Sauces At Mcdonald’s (complete List Of 9 Sauces)

Most people associate the “M” with the burgers and fries, but it’s also found on salads, sandwiches, breakfast wraps, and even soups. In addition to dipping sauce, the McDonald’s menu is full of condiments to choose from, like lettuce or tomato, sauce, mayo, and cheese.

Are you trying to find a list of all the sauces McDonald’s offers around the world? I’ve got a full one for you here! You can also find out what’s included in these sauces and what the sauces have been discontinued.

Complete List Of 9 Current Sauces At McDonald’s In 2022

1. Tangy BBQ

McDonald’s Tangy BBQ sauce is a favorite of many kids because it’s like a big bowl of gooey macaroni and cheese, only it’s sweet instead of cheesy.

Each little container has nine grams of sugar, and is only about half a cup, so you might want to limit your consumption to one or two per day, especially with children.

This is a favorite food of mine, and I am not fond of this sauce.

2. Sweet N Sour

McDonald’s nugget sauce is the most delicious sauce of all. In fact, it’s the perfect accompaniment to those hot, crispy-on-the-outside-tender-on-the-inside chicken nuggets.

This is also the case because the Sweet N Sour sauce that McDonald’s offers is very good.

They’re not high in calories. Ten grams, that is the only thing in it. The rest is rice and seasoning.

McDonald’s is the good stuff, but if you really love it and don’t get it that often, then go for it. Have a blast, eat as much as you can.

3. Honey Packet

It’s easy to get on a diet and lose weight in the beginning, but you can’t keep it up because you aren’t getting the right kind of nutrients.

4. Hot Mustard

The company makes a mean mustard, and we here at are not above sneaking some of those tasty little bottles on the road.

It’s sweeter than other sauces (just six grams of sugar), and has two grams of fat.

The ingredients are not very fresh, and the taste of the food is not great. Although it is cheap, it does not provide good nutrition, and does not have sufficient levels of the nutrients needed to fight cancer.

One of our testers, who enjoys a variety of spicy sauces, said that while the first two bites were spicy, the last few weren’t spicy enough.

This is a hot one to make, even for people who normally don’t like spicy food. Add as much or as little as you like, but it is hot!

5. Creamy Ranch

When I was in college, my roommate and I used to go to a barbeque place and order their ranch sauce–with everything.

It’s hard to find a diet as good as these snacks. However, I prefer them because they have less sugar and fewer calories.

The texture of the sauce is smooth, but it has a strong onion flavor.

The fan at Wide Open Eats thought that the nugget was delicious because it was their first time trying a fried version of this delicious treat.

6. Ketchup

McDonald’s has been known for years to have top-notch flavor. It is a well-known brand in many developed nations.

As a result, you can buy a bottle of ketchup for 20¢ with an ingredient list that basically says:

Tomato concentrate
Distilled vinegar
High fructose corn syrup

Even though McDonald’s ketchup is generally low in sodium, it is often used in other food like burgers, french fries and other foods that don’t require as much sodium.

The company also promotes the product as being a zero calorie, zero fat drink; however, its only fat content is three grams of soy protein. As with other sports drinks, its carbohydrate content of only about thirty carbohydrates per serving is the major source of the energy in the product.

McDonald’s ketchup is amazing and it is easy to use, for instance, the sauce can be easily added to other McDonald’s sauces to use it on their foods.

7. Mustard

This was one of the best of the bunch with a kick of spice that I didn’t expect as well as a very nice crunch from the crust.

Regular mustard has no additives such as artificial ingredients, and it’s free of preservatives and other chemicals that are hidden in the food industry. Instead, it’s simply made of real food and natural substances.

Soybeans, water, vinegar, salt, and cumin.

This mustard is good to have on hand when you go camping. You can always add more mustard and use it as a condiment for other foods.

8. Tangy Honey Mustard

A common ingredient in Asian-style salad dressings, honey is used to balance the sharp, peppery flavors of mustard.

Further, this sauce contains 15 calories, 3.5 grams of fat, and 9 grams of sugar, with a longer ingredient list that starts with water and sugar.

In addition, the foodstuffs we use are made of many ingredients, and preservatives are added to prevent spoilage.

This copycat recipe suggests dipping chicken tenders in a tangy honey mustard and then using them as a sandwich topping, too.

9. Spicy Buffalo

McDonald’s Spicy Buffalo sauce is not the best option – despite only 60 calories per mini-tub, it has seven grams of fat. However, it does not have much in the way of sugar or carbs.

The buffalo sauce has quite a kick, but for those that love it, it’s also a great addition to all sorts of things, not just wings.

However, even though they loved the taste, they were more concerned about the texture.

Off-Menu Sauce Hacks

The off-menu sauces include the Big Mac sauce (which is actually a blend of ketchup and mustard) and the special sauce.

First, who doesn’t love dipping their fries in the Big Mac sauce that squishes out of the Big Mac. Did you know you can just ask for a side of Big Mac sauce?

The Big Mac Sauce, also known as the Big Mac “special sauce,” was created by McDonald’s in 1967.

Because they’re so busy, they might not have time to order something that specific, but they might be able to do something similar.

The sauce can be substituted with a similar sauce, such as a cream-based sauce.

I heard that you can also ask for some more on the side when you are talking to someone.

Discontinued Sauces At McDonald’s

McDonald’s sauces are an important part of their menu, but they get rid of them and then bring them back.

Creamy Italian Dressing, French Dressing, and Thousand Island Dressing.

McDonald’s is always innovating and creating new sauces, and customers are always excited to see what the fast-food chain comes out with next!

International Sauces At McDonald’s

McDonald’s has a number of restaurants in India that has been open for more than 40 years. And they’re operating at about 35% capacity. Those restaurants are selling a variety of food. They’re selling a broader menu than they did in the past.

So while McDonald’s does have a menu for specific countries, it seems like there’s no such thing as a universal menu.

McDonald’s has many different sauces that it sells to its international customers, such as the Mc sauce.

What’s The Most Popular Sauce At McDonald’s?

Mac and cheese, on the other hand, is a dish which has very distinct tastes and seems to be most suited to one person.

It’s hard to compete against the first, especially since I’m not really familiar with the other two.

There’s been a big focus on the honey mustard this holiday season, and it’s showing up in several places.

If you haven’t had these before, you should get a sack of chicken nuggets from McDonald’s. The rest of the line is pretty self-explanatory, and the quality control should be pretty high.

How Much Are Extra Sauces At McDonald’s?

Extra sauce at McDonald’s is free! Gone are the days of paying $3-5 for extra containers of sauce.

Now, a simple swipe and tap on the left side of the screen will allow you to quickly navigate to the Condiments section.

There, you can see all of the condiments McDonald’s offers (not just the sauces), and you can add just as many as you want in as many different flavors.

And if you’re looking for a great type, go to this website.

Is Big Mac Sauce The Same As Thousand Island Dressing?

“There are two common questions that are not the same. One is about the same thing for more money. The other is about the same thing for less money.” The question about money is similar, so it is not the same as the question about money.

For example, it explains that Thousand Island dressing is ketchup-based, while a Big Mac is French-based.

One of the downsides of this mod is that swapping out the two is rather fiddly, since you need to edit a lot of files.

On the Quora thread about Big Mac Sauce, that commenter mentioned that the sauce in the fast food restaurant is “a Thousand Island dressing on steroids.” It’s not, but the sauce is still similar.

If you want to know more about McDonald’s ketchup, you can read our posts on the sauce.


McDonald’s has nine different sauces to go with their chicken nuggets and fries. It’s really not that big of a deal.

But, in true innovator fashion, the world’s largest and most popular fast food company never rests on its laurels. You can rest assured that McDonald’s will come out with something new very soon.

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