Does Lowe’s Deliver? (price, Products, Lumber, Free Delivery, Wait Times + More)

Lowe’s does deliver most of the items that are available for purchase, but you could bring your own vehicle to their store to pick up items that aren’t available for delivery.

From what I can tell, the price and delivery time for Lowe’s are the same as Amazon’s. You can order a couple of days in advance and it will generally be delivered in 4-5 business days. This is the case for all products, not just the one on this page! If you see this on the screen, click “Continue to Lowe’s” at the bottom of the page!

Does Lowe’s Deliver In 2022?

You can order items from Lowe’s and have them delivered to your home. Your order has to total at least $45 to qualify for free standard shipping. Home Delivery is also available on most items that are in stock. You can order large items such as appliances or lawn equipment, but delivery is only free within a 50 mile radius from the store. Two-day and same day delivery options are available as well.

You can read more about Lowe’s delivery, what it does, if you get free delivery, and wait time after this short story.

What Is The Price For Lowe’s Delivery?

The charge of two-day delivery for a single item is $8.99. And if your order is over $45, you can opt for two-day delivery for free.

There aren’t any guarantees for next-day delivery at Lowe’s, but they have a price.

If you want Lowe’s to deliver your housewarming gift, you can add items to your cart, and your order will ship for an extra $79.

However, there is no exception for appliances that cost over $400. They will cost you an extra $19.

I hope that you can still pick up your items at the store.
We will go over the most common questions we get on our website’s FAQ page ( at the end of this video.

This video will show you the steps to replace the weather stripping and seal the gaps at the doors and windows of your home.

What Products Does Lowe’s Deliver?

Lowe’s is a great place to buy most products.

We can also ship items around the world. Please check the [Original] page for information regarding international shipping.

However, we cannot deliver anything over 150 pounds to your home, such as an item of lumber, bathroom fixtures, or an oversized item.

You’re eligible to choose from one of four built-in appliances including a microwave oven, dishwasher, air conditioner, or refrigerator and choose from two floors of flooring including hard wood, tile, or carpet. Please note, the options of these selections may vary by store location. Also, certain styles of blinds and window treatments are available to order for free through the store.

Does Lowe’s Offer Free Delivery?

– Items must be purchased, in-store, and only one of each item is eligible for free delivery.
– Items must be under $250.
– Items must be ordered over $10.00 before tax.
– Free delivery cannot be used on certain items.

How Long Do I Have To Wait For Lowe’s Delivery?

Lowe’s offers standard shipping services. You should not have problems with delivery. If you do contact your local store they should be happy to work with you to get your order to you.

If your order gets cancelled due to the stock issue, then a cancellation fee will be applied to the order. Cancellation will also be subject to a processing time of 48 hours.

If you’ve ordered a back-ordered item – one you can’t have for a few days – it may take up to a week to process and then two days for it to reach you.

Lowe’s is one of the few companies that can provide same-day delivery and you can change the delivery date on the checkout page.

Also, for Special Order items, the availability date is usually 7-14 days from the order date.

Does Lowe’s Deliver Special Orders?

Lowe’s will deliver “special order items” as long as the order is placed by 12 noon CST, otherwise it will be delivered within 14 days.

You can check the current order status for your order by visiting the website,, or calling the customer care number, 1-800-445-6937.

How Do I Arrange Delivery With Lowe’s?

If you order online you get a free in-store pick-up service and an estimate for delivery time. We also offer free in-store pick-up to our customers if they are not close to our store.

This video explains that the video ad plays to anyone that is viewing the video ad or the video ad is part of the campaign, and will be viewed as if the consumer is watching the in-store video ad (or that the consumer will be watching the in-store video ad by choice).

Order online using Lowe’s website and select “Deliver in-store”.

It is important to note, if your item is only available for in-store purchase (out of stock online), you or a customer service associate must pick up the item from your local store.

After you select the product you want to purchase, the store’s computer system will determine the price. After entering your purchase order you will get an estimate of how much delivery will cost.

Also if you want to be notified when the purchase arrives at the store then they will take your information.

You could ask your local lowes to sell you the product if they’re local, or you can just get it delivered for free.

When you are ready to check out, give the cashier your telephone number to look up the information, ring up your order and hang up.

We hope that, as an online community, we can all be civil to others and respect their different backgrounds and experiences.

Now it’s time to get all your shopping done! Make sure to enter your name and address so that we can deliver your order right to your home.

You can choose standard shipping for smaller items, or truck delivery for appliances, lumber, bathroom fixtures, and larger items in a truck.

You can also view the availability status of an item in your cart. Items that are out of stock are not displayed but you can still add them to your cart. If the item is already in your cart, you can add it to your cart and choose the shipping option.

Once you select a shipping method, you must choose the area you are delivering the goods to, enter your payment information and the process is complete.

If you want track your order, please look at the tracking number.

You can track your order right here.

Lowe’s delivery services are a good option for home improvement projects, and we also share more than just Lowe’s services in our Lowe’ blog.


Lowe’s offers multiple convenient options for delivery. However, delivery times may vary by package type.

If you select the Standard Shipping option, your order will be shipped by UPS or USPS Priority Mail. If you need a larger quantity of products or heavier items, you will have to choose one of the trucks’ delivery options.

In all cases, you will have to pay shipping costs separately.

If you have any questions or concerns about anything, you can always email or call us!

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