Amazon Trade-in Program (how It Works, Products + More)

Amazon allows people to buy any products imaginable and it also allows people to make money by selling certain products.

The items that you want to sell will be added to your Amazon account. You will then be able to view how much you have earned from your trades.
You will then choose how you want to sell your items. You can either keep them on Amazon or just sell them to another third party if you want to.

This post will teach you everything about the Amazon business model.

Amazon Trade-In Program In 2022

If you’re looking to upgrade your existing item and don’t want to go through hassle of selling it to, you can now sell it at Amazon Trade-in and get Amazon Gift Cards in exchange on, you may also get a check with the cash value of the gift cards.

You can submit a trade-in for a device, and it will be processed through Amazon Trade-In. Once processed, Amazon will transfer the value of the trade-in towards the original price of the device. This value is then credited to your Amazon Payments account.

Alternatively, you can submit a trade-in for a device from a third-party site. The process is nearly the same, except that they will charge you a fee for this service.

How Does Amazon’s Trade-In Program Work?

Amazon will allow people to have a trade-in of a qualifying item in exchange for gift cards.

*Note: While it is possible to have a list of items that can be traded in on the page that allows you to list your item for trade-in, not all items can be trade-in’d. Some items are ineligible to be part of the trade-in program.

The exchange is free of charge as long as their products are in-stock and shipped from a US warehouse.

However, if you have an item that is not eligible, Amazon doesn’t accept trades.

How Do You Submit A Trade-In At Amazon?

If your car happens to be on its way out the door, be sure to take advantage of this offer to get fast cash for your trade-in.

To see if your item qualifies in the Trade-In program, go to the Trade-In section and search for eligible items.

Then, you will select items to add to your trade-in submission and these items must meet the criteria listed.

Amazon is going to automatically make suggestions on what you can do, if your items’ condition meets some criteria.
As the item is damaged, the suggestions are as follows.

After you select the criteria, you will see what you are looking for and can select to continue or cancel. Finally, you will be asked to specify from where you’ll ship your items.

Add a comment to your order that says “Trade in” and enter the address of your eligible device. When you place the order, you’ll see that the device is valued at $0.00 when you checkout and you can use that to help qualify your trade-in.

 After following the remaining on-screen instructions, select “Confirm Trade-In”, print your prepaid UPS shipping label and attach it to the box.

How Do You Ship Your Amazon Trade-In?

Once you enter details about your trade-in item(s) and click “Submit,” you’ll be provided with a shipping label. When you receive your shipping label, please open the email Amazon sends about your shipment and follow the instructions that Amazon provides. Then, simply place your new item in your shopping cart and proceed to checkout.

Once you have found your shipping label at Amazon, print it along with the packing slip. Attach the shipping label to the box and place the packing slip inside the parcel before shipping.

Usually, the shipping label from Amazon is provided through UPS, so you will need to drop the package off at the shipping center of your nearest UPS.

If you have an older label and packing slip associated with your trade-in, you may be able to reuse the label and packing slip for future returns. However, because each label and packing slip is unique to a specific trade-in item, Amazon requests that you ship only the object associated with the label and packing slip.

What Products Can You Trade In At Amazon?

It is a common practice for Amazon to accept any electronic devices for trade-in. However, certain trade-ins are only accepted if they have a high demand.

Kindle, tablets, laptops, computers, and more.

How Does Amazon Pay For Your Trade-Ins?

Amazon helps you trade in your old stuff for new stuff with gift cards, which Amazon then pays for.

If you don’t use the gift card as soon as you get it, Amazon will take the money from the gift card and give it to you.

In certain cases, Amazon provides payment for the trade-in part of the transaction as soon as you submit the request, although the trade-in part of the transaction is generally a more complicated process.

To have a gift card in your Amazon account, you need to buy the gift card in the Amazon website, but you can only get one gift card per account.

How Long Do Amazon Trade-Ins Take To Process?

If you live in places like New York or Washington, D.C. or Chicago, then it might take longer for the car to arrive.

The Amazon car is the real deal.

You can check your trade-in packages from your “Your Trade-In Account” settings.

After you submit your listing, the seller will send you an email notification within two business days, saying whether or not your submission was accepted or rejected.

Can You Track Your Amazon Trade-In?

You can track your trade-in’s status very easily by simply opening your account and searching for your trade-in’s serial number.

You can create an Amazon Trade-In Account and enter your login information. Then, log into your account.

In addition, you can find out more information about your trade-in, including your current balance, your current mileage, and your trade-in history.

What Condition Do Amazon Trade-Ins Have To Be In?

Amazon’s minimum requirements in order to receive a trade-in in exchange for an Amazon gift card are that the item must be brand new, be in its original condition, and be in the same condition as it was when it was purchased.

There is no way to tell what is a Special Edition. You have to read the description to find out if it has any special features.

No matter if it is for trade-in or for a purchase, any accessories you submit must function perfectly or have no quality issues. For example, a broken strap cannot be submitted for trade-in or purchase.

If you are selling a used item that is older than 5 years you must contact the seller to get a quote. I do not recommend selling used electronics (laptops, cameras, video games) as it’s difficult to verify the authenticity of such items.

GameStop will only take back video games for trade-in that meet these conditions. If you do not meet these conditions, you may be able to trade-in your game for store credit. Please contact GameStop’s customer service department at 800-842-2663 for more information.

If your trade-in doesn’t meet the requirements, you are very likely to not get approval for your trade-in.

Can You Trade In Books At Amazon?

In addition to buying and selling electronics, you can also sell books. To do this, you need to first register as a seller of books on Amazon.

Books can be traded in when they are new and when it is the time for the book to be re-read.

Books that have been returned within 10 days of purchase.
Books that have been sold elsewhere.
Books that have been returned by the customer within 30 days of purchase.
Books that have been damaged during shipping.
Books that are damaged by the customer.
Books that have been lost in the mail.

If the book has any of these problems, you can still submit for trade-in.

If you need more information, you can find out answers to these questions by viewing our blog on whether or not Amazon buys books & textbooks, if Amazon buys gift cards, and if Amazon has a phone number to call.


You can submit your product for trade-in through Amazon’s website or the mobile app. However, some items are not accepted for trade-in.

Amazon offers trade-in programs that include cell phones, wireless routers, smartwatches, and more. You can find out how and get your money back.

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