Costco Instacart Delivery (how It Works, Do You Need To Be A Member + More)

Costco’s online supermarket has already been criticized by competitors for not being able to deliver groceries. Costco says it’s already delivering its online grocery store to consumers in Washington and Oregon.

Costco and Instacart have joined forces. This means that you can use your Instacart wallet to shop at Costco. In addition to Costco, you can select from other companies that Costco partners with, such as 7-Eleven and Sam’s Club.

What Is Costco Instacart Delivery In 2022?

Customers who subscribe to the Costco Instacart service will find a list of products that are eligible for Instacart delivery on the Instacart website and online shopping cart. They can pick which delivery service they want to use on the cart page.

If you want to know how Instacart works with Costco, whether you can get your groceries from Costco using Instacart and even if Costco is more expensive using Instacart, keep reading!

How Does Instacart Work with Costco?

I’d like to be able to sign-up using this email box.

Instacart makes it easy for you to shop at Costco by offering free two-hour delivery that’s available in the majority of neighborhoods across the country.

If you’re a regular member, then you need to choose your username. Your username is your name, followed by your country.

Express members get unlimited free delivery on orders that total $99 or more.

The membership is a great way to buy stuff that you use frequently. You can’t get one of these membership cards anywhere else because it’s exclusive to Urban Outfitters.

Your order can only be shipped to the address shown in your cart, so make sure this address is accurate.

Costco should appear in the section titled, “Bulk Stores” in the list of retailers below.

To start the process of shopping, you have to open an account with Costco, by using the Costco app.

The first step in your order process is adding items to your cart.

 With Costco, the first $80 you purchase is discounted by 20%. You can sign up for an annual membership for $60 per year.

If you press that link, you’ll learn that Costco membership is $100 per year.

It may take a few minutes to show up, so keep clicking until it does. Once you see the Costco logo and option to add a Loyalty Card, click the box or hit Enter.

The Costco main menu is where you can find a link to your profile and your shopping list.

The search bar is a big one, and below it, there is a couple of categories, like Fresh Vegetables or Fresh Fruit.

To open more detailed information in this section you can simply pick a product name and click the picture.

You can view one department at a time. One of the reasons I love this app is that I can see the department quickly from the Aisles menu and go straight to the desired department.

We have a new free design for the page of the year, and if you haven’t bought one yet, you can get one for the low cost of $10.00 (see below).

It’s important to check your cart often, too. You can save a lot of money by keeping the overall cost of your cart as low as possible.

If I don’t get a ride back from the bus, I’m stuck with the city for the night.

You will need to make sure that you have accepted the terms and conditions of your debit or credit card company, or that you have a method of accepting card payments like PayPal.

You’re going to open the app, and we’re going to walk through the steps to choose a date and time for your delivery, and confirm that you’re paying for it.

Use the app to place orders on your phone, and then you can just order again from Google Play.

We will open the Costco in the North East of Washington, DC on February 12th, 2016, and will deliver the orders to our customers in a few days.

Before your delivery time, Instacart will send you a notification that your shopper has started shopping.

You can keep track of this in your account settings.
You can also keep track of these notifications by following your store’s notification channels.

If you are using any of these channels you’ll be notified of any updates and changes.

After you’ve added the phone number you can open the chat in the app which requires the app to be open in order for you to chat with your shopper.

Once the shopper has finished up, the order status changes to Shipped and is then ready to be tracked,
the delivery time is tracked and the order is dropped off at the address.

In some states, you can get your alcohol delivered by your grocery store’s Instacart shopper but you will have to be present to show ID.

How Do You Use Costco Instacart Curbside Pickup?

Costco is testing a new pickup option in their store in New Mexico. This new pickup option means that all the products that are left in the store will be collected in one place and the customer can choose a time to pick it up.

Instacart shoppers who live in the San Francisco Bay Area had to take their business to Costco’s store after the warehouse chain stopped offering delivery to them.

Costco certainly is not crazy about the new $200 Costco visa, since it adds an additional expense to their low-cost business model they want to keep their customers.

There are a lot of ways to save money, but the truth is, if you’re going to a Costco anyway, you’re probably going to spend enough to make the $10 cost negligible. And there are some ways to get free shipping as well. They’ll usually ship to a store within that area, so it may not be super handy, but it’ll get there eventually.

Why Is Costco More Expensive on Instacart?

One of the things that people noticed was that when they paid for their groceries on Instacart, they would sometimes get something that was cheaper than it was in the store.

Instacart charges higher prices than other grocery delivery services, and their pricing is higher than that of Costco.

Amazon is starting to add more convenience to their services. They are starting to sell their own delivery services to people who do not have time to leave their living room.

Can You Shop at Costco Without a Membership with Instacart?

The Costco website says that if you don’t have a Costco membership, you can shop the online store and save your own money, but we found a different reason why you can shop Costco with Instacart.

However, you would be able to buy products in the warehouse at a cheaper price than if you were purchasing in stores.

Does Costco Offer Same-Day Delivery on Instacart?

Costco offers same-day delivery in select areas. Also, you can schedule your delivery for days ahead.

Sometimes your only option is delivery the next day. If this seems like a high volume, low price option, take advantage of it.

How Much Do You Tip Costco Instacart?

When you place an order, you can see how much of a tip you would get based on your current order. You can also change your suggested tip amount based on your order, or see if you’d be better off with another suggested amount.

It’s not the type of service that you can expect to pay a tip for.

When giving tips, a few guidelines we should keep in mind:
1. The tip should be proportional to the service rendered.
2. The tip should be for a specific service.
3. The tip should be given in cash or check.
4. The tip should be given within 24 hours of the service rendered.
5. A tip of the same amount should be given to any other wait staff member who performed the same service.

If you want to be more generous, feel free to go over your tip and do “Custom tip”. I hope you get a lot of it!

Does Costco Instacart Accept EBT?

SNAP/EBT benefits cannot be used to purchase Costco Instacart delivery.

The SNAP program does not allow online purchases, which is why the Costco Instacart app is available only at the Costco warehouses in the United States.

Does Costco Instacart Deliver Alcohol?

Costco Instacart delivers more than just food; in 11 states, Costco Instacart delivers alcohol. Costco Instacart is growing by adding more delivery areas and products.

Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, and California. It’s unclear how many people may be affected by the new rule.

A person who is purchasing alcohol must be present to show their ID to the delivery person, if the ID is not shown and the person is not present at the time of delivery the delivery person will refuse and not deliver the alcohol.

How Do You Use a Costco Shop Card with Instacart?

You cannot use your Costco Shop card with AmazonFresh (formerly Instacart). Unfortunately, Costco Shop cards are only eligible for in-store or purchases.

Is Costco Instacart Worth It?

Costco Instacart is a service that saves shoppers money who would otherwise spend a lot of time shopping, or find shopping to be a challenge.

I feel like it has a high chance of being really successful. It’s been really great for my family. It’s also been great for my relationship.

It’s also great for the people who have a lot of disposable income or do some of the things on my list.

Shopping inside the warehouse on-site is definitely less expensive than visiting warehouse shops.

If you are interested in buying a Costco membership or platter, check out our posts on things to know before buying a Costco membership, things to know before buying Costco platters, and does Costco deliver.


Costco is known for having a huge selection of things, so I think it will make sense to get instacart delivery for your Costco order.

I don’t have a comparison with any other grocery store. I pay nothing for a bag of dry beans, but I do pay for a $3.00 bag of milk.

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