

The website is very simple. I can view my order and the orders of other shoppers who are nearby. I can also leave messages for my shopper (they read them instantly) and I can also communicate with other shoppers if I want.

How Long Does Costco Instacart Delivery Take?

When you order your Costco Grocery delivery from Instacart, you can make it fit your schedule. You can order as little or as much as you want, whenever you want!

The delivery window will vary, depending on the hours of the store you’ve selected. The date your order is placed can change if it’s a holiday.

How Can I Stop Being Annoyed by the Store?

You’re not allowed to complain! As a customer, you have no right to complain about your order. You can, however, ask a manager for help to resolve your issue.

What Does Costco Instacart Delivery or Pickup Cost?

The delivery fee is 3.99 dollars if you order over 35 dollars.

The other option is to get the app, and do the ordering yourself. If you’re ordering for less than $35, you can get free delivery by connecting to your Costco card.

Additionally, if the order is less than $35 and the option to get it delivered to your local store is chosen, it is likely that there will be extra delivery fees.

The service fees depend on the number of items you’ve ordered. It can be higher or lower depending on your choice of delivery options, and whether alcohol is also included in your order.

Even as a non-member, no service fees are added in the state of Kentucky, though you’ll be charged if you return the item with non-exchangeable or non-usable gift cards.

Do You Have to Pickup Your Costco Instacart Order the Same Day?

You will need to pick up your Costco Instacart order the same day that you’ve specified, when you get close to your pick up time you’ll receive a message that your order is ready and you should start heading to the store.

The store may only have one pickup window for the day, so make sure to make a reservation or you may have to return on a different day.

In any case, it is recommended to arrive at the store in the early morning before it opens.
You can still ask the store’s concierge for advice on when your item should be picked up, i.e. to make sure you have enough time to return the item and be there in the early morning before the store opens.

What Items Are Eligible for Costco Instacart Delivery & Pickup?

Items can be delivered or picked up at a store near you.
You can shop items from more than 1 Costco warehouse at a time.
Pick up in 2 hours or less.
Purchase online and pickup in store.

Costco grocery deliveries are now available in a number of US cities including Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, and San Francisco (and soon Seattle, Portland, Austin and Washington D.C.).

Check out Costco Grocery Delivery for members in the Costco Grocery Delivery section.

Note that this service is currently in beta.


This just shows that Costco does whatever is best for Costco and not the customer. In this case it is getting rid of the curbside pickup.

If you are worried about a specific item and what it is like in person, shop for it at the Costco online store, and it will arrive at your door the same day. Instacart is also free to use, and it’s a simple, quick and easy way to shop for groceries from Costco.

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