Does Dairy Queen Have Dairy-free Ice Cream? (What To Know!)

Dairy queen (DQ), a well-known soft-serve ice-cream and fast-food chain in the United States, is a famous brand. Their blizzards have a legendary status and are delicious.

We were intrigued by the increase in vegan options and people choosing dairy-free alternatives. This is what we discovered…

Dairy Queen makes dairy-free ice cream?

Dairy Queen offers dairy-free ice cream bars. They also offer dairy-free meals to people of all ages with dairy allergies. Dairy Queen Restaurants offer delicious dairy-free icecream.

Dairy Queen’s dairy-free ice cream treats contain coconut icecream and vegan chocolate.

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Is Dairy Queen a Dairy-Free Queen?

Dairy Queen does not offer dairy-free blizzards. All of their famous blizzards contain dairy.

It is a shame, as DQ blizzards have become a fan favorite. DQ will soon have dairy-free options for their famous blizzards.

Can You Get Free Blizzards At Dairy Queen?

Customers have received a free DQ blizzard. How do you get your Dairy Queen free Blizzard? Follow these steps:

Dairy Queen offers Royal Blizzard treats or freebie Blizzards to celebrate birthdays. These can be redeemed for 14 days.

These freebies can be yours by signing up to Dairy Queen’s birthday Club. If your Blizzard does not arrive upside down, they will give you a free Blizzard.

This is because Dairy Queen Blizzards or other milkshake concoctions can be made by mixing mix-ins like Reese’s or Oreos. These are thicker and can hold their shape even when they are turned upside down.

These gifts cannot be redeemed, or given more than once.

Ingredients used in making Dairy Queen’s Dairy-Free Cream bars

Dairy Queen used a variety of ingredients to create their dairy-free cream bars. These are the ingredients that Dairy Queen used to make their dairy-free cream bars.

  • Ingredients for frozen desserts: Corn syrup, sugar and water. Coconut oil, maltodextrin, maltodextrin, corn syrup, water, sugar, coconut oil, coconut milk that contains approximately 2-3 percent or fewer vanilla essence. Guar gum, xanthan, carob bean, carrageenan. Diglycerides.
  • Coating Ingredients: Sugar, coconut oil, cocoa with alkali and salt; corn starch; natural flavors

What are the Dairy Queen’s Dairy-Free Options?

These frozen treats are dairy-free and available at DQ

Frozen Treats:

  • Misty Slush
  • Starkiss Popsicles
  • Non-Dairy Dilly bars

Sweet Toppings

  • Brownie Pieces
  • Chocolate Topping (not Fudge).
  • OREO Cookie Pieces
  • Peanut Butter Topping
  • Pineapple Topping
  • Strawberry Topping
  • Vanilla Syrup (for coffee)

Menu Guide with Dairy-Free Options at Dairy Queen Restaurants

Queen offers dairy-free meals to customers who have allergies to Dairy products. Below is a guide to dairy-free meals:

  • Sandwiches and hotdogs: Chili dog (no Cheese), mega dog. Hot dog. Crispy chicken sandwich. Grilled chicken sandwich. Crispy flamethrower chicken sandwich.
  • Breakfast: Sausages, Steak Fingers and Bacon, Hash browns, Ham, Bacon, Ham, and Chicken Strips
  • Dipping Sauces Honey Mustard, BBQ and Wild Buffalo, Sweat and Sour and Barbecue
  • Chicken: Chicken strips with honey BBQ sauce, Rotisserie-Style chicken bites, Chicken strip basket without buttery oil or toast.
  • Children’s Food: Hot Dog, Hamburger, Chicken Strips, Banana, Chicken Strips, Hot Dog, and Hot Dog
  • Salad dressings: Light Italian, Dijon honey mustard, and balsamic vinaigrette are just a few of the many options.

What are the Most Popular Blizzards at Dairy Queen

Here are some of the most loved Blizzards you can find at Dairy Queen.

  • Oreo Blizzard
  • Pecan pie Blizzard
  • Vanilla Core
  • M&M’s Blizzard
  • Butterfingers Blizzard
  • Health Blizzard
  • Red Velvet Blizzard
  • Salted Caramel Truffle Blizzard
  • S’more Blizzard
  • Oreo Mocha Fudge Blizzard

What is the Popular Sell Blizzard Flavor Name?

The American favorite selling ice cream flavor is the chocolate chip cookie dough Blizzard. However, this blizzard does not contain dairy.

This Blizzard contains the perfect size dough chunks, and you get a lot of them.

This Blizzard is delicious and has the perfect balance of cookie dough and icecream.

Are Dairy Queen Restaurants Allergenic?

Dairy Queen can have an allergen disclaimer. It could be that some Dairy Queen locations might have allergens which can contact their food.

Cross-contact is possible due to the presence of allergens within some DQ.

There is no way to guarantee that all foods are safe for allergy sufferers. However, you can find accurate information about the ingredients and menus at specific locations.

Which Dairy Queen food is the most healthful?

DQ is well-known for soft-serve icecream, but the menu also offers healthy lunch and dinner options.

Dairy Queen offers the best cheese burgers, grilled chicken sandwich, quarter pound cheese grill burgers, and snickerdoodle cookie dough blizzards.

You want to know more about Dairy Queen. This article will tell you if Dairy Queen accepts Apple Pay.


Dairy Queen offers dairy-free ice cream bars as well as dairy-free meals for all age groups, with many options.

Dairy Queen operates many locations. Every chain restaurant has its own management and employees.

One might be owned by different people. This could lead to changes in the procedures, ingredients, menu options, or food supply.

Remember that menus, ingredients and cooking processes, as well as management, food source, and restaurant protocol, can change at any moment.

Always read the menu before ordering.

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