Is Kroger Pickup Free? (all You Need To Know)

At present, many big retailers like Amazon and Walmart are offering pickup services to their customers.

If you order online, you can choose to have your groceries delivered right to your door. This is a great way to have more time to prepare your meals. Or, you can shop online and have your groceries delivered.

Is Kroger Pickup Free in 2022?

If you prefer to shop in the mornings, order a meal delivery to your house and then pick it up for free. Your order will arrive within minutes and you can enjoy your meal at home without a driver’s wait. This is a unique service that you won’t find anywhere else.

Click here to learn what the Kroger pickup service is, how it works, how to sign up, and how much it costs!

What Is Kroger Pickup?

Kroger pickup is a curbside service that allows customers to do their grocery shopping via the mobile app, website, or via in-store kiosk or scanner.

Customers can select all the items they want and pick them up within a few hours or in a few days. They don’t need to go the store, fill in a lot of forms or wait for their turn.

How Does Kroger Pickup Work?

So that you can take advantage of Kroger’s curbside pickup service, you first need to sign up for it.

Kroger, as they do for their website or app, can be used to check, order and pay for your groceries. It also gives you the option to add loyalty programs to your profile, which is a great way to earn points on Kroger products.

To ensure that your order arrives on time, you won’t be able to place the order until the site has processed the order and has selected the right shipping method.

We’ll guide you through the stores, and you can pick out the ones you like.

When you start shopping, you have the option to search all the items you want to buy under the brand name, department, or category.

You can use coupon codes to help you save money.

Once you reach the checkout process you can choose to use substitutions that aren’t in stock. You can then proceed to the payment or wait for the store to update our stock.

You can reserve a spot for your pickup. If you aren’t interested now, you don’t have to do anything.

It’s a great idea to get everything done with one stop, so that you can just arrive at the drop off/pick up location and make the rest of your day easy and smooth.

Afterward, you will then retrieve your items from the back of your vehicle.

In the case of damaged or defective items, you can check whether you are okay with the substituted products during pickup. If you are not satisfied, you can reject them or return them to the store at a later date for a refund.

What Can You Order Via Kroger Pickup?

To have items delivered on your doorstep or at the store, you can order them online and pick up at your convenience.

In case you need some details about the offer you can contact our customer support.

How Much Is Kroger Pickup?

If you use this service from Target, you won’t get charged as long as your order costs $30 and above. However, if your order is below $30, Target will charge you $3.99.

Can You Use Coupons for Kroger Pickup?

You can also use your smartphone when making orders from your iPhone or Android phone. It’s easy to order through the app or website. Then it can be picked up at your local Kroger store.

In order to use your smartphone, you must have the Kroger iOS app or the Kroger website app. When you order in the app, you must have an active subscription and have a valid Kroger account. Then, you must download the Kroger app to your smartphone.

You can add them after you’ve finished adding the items to your cart.

If you have a Shopper’s Card linked to your account, you can use digital coupons.

If you get a paper coupon you can bring it with you at the time of your purchase. They will scan it for you and you will receive a discount.

It can be helpful to note which coupons are worth it and which aren’t…

 The associated sales person will adjust the price and offer you a new receipt. Keep in mind the coupon policy applies to these purchases.

Is the Pickup Service Available in All Kroger Stores?

Kroger has curbside pickup in most of their store, and the locations in your area may use that as a grocery delivery service.

You can also place your order online. Visit the Store Locator website, type in your ZIP code to see whether you can pick up your groceries at the store nearest you, or if you can order them online and pick up at the store later.

Can You Cancel Your Kroger Pickup Order?

You’ll have until the end of your order cycle to cancel. If you need to change your pick-up date, you can do so before or after your order cycle has ended.

If you make a reservation for a particular day, you can make changes until midnight on the day you check in.

If you don’t have the time to wait at the store, you can also use their website to cancel the order.

Can You Return Pickup Items at Kroger?

If you find your order is wrong, you can contact Kroger and exchange the items with a credit card.

The return policy states that you must return the items within 30 days. That said, you will have a digital copy of the receipt for your records.

Kroger is a major retailer that offers a full range of groceries, food, and products. If you are interested in shopping at Kroger, you can use our Kroger coupons and codes, which can be shared on our social media pages.


You can use Pickup with Kroger to easily pick up your groceries from hundreds of locations that store is. It will also help you save time, since you can store your groceries in your car. Just make sure to have cash at the register.

The order pick up day is Monday to Saturday. You can pick up the order at the scheduled time and time.

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