Instacart Market Basket (what It Is + Other Faqs)

– In 2014, Instacart launched a feature that allowed users to set a minimum order amount, which was pretty groundbreaking for the time. This was something that grocery-delivery services in the United States were unable to do at the time, and it’s a product that’s had a significant impact on consumers.
– Instacart introduced a service that allowed users to browse their local stores, and then create a grocery list that they could share with shoppers. This was also a pretty innovative feature at the time.

Instacart Market Basket is the online shopping app that brings together your local grocery stores with the service you need to get your favorite fruits, vegetables, and household goods.

What Is the Instacart Market Basket In 2022?

Amazon started partnering with grocery stores in 2014, but we didn’t learn of the collaboration until 2017 when the brand released its first website. The partnership gives Amazon access to fresh, quality groceries at lower prices than Instacart.

Instacart is a marketplace that gets shoppers everything from food to
groceries. The Instacart service enables shoppers to order groceries
from local stores. You receive groceries via Instacart and then pay
for the groceries to be delivered to your home or place of work.
Instacart is available in 38 cities in Massachusetts but shoppers can
take their orders from stores in all 50 states.

How Does Instacart Market Basket Work?

As an early adopter of Instacart, Market Basket has been a convenient choice for groceries in the New England region, and it’s incredibly easy to use. Customers who were members of the store’s loyalty program can shop without a membership and save on shipping.

Create your free Instacart account to get your first delivery. You need a valid form of payment to make a purchase.

Whenever you see a row of items, separated by a “department” — Fruit & Vegetables, Meat & Seafood, for example — you will see the same items as you see for a regular store, just arranged differently.

In other words, you can use the “department” filter to see the same results you would see in any regular store.

Start shopping! You can also sign up for the Instacart Market Basket service so you can have free or discounted items automatically added to your cart!

When you’re finished shopping you should see the button “Check out” in the upper right corner of the screen.

You can change your delivery date at any time on your order, and you can also choose to pick up your parcel at a future date. If you wish to change the shipping date, choose a future date and then make the changes on this page.

This is the total you will owe once you add the groceries, delivery, and service fees.

There is another step after you leave a tip: you can see the tip amount after you leave the tip.

Complete Checkout and sit back and wait for your shopping to begin! Keep your phone nearby because you will want to check up on your shopper’s progress.

You can use the app to ask your shopper questions about your order – such as what substitutions, if any, you want for out-of-stock items.

That’s everything.

Now let’s talk about the product listing. The product listing is the only section that Instacart users see in the app before placing an order. Think of it as the shopfront of your local supermarket.

It’s a pretty simple UI, and there’s a lot of space to let you describe your products. You can add up to 50 products.

There’s a new feature in the app! You’ll get sent notifications when your shopper is coming to deliver your groceries. They’ll even get notified when your shopper is leaving.

Most shoppers leave a photo of your order where they have left it at a particular store.

If your Instacart Market Basket order was shopped/delivered exceptionally well, consider going back into the app, leaving a five-star rating, and upping their tip. For your convenience, this update will be rolled out to everyone.

How Much Is Instacart Market Basket?

That said, it’s an expensive app and it’s no cheaper than shopping at the Apple Store or buying directly from Amazon, which have their own delivery services.

But you should expect to pay up to $35, since you’ll be getting your groceries from the company’s stores.

Market Basket charges $3.99 for regular delivery, and the service fee is based on $20 or more of groceries.

Also, be sure to leave a tip for exceptional service. For example, if you order delivery and get the food hot, they might leave you an extra $5 tip, even though the minimum tip is $2.

If you’re lucky enough to have a large order, maybe you’ll get a tip of at least 20 percent.

When you go to a new store or want a specific ingredient, the convenience of shopping online is worth the price itself.

Is Instacart Market Basket More Expensive?

Instacart Market Basket is more expensive than getting your groceries in-store.

But as more and more businesses price goods similarly, the upcharge becomes a bigger burden as a percentage of the sale price.

If you go to the Instacart site, you can click on the View Pricing Policy tab.

There’s a slight price difference between online and in-store.

Market Basket and Instacart are very transparent when it comes to acknowledging that their prices are much higher than other grocery stores.

How Late Does Instacart Market Basket Deliver?

The company’s CEO and Chief Operating Officer in New Hampshire, Arthur T. Demoulas, has been involved in a yearlong dispute with the company’s former president and majority shareholder, and the case is currently working its way through a court system.

There is a bit of a time gap between when the store closes and when the final pickup happens, so it’s a good idea if you need to do an urgent order that can’t wait until the store closes.

To learn more, you can also read our posts on whether or not Instacart delivers to hotels, why is Instacart so expensive, and how to get free Instacart groceries as a new user.


If you’re looking for the best organic, locally produced produce, you’re in the right place!

While items are more expensive on Instacart, delivery is free and items are usually of a higher quality, so a few extra bucks goes a long way for many shoppers.

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