Amazon Says Arriving Today But Not Out For Delivery (What This Means!)

You are not the only one. Amazon customers keep track of all orders, any delays, and any updates. However, sometimes it can get confusing because some details get misplaced or are incorrectly updated.

If your Amazon order states that it is on its way but is not yet available for delivery, this could be one of these situations. It can be difficult to believe, as most packages take longer to arrive.

We hope you will find this article helpful and that it will help you to understand the situation better.

Amazon says it’s coming soon, but not yet for delivery

Amazon may say that your package has arrived but is not ready for delivery. This is often due to logistical issues. However, it usually means that your package will arrive the next morning or at night.

When you think about delivery, there are some things that you should keep in mind. These include the company handling your delivery, the delivery address, and any other factors that could affect the arrival date for your amazon package.

Let’s now look at some reasons why your order information may not be as accurate as you need it to and possible consequences.

Third-Party Providers: FedEx, UPS, etc.

Amazon’s partnerships are well-known and help Amazon fulfill its duties of being one of the largest online retailers. However, this also means that more people are involved in your purchase.

This means that Amazon is not responsible for some misinformation in your order. It is due to a delay with delivery.

You can call the customer service number to confirm that you have not been charged for this order.

No matter what, you still get your order

These two outcomes are common, but none are that bad. If you are constantly tracking your order and worrying about what might happen if you lose a customer, you can relax and continue reading.

Your package will be delivered at night

This is the most common outcome.

This issue has been reported by many customers who received delivery at 8 pm. Many delivery trucks receive their packages in the middle of the night.

You get your package in the morning

It is possible that your order will be delivered today even if it says it’s not ready for delivery.

Customers have shared that they were frustrated to find this surprise package and then woke up the next morning to discover it at their door.

It could be caused by a variety of reasons. Maybe there were too many packages to deliver, so some got delayed the next day. Or maybe one of the delivery trucks was damaged.

What happens if the Status changes to “Delivery Attempted?”

This usually means that they tried to deliver your package, but were unable to do so.

It could be because the address is incorrect, the place is not safe to deliver or any other issue. However, this is usually a mistake made by Amazon or the shipping company.

Although they may be able to resolve the problem on their own, it is a good idea for them to contact support to ensure that the problem is resolved.

What if I don’t receive my package?

Contact support if your order does not arrive. They will be able to help you locate your package. Amazon can be reached at 1-877-586-3230, or via their online chat.

Amazon will send you a replacement or a full refund. You can discuss all options with your customer service representative.

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You expect customer service to honor your promises. Amazon must deliver on the promise that you order will be delivered by a specific date. It can be stressful to wait with misleading information like “Arrive today, but not yet available for delivery”.

Don’t worry. This isn’t a common problem. It could be that your order arrives late at night, or that the status wasn’t updated correctly. You’ll know it’s coming the next day.

Call customer service if you need to be reassured.

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