Can You Have Instacart Deliver To Someone Else? (full Guide)

Instacart is known for making grocery shopping a walk in the park, but when you have something good like that, it’s only right that you share it with your friends.

No, you can’t have your mom order for you, but the service offers a few ways to get around that. You can ask a friend to sign up for the service for you, or you can also request a temporary order for someone else. The app is also able to send the delivery person to your house for deliveries.

Can You Have Instacart Deliver to Someone Else In 2022?

In order to use the shipping feature, customers need to link their Instacart and Amazon accounts. By linking the two services, customers can receive free delivery from Instacart to their own Amazon shipping address, or they can request a shipping package from Amazon, which Instacart will deliver to their assigned Instacart warehouse. From there, Instacart will package and deliver the order to the customer’s door.

Read more about Instacart group carts to learn more about this new service! To learn more about sending Instacart orders as gifts, read on for all the available options available. Even if you can send alcohol to a friend with Instacart, read on for all the details!

Can You Share an Instacart Account?

You can share your Instacart account with one person, so that you both get groceries when you are on a date, but you have to give them access to your financial information first.

As a result, you can simply add the delivery location to the shipping address and have it delivered to that location.

In this day and age we have to be careful of the scammers. Therefore, if a woman says she is your friend you must call her and make sure it is really her before giving her any information. Any email account that you are given should be checked for authenticity before you give login or password information.

You can use your Amazon payments info and go get things at the grocery store. Or they can pay you for whatever they buy.

If you do decide to do it, make sure that you are 100% confident in the person you are giving access to your login info, and they need to be 100% confident in you.

When you use PayPal, the company is more than happy to send you on the merry-go-round and never give your money back, or to not use your account for years if you have a negative balance – which is what happens if you keep sending without paying.

What Are Instacart Group Carts?

For the holidays, the group cart makes it easy for your friends and family to receive your special groceries, in your special baskets.

The only catch to this one is you need to already be an Instacart shopper, so if you’re not, you’ll need to download the app and sign up.

The only way to shop at Amazon is by using the cart. You can also click the links provided in the box to the right.

In the top right corner, there is a small box that says “My Carts.” Tap on that and it will take you to the “Create a group cart” function.

You have to select the group, then hit the Create A Group Cart button.

If you let Instacart access your contacts, you can invite the people you want to work with directly from your contact list, or you can get an email link to share who your friends are in your community.

You can now have your users text a link to whoever they want to bring them to the shopping cart.

First, you are giving the group the ability to add to the cart. It is as if you are checking out the cart.
Then, for the check out, you are letting the group checkout by checking out their own cart. If they don’t have the code to charge the order, they cannot check out.

If you’re sending a friend an Instacart order, you will add their address to your account, and you’ll double-check when you’re checking out that the order is going to the proper location.
– **The shopping experience** with a friend is different than the shopping experience on its own.

When someone in your cart has an Express membership, it is a good idea to let them check out first if they want to, this will help them out since they will not need to input their card info.

Express Memberships are great if you have less than $35 worth of products in your cart. With a membership, you will not have to pay to have it delivered, and you will not have to pay for a pick-up. The membership fees are 50% less than other delivery services.

Finally, the Gartner Group has pointed out that Group Carts are a great way for more tech-savvy individuals to help those who are not well versed in technology.

Can You Send an Instacart Order as a Gift?

You can either opt for email, which of course, the recipient will get a notification, or you can select Gifting, to send an InstaCart gift card, which you can use for any amount that you want to give.

This feature is one of the most interesting and useful of all the new features that Instacart introduced.

Thank you for your confirmation of your order. As part of the process, we have to verify the address of each recipient. This can take a few seconds, so if you confirm your order now, you won’t have to wait.

At the check-out screen, you will see the words “Send as a Gift.” Click the box and it will open new lines where you can enter the recipient’s name and number.

If you want to send gifts with a gift card, you’ll need to print the address from your computer instead of printing an address form. When printing the address, you may be asked to enter your gift card number.

The gift message function lets you write a custom message.

If you submit an order, they’ll receive a text letting them know they have something coming to them.

Can You Send Instacart Alcohol to a Friend?

In states where alcohol delivery via Instacart is allowed, you can send alcohol to a friend! I was in Florida and this was great, I wanted to do a tasting with a friend but I had no way to get the alcohol over here. Instacart shipped alcohol to me and sent me a package with it!

Florida, Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Wyoming.

The only catch is [that if you don’t have your friend in the house] and they don’t have a valid ID, [this can mean that they’re underage and they can’t receive the pizza for free].

I have sent emails to the company and also to the state government as well. I am waiting for response.

*If a user has received their first delivery with delivery partner, they will not be on waitlist.


You can share your login information with someone else, use the Group Carts feature, or send them an order as a gift.

If you want something to be delivered to someone’s house, make sure it’s an adult-only package. You should know the person you’re sending to well enough to know whether they’re allowed to drink the contents of what’s in the package. It’s usually a good idea to write this down in an email or note, too, just in case.

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