Amazon Probation Period (how It Works, How To Pass + Other Faqs)

Amazon is an e-commerce company, and there are lots of different jobs there that don’t require technical skills… but they all require a probationary period to be sure that the new hire is a good fit.

Every new Amazon employee must be with the company for 90 days after joining the company before their position is considered stable.


What Is Amazon’s Probation Period In 2022?

Amazon employees typically get 3-4 weeks of training. This is commonly referred to as the trial period. During the trial period, Amazon employees must prove that they can handle the job requirements. Employees who demonstrate issues during this trial period are typically given a Performance Improvement Plan.

If you have any questions regarding Amazon’s probation period, then make sure you read the following article for more information.

Does Amazon Have a Probation Period?

Amazon has a probationary period: they give you the most work, and the least pay.
-They won’t pay until you’ve had enough experience to tell them your market value.
-What would you pay to be a software developer at Amazon?
-I wouldn’t. There are a million other places to work.

Amazon needs to hire more employees and those hires could include Amazon veterans who are currently working at other companies.

The work they have been doing is subpar and they have been given three months to prove it. During those three months, they will work on their weaker skillsets and will have access to coaching and other support for improving their performance.

The program was promoted as a way to get employees back on track after they fall off the rails, but those employed by Amazon have described it as a way to push employees to leave.

Why Does Amazon Have a Probation Period?

Amazon uses their 90-day probation period as a way to test employees to see if they can handle the challenges of their assigned role.

Amazon wants new hires to think about things like their commute and where they live and the amount of money they can save up. It also makes things harder on the employee to quit your first job.

How Common Is It Not to Pass Amazon’s Probation Period?

According to past Amazon employee, they can have a tough time getting
promoted beyond a certain skill level, with the average employee not
getting promoted more than every two years.

This information seems to indicate that Amazon wants more than mediocre skills and experiences.

He saw only one person leaving a probationary period, which was at the end of the first week.

After the probationary period, if we find that you are not able to do the work that we expect you to do, we will terminate your employment.

How Do You Pass the Amazon Probation Period?

In general, your role will not be impacted by the number of products that you or your partners are selling on Amazon. As long as your accounts comply with Amazon’s seller policies, you will be fine.

Before doing so, you should make sure that your Amazon seller account is in good standing.

If you find that you are able to stay consistent with your schedule, you can then begin to increase your pay as you prove yourself.

You should have an interest in the work you do. If you don’t, your boss may think you’re not doing a good job.

Amazon workers feel that if you want to survive working there, you need to be loyal, hard to get along with, focused, and a team player.

What Happens at the End of Amazon’s Probation Period?

In light of the fact that you have made the decision to go with them, there doesn’t seem to be any reason to get into the weeds with the specific steps that you should take on Amazon.

You may be informed that your probation is over, or you may be notified that your probation is over.

It seems like you’re in a bit of a bind, so your best bet is to keep track of your working days, and check in with your supervisor regarding the next steps.

If you’re a recruiter, assume that a potential candidate has just said that they’re only interested in working for Amazon.

Can You Reapply If You Don’t Pass the Amazon Probation Period?

If you are fired during your first 90 days of working at Amazon, there is a chance that you can reapply for your job in the future. It is up to Amazon to determine whether you are given a second chance.

I’ve been told that it can take a long time for a resume to be worked on, especially if you’re applying for a brand new role.

Staff members state that it will take one year to reapply, while another stated that they must wait at least 90 days.

You can read our blog posts on the Amazon employee referral program, age for hiring, and Amazon’s rehire policy.


Amazon will be testing how the new employees are. Both employees and their supervisors will be trying to understand how they operate and if it is worth continuing to work together.

The waiting period is from 2 hours to 1 year depending on the reason for termination. There may be a minimum waiting period for most reasons, but for the purpose of this discussion I will ignore that. As for the time after a person is fired, there are many jobs that will hire you again within a few days or months. Some companies will even let you apply again immediately without a wait. But all is not lost.

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