What Are Military Stamps? (meaning, How It Works + More)

The military mail system is a valuable network of mailmen who deliver letters and packages to soldiers in the field, but this is no ordinary network. The military mail system is an important part of the chain that helps maintain the well-being of American troops in harm’s way.

I’ve been thinking about all of the research that you did and I’ve been trying to figure out how the process works. It turns out that you have to have an envelope and you have to have a stamp.

What Are Military Stamps?

During the Second World War, the U.S. Army used military stamps during the occupation of Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia, and other areas under U.S. control. Military stamps were also used for mail sent to U.S. Army posts in Europe and Alaska, and to other U.S. military bases in foreign countries.

To find out more about how to send mail to military personnel, keep on reading!

What Is Military Mail?

Military Mail is really interesting in itself and you can find a lot of resources in this series of talks.

When the Army started the mailing system and the Navy started the mailing system, they put on the same label – Military Mail.

Although letters and packages sent through the military mail are sent to international destinations, the Postal Service treats them as domestic mail.

(2) The following instructions are for letters mailed within the United States.

The Postal Service does not deliver mail to a military base, and the military takes responsibility for the rest of the delivery.

Do Deployed Soldiers Need Stamps?

(2) An employee of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) with authority to make a determination as to eligibility of a benefit under this chapter who in the ordinary course of business makes a determination that qualifies as a statement or notation of the employee’s own opinion.

The post office is going to take the stamps out to avoid getting fined by the police.

Does It Cost Money To Mail Something To A Soldier?

In fact, it is prohibited for civilians to send personal correspondence without stamps or postage in designated combat areas.

The government could stop sending their mail to the military base by using an internet service provider, and instead deliver the mail to their homes. However, this is an expensive solution.

It certainly has for years, but there is no record that they did so in October of 2001.

There are other, but I don’t know if you were aware of them.

However by providing the data to a foreign country, one has to assume the cost of that country’s delivery.

USPS will charge you for the transportation to a Military mail processing facility (located in Austin, TX) and then the destination country will charge you for the postage to the destination country.

Once your mail has been delivered to a military base overseas, the Department of Defense is responsible for moving the mail from its base in the United States to the final destination overseas.

In addition to this subsidized mail service, the United States Postal Service offers discounted package service to families sending packages to Armed Service members stationed overseas.

How Do I Ship Something To Someone In The Military?

If you are mailing a package to a military address, make sure to include the unit and box number, where applicable.

You can find out the APO and FPO addresses of the organizations that you have used to register your domain. Click on your domain name in the Domain Manager in Hostinger.

If you are not an active duty member of the US military, then use the “City” and “State” fields for mailing addresses.

The box is at the back of the room.

(American Samoa) is a small American state in the South Pacific with about 60,000 inhabitants; as well as the capital, Apia, the largest cities are Pago Pago, Ta’u, and Leone.

Do not put the address information on the top of the box, write it on only one side. Use a label and write the address on top of the label.

While you need to fill out a customs form when sending via Military Mail to the US, when sending to Europe, Canada, Japan, or other countries, you do not need to fill out a customs form.
Also, as an alternative, if you send by regular mail through the post office, you do not need to fill out customs form.

If it weighs more than a pound, you will need to complete a self-service declaration and specify the full list of items inside the package.

Finally, you must give packages going to military addresses to a USPS employee (or to a member of the Armed Services). If you choose to have your item delivered to the Post Office, you can either bring your item to the Post Office or schedule an in-person pick-up at your home.

Are There Restrictions On Military Mail?

It is restricted to certain areas, you should try and send it somewhere you know you will be.

for example, packages weighing less than 70 pounds and having the combined length and width of less than 108 inches must be shipped via priority mail to APO or FPO addresses.

If you’re going to send it, there’s a list of items you’re limited to sending to military personnel or to people located in countries that are sanctioned by the US.

Some bases may or may not have smoking or vaping restrictions or prohibitions on the use of electronic cigarettes. I’ve listed some examples below, but be aware that different countries or bases may have additional restrictions.

Mail that has been tampered with or improperly sealed such as envelopes, packages, or other containers.

You can also find some other interesting facts about stamps you need to know about in addition to our series about official mail stamps in this article.


This year is a big year for the US Postal Service as they have received a big boost from the U.S. Congress thanks to the passage of the Postal Service Reform Act of 2012.

The military members don’t need to pay for postage to send a letter to their own family back home.

If you are mailing a letter or package to a military member, it’s going to cost you a little extra but not a lot. If you are mailing it to a family member, a good friend, or an emergency contact, it’s free.

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