Does Amazon Deliver To Military Bases? (all You Need To Know)

There are many remote areas around the world that you can’t reach with just regular roads. The military knows this and have bases that are usually hidden or located in hard to get to places. These bases house many items used by military bases, but they are usually very difficult to get your hands on and are also expensive to purchase. Amazon makes it easy and much less expensive to purchase these items.

One of the most important points of note is that the United States Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps all have bases in the United States. These bases accept and ship to and from Amazon, but also ship to and from many other countries around the world.

Does Amazon Deliver to Military Bases In 2022?

Amazon is also providing a shipping option called “Fulfilled by Amazon”. This program allows Amazon to ship your product to a shipping facility and you pay them to have your packages shipped to your warehouse. They’ll then have a worker pick the package up and deliver it to your location.

In this program, you don’t need to deliver the packages yourself.

To find out how to set up a delivery to a military base and find tips to ensure your package arrives safely, and where else to send your packages if you want them to reach your family and friends, keep reading!

Do All Military Bases Allow Amazon Deliveries?

Amazon can bring their products, but they are not allowed to bring their products to military bases.

One must be careful of the type of package they are sending, if you are sending something such as a food product, the base restrictions on what can be shipped may apply.

Does Amazon Have a Delivery Protocol for Military Bases?

Amazon has a military base delivery protocol for military bases to ensure package delivery is properly delivered.

Shoppers should not send items to people who are involved in law enforcement.

Finally it is important to ensure what base you are sending the package to.

How Do Shoppers Enter Their Military Address on Amazon?

You need to enter your military address on Amazon, so simply enter your APO/FPO address in the “Street Address Line 1” field.

Afterward, choose Set the City to PO, APO, or FPO as your city.

Additionally, select the branch of service (Army, Air Force, or Navy) as your state/province and choose the appropriate country from the drop-down menu.
*Note: The State/Province should be the same as the country that you will be joining.

After the fields are entered, click the blue button located at the bottom of the webpage.

This is a simple script that will execute the command `sudo apt-get upgrade` and send the results back to the command line.

What Should I Know Before Sending an Amazon Package to a Military Base?

Military bases are considered a high-security zone, so make sure you are only shipping to the correct address. Military bases are often very dangerous, so if you accidentally ship to a bad address, send it back.

The first step in addressing a package is to make sure that it is appropriately addressed. This means including the recipient’s full name, rank, and address.

To ensure that there are no issues with the delivery, the shopper should include their name and contact information.

What Amazon Products Can Be Delivered to a Military Base?

It is actually very easy to find a way to deliver product to a military base. You could either get a freight forwarding company to deliver it to us or purchase your products online in a country that offers free shipping.

What Amazon Products Cannot Be Delivered to a Military Base?

Military bases allow you to sign up for amazon prime, but it’s also important to note that some items may be restricted or prohibited by the Defense Department.

So, even though the product listing on Amazon doesn’t indicate a base address, it might deliver to a base nonetheless. For that reason, I would recommend that shoppers always check the listing on Amazon to verify that the item will be delivered to a base.

Any products the government has determined to be illegal drug use.

explosives, firearms, ammunition, illegal weapons and certain drugs.

In select cases, products may or may not be prohibited. They may change depending on the conditions, or may vary in different situations. A list of them is usually available in the local laws, or you can infer what they are based on the situation.

This list includes items that are legal on the web, but illegal in some countries.

Items must be delivered from a seller with authorized delivery status to continue with check out.

How Long Does It Take for an Amazon Delivery to Reach a Military Base?

If you’re sending a package to a military base, it will be subject to security checkpoints which can cause delays and added costs.

Because of the potential for packages to get in contact with the general public, in addition to the security threat they could pose, they may need to be screened before being delivered.

The military base gets more shipments through, so shipments may be delayed by a day or two.

If you want to schedule a delivery for a package to a United States military base, see the chart below.

* If there’s an error, we’ll get to it.

Are Amazon Delivery Vans Allowed on Military Bases?

Amazon is still able to drop off and pick up shipments at Army bases, but only if the shipments are for business use. The company has been attempting to work with the Army to build Amazon hubs for deliveries on military land. Amazon has offered to construct and operate warehouses on military lands across the U.S.

The best way to get to the military base is to take the 757. In addition, getting there by public transportation may be impractical.

To learn more about the various delivery services offered by Amazon, you may want to read our posts on Amazon Prime Now and Amazon Prime UK Delivery.


We are not sure about the details but we are excited that our bases are accepting Amazon deliveries.
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You can also factor in a little extra time for shipping, as you need to check what products are restricted on the base you’re ordering from and factor in a little extra time for shipping.

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