Amazon Termination Policy (all You Need To Know)

Amazon is a place where you can buy books, shoes, clothes and many more things without going to the actual store. They have a huge warehouse where all the products they sell are stored. These products are shipped to the users that do a purchase.

Amazon has an Employee Handbook that’s available online. It outlines the company’s policy on performance management, and it lays out the details on what happens when an employee is fired. You can learn all about this here.

Amazon Termination Policy In 2022

Amazon’s termination policy has a points-based system, which causes employees to be terminated if they accumulate 6 points in any month. The number of points an individual receives varies depending on a number of factors, including the infraction and the length of time the infraction goes unpunished.

In the event you’d like to find out more on how many points result in termination at Amazon, if Amazon rehires fired employees and a lot more, keep reading for more handy information!

Can You Get Rehired After Being Terminated by Amazon?

If a worker is fired from Amazon they may be able to re-apply for a job at the company in a few years.

You really should look into this. A lot of people think that they can keep their job even though they are not performing their duties.

Amazon employees are allowed up to six months to reapply for jobs, but depending on the position, this can vary from one month to as many as three months, reports Motherboard.

Amazon employees must wait one full year before applying for a new job. However, some employees are already working for Amazon for a very long time.

It’s safe to assume that Amazon is much more careful with its employees than Google, so it’s much more likely that Amazon will try to rehire a terminated Google employee.

How Many Points Result in Termination at Amazon?

As Amazon’s point system is used to write up employees, they could be fired if they earn up to 6 points or they could be fired for a number of reasons like sleeping in the office which is not allowed.

Of course, this is highly dependent on the individual manager. Also, if you get a lower score on feedback (e.g. 6 points) and you are not meeting your goals, it is possible for you to still move on.

Therefore, if there are a lot of employees, the ones that did infractions that are not much of a problem to overlook would be fired, but the ones who were doing things that Amazon did not like, and the ones who were not getting the job done, would still get the job done.

What Do Amazon Employees Get Fired For?

The list of rules Amazon has for its employees are very strict, but it is quite possible that employees are always breaking one or more of the rules.

They get in the way of people working.
They don’t follow directions, don’t understand them.
They try to make a buck on the side while doing it.
They get out of control.

The use of the Amazon Product Advertising API (Application Program Interface) is restricted to authorized developers. To verify that your application is authorized, visit the Amazon Authorized Business Program.
Your access and use of the Product Advertising API is subject to the terms and conditions of the API Access Agreement. For the terms and conditions, review our API Access Agreement.

I would also like to stress the importance of choosing your job title carefully. Your title needs to accurately reflect your job duties.

Do Terminated Amazon Employees Recieve Severance Packages?

Jeff bezos pays his employees $5,000 severance when they are fired, just to make him look good.

If former staff members accept the severance pay, they can’t work at Amazon for the rest of their life because Amazon is a strict company.

Let’s try to identify the main ideas of this sentence.

The team will continue to review applications for the position. If your application is successful, you will be invited to take the next steps. If not, you will be notified in writing.

The company is offering a severance package in addition to the $10,000 pay.

Does Amazon Offer an Alternative to Being Fired?

In some cases, Amazon will make a decision about a staff member’s employment at any given time, and it may be several months before the decision is enforced.

The manager will try to make them do the Pivot course. It is a two month course to improve your work ethic. However, in the end, the manager does not want to do it.

Staff members who wish to take the Pivot course, will have to participate in the training as if their jobs are probationary. You must pass the course to continue your employment.

I don’t understand the part in bold.


This is a translation of part of an excerpt of a blog post written by an Amazon employee who was laid off/permanently relocated to a low-performing team as a result of the massive Amazon layoff in September 2018.

Staff members are at risk of losing their jobs at this time of uncertainty. If you do not like your severance package, the severances are non-refundable.

Does Amazon Hire to Fire Employees?

The information has been provided by a source who is employed by Amazon, and who wishes to remain anonymous for the time being. He has stated that internal metrics show that Amazon can expect to lose 10,000 “high performers” each year.

Amazon uses the “Hire and fire” strategy. It hires employees who are not extremely qualified so that they can fire them if they prove incompetent.

If a potential member of our team is concerned about being hired for this reason, we encourage them to either withdraw their application or reach out to their manager to express their concern.

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According to the Amazon’s policy, employees have up to 6 points they can earn and lose in a year and can be fired for being chronically late, taking unscheduled time off, or not showing up to work when he or she is scheduled.

In the US Amazon pays their employees a lot more than McDonalds and Walmart. The fact that they have to pay their workers more money to work for the same company is just another way that they have to screw their workers. They pay their workers more than McDonalds and Wal-Mart to keep them from unionizing and to try to keep their workers away from other companies like McDonalds and Wal-Mart.

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