Family Dollar Headquarters (different Locations, Addresses, Can You Visit, Contact Info + More)

Family Dollar is America’s favorite family-owned, private-label-store chain with more than 1,300 store, located in more than 80 markets.

The best way to reach out to Family Dollar customer care is to call 1-888-242-4838. All Family Dollar stores have a customer service department. The staff there will be glad to help you.

Where Is Family Dollar Headquarters Located In 2022?

The Family Dollar is a company that is famous for its stores with a low-price policy. The company also has a code of conduct that is meant to make everything fair for all the customers. People who are using the Family Dollar can call the number provided for complaints or violations.

For more information on Family Dollar headquarters and the company read on. You’ll find all the information you need here!

How Do I Contact the Family Dollar Corporate Office?


Please fill out the form and fax or mail to the following address, or fax to (716) 868-6104. All faxes and mail are subject to verification.

The company’s primary products are Dollar stores and variety stores, but it also offers other products, including groceries and health and home products.
[Trial]: In addition to “Dollar,” the word “Family” is also used as the name of the Company’s stores.

I used to live there, and I can tell you, you get your money’s worth.

You can find me at [original link] or [paraphrase] in various other forms.

The head office is also known
as Store Support because this is where all the customer complaints and problems are resolved.

Customers can’t visit our corporate headquarters. They can however, write or call with problems.

Family Dollar headquarters were shifted from Matthews, near Charlotte, North Carolina to Chesapeake, Virginia when Dollar Tree was acquired by Family Dollar Inc. in 2015.

Family Dollar will be able to respond to your message within one to two business days.

How Do I Contact Customer Service at Family Dollar?

Customer service is offered as close as possible to the neighborhood and the Family Dollar Store.

Phone is a mobile communication device which is capable of two-way voice communications, text messaging, and data communications.

You can also chat with us at We also have video and voice chat available if you like.

I can be contacted via email, phone, or a number of other methods.

I recently moved to the area with my family and I am looking to work for Family Dollar. I am a hard worker, have a good attitude, and have a strong work ethic. I can work as an Associate if needed. I am looking for a full time position. I am in need of a flexible schedule. Please help!

If you are not contacted after four weeks, call the customer service department to follow up.

Social media is used by people around the world to connect with others.

Who Owns Family Dollar?

Family Dollar is part of Dollar Tree, along with Dollar General and Dollar Tree.

Now we will get some information about the country of origin “Dollar Tree”.

Dollar Tree is a retail company with headquarters and a major portion of its stores in Clermont, FL. The company is involved in the provision of products and services to consumers in the United States and internationally. Its operations include discount stores and general merchandise stores.

Who Is the CEO of Family Dollar?

Mike Witynski is the leader of both Family Dollar and Dollar Tree in the United States. He is also the president and CEO.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors is supported by other company officers.

How Do I Report a Manager to Family Dollar?

You can also visit the Human Resources Service Center at 1-800-547-0359 and ask for a Family Dollar Code of Ethics violation complaint form.

You can also call the Alertline at (866) 547-0359, and Internal Audit at (866) 547-0359.

When Did Family Dollar Start?

In their heyday, they operated over 2,000 stores with $1.7 billion in annual sales.

How Many Workers Does Family Dollar Have?

Family Dollar has sixty thousand employees working in its stores and offices.

How Many Locations Does Family Dollar Have?

Family Dollar is the largest Dollar General Store in the USA. The store has 8,086 stores in the US. Texas is the state with the highest concentration of Family Dollar stores with 1,108 stores.

There are 300 Family Dollar and Dollar Tree stores around the country, that are specially designed for areas with 4 to 6,000 people.

Find a Family Dollar store by using the online store locator tool located at Family Dollar Online Store Locator.

You can also access the Family Dollar online store locator from the Family Dollar mobile app.

Is Walmart Cheaper Than Family Dollar?

This recent study found that Walmart is cheaper than Dollar General and Family Dollar for food and beverages, but I still prefer shopping at Dollar Tree.

I tried the Walmart and Dollar stores, and the Walmart is definitely cheaper.

To find out if they are doing the right thing, you can also read our review on what other customers are saying about Family Dollar and also read our full review on Family Dollar customer service complaints.


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