Does Walmart Price Match Amazon? (you’ll Be Surprised)

Walmart is a giant company that not only has a website, but also a store in every town, city, or region in the United States and in many other countries.

My friend went to Walmart and saw a price match for a product from Amazon. So he tried to confirm with a spokesperson, but they told him that they do not price match Amazon. He thought they were lying. So he asked another Walmart employee to call Amazon customer service and find out the answer. But the customer service person could not confirm a price match at Walmart.

Does Walmart Price Match Amazon In 2022?

Walmart does make price matching available via telephone. This can be done by contacting a customer service representative at your local store.

The Walmart website also has a link to their online price matching service.

In this post, you’ll learn all about the steps you need to take to get the best price on all of your purchases!

For more info, watch the video on [ the Walmart price match process on YouTube]!

So now that you know more about Walmart price matching policy, here’s what you need to do to make the most of this policy!

Does Walmart Price Match All Its Products With Amazon?

If applicable, any and all restrictions, limitations, and exclusions on price matching apply.

The item you are price matching also has to be in-stock on Walmart’s website and be identical in size, quantity, and color like the lower priced item on

Walmart may match just one item per customer per day, while they will not match Amazon Prime or Amazon Prime deals.

Walmart says that it does not price match for items that are listed as clearance, items on offer, damaged items, or items that other retailers have listed as clearance, on offer or discounted. So if you need to buy a pair of jeans you can use coupons, shop around and find a better deal that may be lower than what Walmart is asking for it.

Here are some other notes about price matching.

You need to verify the price at the time of sale on the other site
We will price match the price of the same product at the time of sale on the other site
Amazon will then match our price on the same date and time.

How To Price Match Products On Against Amazon

If you believe that you do qualify for a price match discount from when comparing to Amazon, you have to contact Walmart Customer Care by phone before placing your order. They are known to reject certain types of requests, including price match requests.

It is important to note that the price of the item isn’t set in stone — you may lower the price if it is still above the qualifying limit.

If you end up paying a lower price for an item after buying it through the Walmart Shopping app, you’ll get a refund. But if the price has gone up, you won’t get a refund.

When Did Walmart Stop Price Matching In Stores?

Walmart introduced new restrictions in May 2019 that makes it harder for the company’s customers to use its Price Match Policy.

Also the reason for no longer offering price match policies in Canada, is that we are working to help ensure that all eligible items return to our store at the lowest price we can offer.

That is only valid for a set time. If you do a price match online, you might not be able to do it for a month or more.

What Other Retailers Does Walmart Price Match?

In a lot of cases, Walmart price matches a wide range of online retailers. The largest of which is

Walmart price matches others because of its size and power. Its also big enough that you may find the same item that you’ve been looking for and it may be cheaper than anywhere else. This also means that they have the largest selection of products in the country so you can find pretty much anything you need even if its not in their warehouse.

Why Does Walmart Have Different Prices Online To In-store?

Walmart’s prices vary between stores. This is because each Walmart store manages its own stocks, and many individual stores will often hold their own sales and discount events.

So, while you would be surprised to find out exactly how much their services and products are actually worth, in terms of money and not just in value and quality, you will not find any kind of discounts or promotional prices on their online website.

Does Amazon Price Match Walmart?

“Amazon does not price match any store (including Walmart), although it used to offer price-protection guarantees.”.

It is important to note that the 30 days are not 30 days from the day you purchased the product. But rather, the 30 days are 30 days from the day you received the product. For example, if you purchased a product today, the 30 day protection period would be 30 days from today, which is June 29th.

It was scrapped on September 14th 2016.

Why Does Walmart Price Match Amazon?

Amazon is an incredibly competitive company, but its size also gives it a big advantage when it comes to negotiating contracts with suppliers.

There are other examples, but these will suffice for the purposes of this exercise.
Now let’s consider each of your questions in turn.

Q1. It is common for contracts to contain a termination clause.

This is why price matching makes Walmart and other retail stores to remain competitive.

Amazon is a popular online retailer that offers both physical stores and their own e-commerce website. With this Amazon gift card, customers can buy or gift gifts, such as their Kindle e-readers and FireStick devices.

I highly recommend that you go to the Walmart website and compare prices against the other four retailers. You will be surprised what you find.

Conclusion: Does Walmart Price Match Amazon?

Your item was purchased at a third-party store.
You did not purchase the item at Walmart.
The price does not match the item description.
The item was not purchased on the website.
They are not selling in their stores.

This helps Walmart continue to compete with other retailers who can also offer low prices and additional benefits, such as free next-day delivery.

To be eligible for price matching, you will need to have a receipt from Amazon with the lower price, and you will have to specifically state the URL of the lower priced product while speaking to the representative. They will ask for your order number.

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