Does Doordash Deliver To Hotels? (everything You Should Know)

If you’re staying in a hotel during the day, it would be a great idea to place an order using DoorDash. The website is easy to use and is great for hotel deliveries.

There’s no such thing as DoorDash delivering to hotels. You can only order DoorDash from your DoorDash app.

I was really curious about this matter and performed some research. This is what I found!

Does DoorDash Deliver to Hotels In 2022?

Most hotels in the United States are going to have delivery in 2022. It’s best to provide your room number or specific instructions. Also, some hotels require you to meet your DoorDasher in the lobby for safety reasons, so call the front desk beforehand to check.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to deliver your order, then you should check out DoorDash. This service provides a wide range of delivery services, from food to alcohol, flowers, and many more.

Will DoorDashers Deliver to Your Hotel?

Most hotels allow for DoorDash deliveries. However, some hotel chains don’t let the DoorDash delivery driver bring the food directly to your room. These chains would rather use the hotel’s lobby for the deliveries.

So instead of having a concierge drop the food off at your hotel, there are various apps such as DoorDash and Instacart that will deliver food directly to you!

The best way to make sure your item gets picked up from the hotel is to call the hotel front desk and make sure they give you the proper instructions and to make sure they have the proper permits to handle the delivery.

Another step when using DoorDasher, you should provide them with a bunch of delivery instructions to make it easier for them to locate your apartment.

Can DoorDashers Deliver Food Directly to Your Hotel Room?

Delivery drivers can bring your order directly to your hotel room as long as there is no fee associated.

Oh, you mean the delivery drivers are NOT allowed inside the building.

In this case, you will have to follow this protocol: Go to the door to your room, look for a group of people holding DoorDasher signs, give the DoorDasher team your room number and wait.

The best way of handling a DoorDash delivery is to call the hotel front desk at least an hour before placing an order.

Can You Provide Your DoorDasher with Delivery Instructions?

If you want, you can add more instructions to the delivery address of your meal so you
can be sure to find your food
as soon as it arrives.

You can even chat with the driver to confirm delivery and check on the car’s progress to your delivery address.

You can give tracking instructions by selecting “Delivery Instructions” while placing the order.

Your DoorDash app also has a chat feature that allows you to talk to a human being about where to deliver your food.

How Can You Make DoorDash Hotel Deliveries Easier?

You can also make a note in your booking with your email address and contact details. This will make it easier for a DoorDasher to find you.

You can also set preferences for delivery including how the delivery person receives the package and how it should be delivered.

Unless you specifically mention it to the DoorDash driver, they will not know that they’re delivering to a hotel.

If you don’t want them to enter your room, just be friendly with them and allow them to enter. However, if they try to search your room, then they’re breaking the law.

Other times, the front desk will ask you where your reservation is and if you have the room number. Please provide the room number to the front desk as soon as possible so that the front desk can assist you.

That means sometimes you may be expected to leave a tip on the bed if the delivery person is a maid or you may be asked for payment directly. Also, sometimes delivery people try to skip the front desk so make sure your Room Service is aware of the situation.

I called the front desk, and they said I couldn’t stay because it was under-occupancy. I asked them if they would check.

if you stay at a hotel that has intricate security measures, the staff might be hesitant to let you in with a DoorDasher.

However, when I asked a local restaurant (where I can also pick up my lunch) about this, they laughed and said they would always confirm.

The front desk will provide you with specific instructions about how they would like you to handle the DoorDash delivery (e.g. “Please leave it in the hallway on the left side of the office or keep it in the kitchen).

We will meet at the lobby of the Hotel at 1PM, room 307 on the 7th floor.
The room’s door will open at noon.

If you don’t want to waste anytime, it’s better to meet your DoorDasher in the hotel lobby.

It helps your delivery driver to deliver the food faster and to ensure that the food is as fresh as possible.

You may want to mention to your DoorDasher that you will be waiting in the lobby as you place your order.

It is also recommended to meet your driver in the restaurant lobby when you are dining there. There is no difference between the driver waiting room and the restaurant lobby.

Does DoorDash Have a Partnership with Hotels?

The two companies have been partners since 2019.

The company signed a partnership agreement with Wyndham Hotel Group, providing DoorDash with 4,000 properties across the country.

DoorDash offers a free meal after every delivery.
Wyndham offers a free one-night stay.
Wyndham offers a free upgrade for the following day.

In a partnership with Wyndham, DoorDash has developed a special delivery service for hotels.

Order food from DoorDash and when you get done with your food, don’t forget to take a picture of your empty plate and send it to the housekeepers.

Sometimes, DoorDash has codes/promotions that can be used to earn extra rewards on purchases with the hotel or DoorDash (if you have DashPass).

You’ll need to take a photo of the email, and enter that code into the “Rewards” section of the booking page for your stay.

You can find out more about the benefits of DashPass here.

Why Does DoorDash Deliver to Hotels?

DoorDash orders food to restaurants to serve as large a customer base as possible. If DoorDash excludes hotel orders, the company would miss out on a lot of business.

People stay in hotels most of the time because there are always restaurants and other businesses nearby.

You’re right; the paraphrase is better here. This is because the purpose of the sentence is to describe why one chooses to stay in hotels. “When someone stays in hotels, they almost always eat out because they don’t bring groceries.” is the reason, so it’s an explanatory sentence.

Having said that, it is true that if you have a good DoorDash account; you will never have to deal with delivery issues again.

> I ordered $100 worth of food and was charged $100, the payment was automatically refunded but the delivery time was wrong. I even changed the delivery time on my app and made sure the time was accurate for the next delivery.


When you order an UberPool as a DoorDash rider, you might not be as helpful. As a passenger, you get to see the person driving and their car. Also, if multiple passengers want to split the fare, they can chat one another during the ride.

In the first quarter of 2017, DoorDash signed a partnership with Wyndham to offer additional perks like free delivery and hotel rewards points.

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