Amazon Pip (what Does It Mean + Other Faqs)

Amazon has implemented a new performance improvement plan that has received mixed reviews from its employees. Under the Amazon PIP plan, employees are given a short time to correct performance issues before termination.

Read on to know why Amazon had to impose Performance Improvement Plans on their employees and how it works for them.

What Is Amazon PIP In 2022?

PIP stands for Performance Improvement Plan, which is a policy at Amazon that employees can avoid by reviewing items on their development list, and by being proactive about their work. Performance is split into three categories, and employees who need improvement are given two to four months to improve before termination. Following termination, employees who have worked for Amazon for more than one month can get severance pay in 2022.

If you’ve been placed on a PIP for more than 30 days, it will be removed from your LEXISNexis profile.
This means that although you’ll still be able to search for information from the past 30 days, you won’t be able to retrieve those records.
Additionally, if you’ve already paid an Amazon data retrieval fee, you may be subject to a data retrieval charge should your request become unfunded.

For more information about the Data Retrieval Fee, keep reading.

Why Does Amazon Use Performance Improvement Plans for Its Employees?

Amazon management uses Performance Improvement Plans (PIP’s) on its employees for multiple reasons, including to improve employee performance, increase individual productivity, and to align with the company’s organizational goals.

The plan is designed to increase the efficiency of internal business operations at Amazon, while also making it easier to hire new employees.

How Does the Amazon Performance Improvement (PIP) Plan Work?

Amazon’s performance improvement plan is designed to help employees who have performance issues. They should not be terminated, but instead, help improve their performance.

Under Amazon’s Performance Improvement Plan, performance reviews are split into three categories: Strong, Satisfactory, and Unsatisfactory.

There are parts of the job that are on-the-job performance and company policies. There are some items that are helpfulness to co-workers and attendance.

If an employee falls into one of the first two categories, they are given a certain number of days to correct their performance.

In addition, if an Amazon employee is not willing to follow the guidelines of the job offer, they will be placed in the third category.

How Long Does an Amazon Employee Have to Correct Performance with a PIP?

Generally, Amazon allows workers who are on performance improvement plan to correct the areas they are lacking in for up to two months.

If you fail to get your performance corrected within the designated period, your employment with this company will be terminated.

Why Is the Amazon Performance Improvement (PIP) Plan Controversial?

Amazon’s Performance Improvement Plan is controversial because as a result, some employees see their careers terminated or coaches get promoted.

[Modified]: A Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) can be a powerful tool for achieving performance goals.
[Modified]: A Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) can be a powerful tool for achieving performance goals.

This plan to move the fulfillment centers to Mexico is receiving mixed reviews from Amazon’s employees. Some are worried about their job security while others are optimistic.

Amazon employees fear they can be fired for reporting wrongdoings. They believe the company’s new policies are only fair to employees who get coaching or training.

New employees were told to improve their performance over six months, while others who have been at the company for a long time were also told to improve or get fired.

How Common Are Performance Improvement Plans (PIP’s) for Amazon Employees?

Amazon has a high number of performance improvement plans. This is compared to other similar companies.

*(2) The number of PIPs may be an unintended consequence of the pay system.*

The number of PIPs appears to be a direct consequence of the pay system, not a side effect of the quality or number of reviews.

You may find that the PIP rate in your company is 0.5 to 3 percent. This means that someone with your experience and your pay level may be eligible for PIP benefits.

If an Employee Is Terminated Due to PIP, Can They Receive Severance Pay?

Amazon must pay its employees for a minimum of one month of service before
they qualify to receive severance pay.

When the amount is calculated in yearly increments, the payment is higher than the salary.

How Are Amazon Employees Notified of a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)?

“Employees will receive a written notification from their supervisor, telling them what they need to improve and the date they must improve it”, the notification will tell them on which day they must improve.

How Can an Amazon Employee Avoid the Amazon Performance Improvement Plan?

When an employee is struggling in a certain area, they should ask for coaching or feedback to avoid being written up for a PIP.

A manager will give a “Development/Development/Development” list to an employee after an employee has received a PIP.

Things that we did not intend for the item to be like that have to be fixed.

So we want to ask ourselves: what’s our purpose in life? What’s our reason for existence? And we want to try to create a plan that’s going to help us meet the goals that we want to reach.

When employees can get their stuff from their list of Devs, they can avoid a PIP.

You can know more about Amazon rehire policy, employee assistance program, and training program here.


Amazon’s Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) is viewed negatively by employees. They believe the practice of providing coaching and performance review to employees who need improvement shows that performance is not being discussed and prioritized. Furthermore, the PIP often serves as a disincentive to perform and encourages employees to resign before receiving performance coach help.

So many people feel termination for those who cannot improve after a brief period is harsh, however those who are truly unable to adapt and improve are in dire straits. As with any kind of performance management process, it’s essential to take the time to understand the ins and outs of the plan.

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