Dollar General Termination & Quitting Policy [all You Need To Know] 

If you’re thinking about working for Dollar General, you’ll be helping to keep their customers happy.

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Dollar General Termination Policy 2022

According to the Dollar General policy, an employee can be fired if they breach or are caught stealing, assault a customer or another employee, be intoxicated, slander, commit fraud, or violate the company’s code of conduct.

The policy covers what is expected of the employee to get paid, how long the employee is expected to work and how much the employee is expected to be paid.

This policy explains how to access the customer portal and also mentions how to quit the service.

What Are Dollar General’s Criteria For Termination?

* Negligence of the employee.
* Lack of performance.
* Lack of productivity.
* Failure to meet the required standards of performance.
* Violation of company rules and regulations.
* Failure to follow procedures.
* Other good cause.

Dollar General stipulates that it does not assume any liabilities that may arise from the deceased’s death, unless otherwise agreed.

What Are Dollar General’s Criteria For Quitting? 

Employees have the right to terminate their employment at any time, any reason.. And the “for any reason” part is a big one.

However, the policy specifies that any good reason for termination (other than “Cause for Discharge”) will result in the termination of the employee’s employment and that all employment benefits, such as health insurance, paid vacation, and paid time off, can only be continued for a limited amount of time.

Permanent Disability
An employee is disabled if the employee is unable to perform all the essential functions of the job with or without accommodation.

You are not allowed to keep any of your own unclaimed vacation pay at work after your termination of employment.

Dollar Generals Quitting Policy & What Constitutes a “Good Reason” To Quit

Termination is usually related to misconduct, breach of contract, or inability to accomplish the employer’s job. However, there might be reasons outside of that list that would make termination appropriate.

How Should An Employee Quit A Job At Dollar General? 

Generally, best practice dictates that terminating one’s own employment should be done amicably, with a decent notice period given to the employer to begin making the necessary arrangements for the employee’s replacement.

An employer should be careful not to take notice of the employee quitting early without giving any notice. It should be noted that this can result in a bad reference for the employee, or damaging career plans within the company.

If you are currently working for Dollar General, you should read up on Dollar General drug test, Dollar General dress code policy, and Dollar General bereavement policy before continuing your application.


It’s really simple. If you quit or are fired for any reason, you should be paid for the last two weeks of work. You may also want to consult with a lawyer during the process.

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