Why Is Home Depot Orange + 5 Other Interesting Facts About The Company

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Although the company has had many different names over the years, it’s probably best-known as Home Depot (HD), the biggest home improvement retailer in the world.

Why Is Home Depot Orange?

Home Depot’s iconic orange color was chosen in 1967 because it symbolizes energy and value. Additionally, during the 1970s when the first Home Depot stores were being built, the orange color was popular because it matched with the new building materials and the new Home Depot store design.

There are many amazing facts about Home Depot. Some of these facts include the first Home Depot stores and what is the Home Depot logo.

Why Do Home Depot Employees Wear Aprons?

Home Depot’s apron program has been a part of the fabric of the company since its very first store.

Marcus believed that a bright orange apron would be a good identifier for a sales associate and so those apron were made the uniform for the sales associates.

Although some of the original aprons looked slightly different from the aprons seen today in Home Depot, the orange look and style have lived on throughout the company’s history.

What Is The Home Depot Font?

The Home Depot font is a combination of the serif font and the script font.

This funny and unique font is called Homer and comes in a pack that is exclusive to Home Depot stores.

While it may not have the classic Times New Roman font, it certainly adds flair and character to the store.

This brush was designed to mimic the smudgy edges you can get after painting to add to the home improvement atmosphere of the store and to make your life easier.

Can Home Depot Workers Customize Their Aprons?

The home improvement chain began in 1969 when Bernie Marcus’ wife was pregnant and he needed to do all the household chores.

Joe took off the white name tags and instructed the workers to write their names on the aprons themselves.

Ron was doing this, he developed the idea of employees adding some of their personality to the aprons and then it became a tradition.

The company hired a new CEO, and she has been working with the company’s current design team to improve their current systems.

Even distinguished guests which have been honored to visit Home Depot such as Barack Obama and George Bush are gifted with their very own decorated apron.

What Were The First Home Depot Stores Like?

Arthur Blank had been fired from his job at Handy Dan and Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank decided to open a discount hardware store together, which is how Home Depot was born.

Georgia was an easy sell because the business concept was similar to what was already being done, but there wasn’t much inventory to start with.

This idea worked well for many years, but in the summer of 2015 the owner decided to go “green” and install a self-service recycling machine.

I think it will be much more like a store where they sell stuff and are fully stocked with items.

Marcus and Blank thought it was funny to play “chicken” with the forklifts in the parking lot after hours and cause all sorts of problems by slamming on the brakes.

This was a really cool space where you could get that perfect warehouse feel for your customers. You’re gonna get a lot of work done. It’s a great space.

Is There A Private Home Depot?

For most of its life, Home Depot was a small home center with a variety of home improvement product.

The store only sells to those involved in movies. It mainly sells lumber and screws, and also sells some tools for them to use to make the sets.

This is a real thing, and it was an attempt by the big box retailer to save on its construction costs, and so they decided to have a separate store from the Home Depot.

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Conclusion: Why Is Home Depot Orange?

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