Amazon Write Up Policy (all You Need To Know)

Since Amazon’s work environment is very strict and requires employees to follow the rules of conduct, if a staff member breaks a rule, they are given a warning or they are written up, and this goes onto their employee record.

In order for Amazon to hire you, they will need a clear description of your work experience, your skills, and your ability to work with other people. This is crucial because these are the three components that will be used to create and assign your job.

Amazon’s Write Up Policy In 2022

Amazon has a specific policy on how they handle termination and write-ups. Termination is based on an employee’s performance, not based on if they are a citizen of a different country. If a staff member has six write-ups in a year, they may be terminated. However, each write-up is a separate incident and is not considered a “pattern” of behavior.

If you want to learn more about what Amazon writes up their staff for, if Amazon instantly fires staff members when they earn 6 write-ups and more, keep reading for additional useful information and tips!

How Many Write-Ups Does Amazon Give Before Getting Fired?

I have been informed about the new policy. It allows Amazon to hire people from elsewhere and get rid of all employees who break Amazon’s rules.

However, there is no rule saying that a person should instantly be fired for poor work ethic. Instead, they may put them on probation-like terms so that they improve and their boss will be able to remove them from the employment contract sooner.

Otherwise, staff members at Amazon are urged to pay close attention to fireable offenses, in order to prevent being fired often enough that they risk being fired.

What Does Amazon Write Up Employees For?

A recent Facebook post by a former Amazon employee shows that people are not allowed to have an openly negative impression of the company.

1. Employee had a medical condition that prevented work or made him or her unable to fulfill his or her duties.

You should note that showing up to work late or missing work without notifying your Amazon manager earn you three points that will be deducted from your bonus for one offense.

So, staff members must adhere to all the rules and regulations that Amazon had in its employee handbook.

Do Write-Ups at Amazon Go Away?

After a certain period of time, write-ups at Amazon will basically be ignored.

It is also possible to ask your supervisor to reconsider his/her decision if you believe your job performance warrants it.

In the scenario where they were written up months ago and no action has been taken, if the manager decides that a termination of employment is necessary, the employee will receive a termination letter.

A: I think this is an important sentence that I want to highlight. What is that sentence trying to accomplish?

It is not trying to accomplish anything. It is just a part of a paragraph. The paragraph is trying to highlight what is at stake for the Amazon employees if they break Amazon’s rules.

Does Amazon Fire Employees Instantly?

Amazon has to pay any employees who were on probation before the pivot.

You can solve these problems by taking out the words “on probation” and replacing it with “after probation.”

After completing the Pivot course, the manager gets additional tasks to complete.

The e-commerce site is trying to build employees that are knowledgeable and can handle customer queries.

If you need your job at Amazon, you will be forced to take a course that will put you on probation for a period of weeks until the course is completed.

There is no guarantee that the Amazon employees will be fired if they are not accurately following the Pivot course.

The rules for remaining in the company are that you have to take a course that is offered on the company’s website, be in line with the company’s goals, and not violate the company’s policy.
We will provide the course and a reference number at the beginning of the year.

Does Amazon Transfer Staff Members Who Have Been Written Up?

The company does not give transfers to those with multiple violations. In most cases, the company is concerned about the overall well-being of its employees and the company does not want to take risks with their employees safety. There have been cases where a company wants to deny a transfer to an employee but cannot.

Although some employee transfer sites may be more lenient when offering moves to the same department. However, most of the time you need to move to another city or state.

The employees who are writing up an employee who wants to transfer will often make an effort to find a new role or division to match his preferences, as long as it is not an obvious promotion or salary increase. This is to avoid resentment from the manager who supervised the employee’s probationary period.

Although some staff members may be able to find a position in their current area, others may have to look for employment in other areas.

Does Amazon Unfairly Write Up Employees?

Previously, employees have said that they’ve seen managers create fake issues in an employee’s file to make them look bad to upper management.

An Amazon worker says that the company fired her for taking too many breaks, despite not taking any unscheduled breaks during her shift.

I can’t comment on this particular instance, but I have heard that we have received numerous complaints from employees who have been threatened with termination but with no explanation provided.

In conclusion, Amazon gives different managers different responsibilities and different ways to evaluate employees. As a result of this, some managers write up and give out negative feedback about their employees, while other managers are more positive.

Employees can complain about being mistreated by a manager or file a complaint with anyone. They might even complain about being mistreated to their manager, or file a complaint with any Amazon higher-up.

To be able to know more about the working policies of Amazon, you can read our previous posts in this series – Working Policies of Amazon.


If an employee receives 4 disciplinary write-ups within 90 days or 6 write-ups in any year, they can get fired.

Amazon management will let employees choose whether to work or not, and if they don’t choose to work they will be forced to receive a work ethic training course.

Amazon will take a number of steps to enforce its zero tolerance policy toward
abuse of work time in its facilities including termination of employment
for all employees identified as the source of such abuse, without
consideration of applicable laws or contractual restrictions.

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