Can You Mail Alcohol Through Fedex? (all You Need To Know)

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As the article will detail, the shipping costs for delivering alcohol depends on the volume of products, the region you’re sending it to, and the time you plan to ship it, and the alcohol.

Can You Mail Alcohol Through FedEx In 2022?

Customers may not ship alcohol through FedEx. To ship alcohol to friends or family members, individuals must purchase directly from a FedEx-authorized alcohol shipper. To become an alcohol shipper, companies must have an account with FedEx, sign an agreement, and adhere to labeling and delivery requirements. The first shipper to make this happen would be the company I work for, who will be providing the alcohol through FedEx.

FedEx requires that all alcohol shipments must be shipped in a locked and sealed container.
This is the first step in ensuring that alcohol shipments arrive undamaged.

Can Individuals Ship Alcohol Through FedEx?

Packages shipping with alcohol cannot ship through FedEx and we don’t process any alcohol packages through FedEx.

You can also order alcohol to be delivered to your friends and family through an alcohol delivery service, and you can be 100% sure that the alcohol you order will actually get to your friends and family members.

Why Can’t Individuals Ship Alcohol Through FedEx?

The 21st Amendment ended Prohibition, and now we’re able to ship alcohol through the mail.

The amendment also allowed alcohol to be mailed but that was only for a certain amount of time and for certain people. Also, regular consumers who have been drinking shouldn’t be able to mail alcohol to someone who hasn’t been drinking.

To prove that the package was delivered by the Postal Service, all it took for the USPS to have the evidence was to hand-deliver the package. When the package was hand-delivered, the USPS then had the documents proving that the package was delivered, and therefore a proof that they sent and delivered the package.

What Happens If You Ship Alcohol Through FedEx? 

You might choose to ignore the FedEx alcohol shipping policy if you want to suffer the legal consequences.

Typically, if you’re caught breaking the law, the penalty is usually a fine or a shorter sentence. However, if you’re found guilty for breaking the law, you could be jailed for some amount of time.

Can Businesses Ship Alcohol Through FedEx?

If you have a business with a shipping license, you can ship to customers in selected states or countries.

For FedEx State Reference Guide, check out FedEx’s direct to consumer wine shipping state reference guide.

In order to receive FedEx shipping, business owners must create a FedEx account, sign the shipping agreement, and comply with FedEx’s shipping requirements.

Which Services Can You Use To Mail Alcohol Through FedEx?

Authorized alcohol shippers that opt to use FedEx Ground or FedEx Home Delivery may use one or more packages to ship alcohol.

FedEx Freight services can only be used when both the shipper and the recipient are a licensed wholesaler, dealer, distributor, manufacturer or importer.

How Should Alcohol Be Packaged For Mailing With FedEx?

– use sturdy packaging for their bottles
– put their bottles in a cool place

You’ll notice that [Original] is a link to the original sentence, while [Paraphrase] is a link to the paraphrase.

You have a box with a lot of air in it that needs to be cushioned.
You are shipping an item with a lot of fragile items in it or on it.

Items that are shipped by FedEx must be handled carefully to ensure their security. You should avoid placing packages of any type on or near the ground because the package(s) can get damaged. You should also avoid placing packages on top of other packages.

To find out more about mailing with FedEx, you can read our blog posts on if FedEx prints the label, do you need a special shipping label, how to make sure your Fedex package gets there, and what is the tracking system of Fedex.


While FedEx does not allow individuals to ship alcohol to each other, dozens of large alcohol distributors are more than capable of delivering drinks where they need to go.

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As part of their new alcohol shipping regulations, FedEx is requiring that any company sending alcohol shipments through FedEx make sure to become an authorized shipper and to follow proper packaging and labeling procedures.

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