What Is Costco’s Privacy Policy? (do They Sell Your Data + Other Faqs)

Costco collects data from their customers and sells this information to third parties, but Costco can’t do anything without the customer’s permission.

If you agree with the data collection, you can continue on the “checkout”. Otherwise, Costco will collect and store your personal information for as long as they want.

What Is Costco’s Privacy Policy In 2022?

Costco’s privacy policy is easy to understand and the company is pretty clear about what information they collect and how it will be used and disclosed: to help Costco customers make better purchase choices at Costco, and to ensure that Costco’s customers have a safe and secure online shopping experience. Costco does sell customer data to advertising and marketing entities.

In other words, the company has a privacy policy. They don’t have a privacy policy.

To get a better understanding of what Costco looks at, what they do with the information, and if
HIPAA laws apply to Costco, read on!

What Data Does Costco Collect?

The company collected your name, email address, mailing address and phone number.

– the full source of your question,
– any comments you made in your question,
– the full source of any answer that would have been given to your question,
– any comments you made in answers to your question,
– any follow-up questions that you asked in comments and were answered.

All the data they get on how you shop and where you shop will be used to sell you more stuff.

Well, it really depends on your phone, and I am not actually entirely sure how Facebook uses your personal information.

Un-agreeing to a terms of service agreement should be similar to un-agreeing to other contracts, like that contract you signed for your new car.

However Costco says that you can either go to a membership counter or call their membership services. You can also chat on their website or write to them for assistance.

The number to call is 1-800-M-N-I-E-S-S-S-E-E and the address is Customer Service, P.O. Box 463085, Seattle, WA 98154-0685.

And if your household has multiple accounts linked to multiple email addresses, you will have to submit a request for each one.

Also, you should be able to change your primary email address on the website.

Does HIPAA Apply To Costco?

People are worried that the health information (like their medical histories) that Costco collects could be used for marketing or other purposes.

Costco might get your medical information, if they have a pharmacy. Some pharmacies give birth control or HIV, hepatitis A & B, tetanus, flu vaccines. You can also get vaccines at most pharmacies. Costco members get discounts on medicine.

Costco does not have access to health information without the patient’s consent. However, their internal privacy policy states that they may have access to patient’s health information that is required for treatment or payment of services.

A list of names and addresses, social security numbers, etc.

If you feel your PHI has been disclosed unlawfully by Costco, you can contact the Privacy Officer at privacy@costco.com or call Customer Services at 1-800-COSTCO.

Does Costco Sell Your Data?

Costco will share the data it collects on its customers with third parties.

Advertising, marketing, and analytics providers can obtain our personal identifiers. They can use them to target us with advertisements. They can see our geolocation information. They can analyze our internet network activity, which includes our web traffic.

One of the main reasons that Costco is a leader in the grocery retail is that it knows its customers. A few years ago, Costco knew that it was important to keep its customers happy.

Costco will never sell your personal information without your explicit consent.

And that’s a good thing, because otherwise they would be selling your data on the open market.

Does Costco Record Your License Plate Number?

Costco uses security cameras to monitor their parking lots. Costco’s cameras monitor cars when they enter the parking lot and when they leave the parking lot.

1) Costco is also one of the biggest retailers in the world, with over 5,000 stores in the United States and Canada. It is the largest retailer of fresh and frozen seafood to its customers.
2) Costco does not need to be involved in the US surveillance program.
3) I do not know of any evidence that Costco has collected license plate information.

They are especially useful if you ever have a problem with a store, as it allows them to trace the criminals to their car and not leave a digital footprint at all.

“Employees” is a generic term, and does not refer to any specific type of person. The employee may be a factory worker, a police officer, or a computer programmer. It could be used to refer to the person writing down the license plate number, it can just as easily refer to a person who turns it over to the police.

You will have to simply stop shopping at Costco or have your groceries delivered by Instacart.

In both cases, we can see that, even though each word is in a different sentence, the order of the words as well as the words’ meaning is similar in each sentence.

There are many ways to take advantage of Costco. Learn how you can take advantage of this amazing membership.


This is actually a good thing for customers because they have the ability to opt-out of the sale of their data to third parties. It’s definitely not as invasive as the typical privacy policies, and Costco is one of the better companies in regards to protecting customer data.

The current law doesn’t protect shoppers from many of the risks that arise from the information that credit card companies collect — like whether you’re a good or a bad credit risk.

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