Uber Eats Slogan (meaning, History Of Slogan + More)

The company has created a huge path toward becoming one of the biggest food delivery services in the world.

A big part of this is through strong branding. For anyone interested in learning more about this aspect of the company, we looked into Uber Eats’ slogan, so check it out.

What Is the Uber Eats Slogan In 2022?

Continue reading to learn more about the story behind Uber Eats as a whole, as well as its slogan and other branding aspects like the logo, commercials, etc.

Which Slogans Has Uber Eats Used?

– A way to eat food that is delicious.
– An easy and fast way to eat food.
– Where you can enjoy food with your loved ones.

They may change their slogans from time to time depending on the situation, but we can never forget these goals.

Since the company had just started you were supposed to use the first one on the list.

At a time when there weren’t many food delivery services, Apple wanted to emphasize that the service was for ordering food from restaurants.

What Are the Values of Uber Eats?

– People over profits;
– The customer is always right;
– Courage through action.

What Was Uber Eats Originally Called?

The service was called Uber Fresh, a program that only delivered food in the area of Los Angeles. The company decided to change the name of the service to UberEats to make it more recognizable for the public.


A Google translation gives a bit different result.

What Does the Uber Eats Logo Mean?

The logo currently looks like a pizza restaurant that doesn’t serve pizza.

Black is used for the name “Uber” because it represents the black cars that operate on the roads. “Eats” is in green in order to evoke ideas of freshness.

When Uber Eats first came into being, their logo had a fork to show that they were a food delivery service.

It is still being used but there are many forks out there.

The current identity is almost unchanged from the previous one. It only has a change of font and colors.

What Is up With the New Uber Eats Commercial?

In February 2022, Uber Eats advertised that it was available during the Super Bowl in Los Angeles. A viral video posted on their Facebook account showed a woman eating food while seated at a table in a stadium. The commercial was later pulled by Uber and the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) decided to make a formal warning regarding the ad.

This spot was one of those silly yet funny and clever commercials that were meant to promote the service and to convince the public that there is more to what the service does than just food delivery.

It was very well-rated movie. Paltrow and Noah were part of the cast.

In the teaser, Nicholas Braun plays an “evil” character and his character is very similar to his character on Succession. This is a good sign and means that the show will have a strong lead story and will keep the audience engaged and on the edge of their seats.

Braun was caught drinking some liquid soap and was the center of the controversy. He did not state whether this was just a joke or whether this was an actual thing.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission tweeted that one should not consume any products that are advertised on TV or billboards.

A recent article discussed the dangers that people drink soap, so I was glad that the article provided statistics and other information that led me to believe that drinking soap does more harm than good.

The original ad has more than 10 million views.

If you’re wondering where this trend started, here’s a video that highlights this trend and the history behind it.

You can also see our post on how does Uber make money, how does Uber make more money, and Uber Eats business model.


The latest slogan is “Eat better. Eat Uber Eats.” The campaign is about promoting and celebrating the quality of food items on Uber Eats and the fact that they are all prepared and made at home.

With the 2022 Super Bowl just a few days away, an ad that aired on television during the game caused controversy over a fictional ad that showed a character drinking soap. The ad was made by the video game developer Square Enix. In real life, drinking soap is believed to be a real thing.

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