Does Verizon Offer Roadside Assistance? (Full Guide)

You can choose from a range of different plans that cover everything from TV and internet to mobile phone, and you can also receive additional perks when you choose a more premium plan.

 The answer is yes to roadside assistance, and you can take advantage of it. While I haven’t tried the service myself, I have seen posts from Verizon customers in my area, and they say it is reliable.

Does Verizon Offer Roadside Assistance In 2022?

Verizon is offering a program that would cover anyone who has a phone with them if there’s an emergency, even if they don’t have any service. They will cover the phone you have on you if it’s dead, so it’s essentially the same as their service for people who are having trouble obtaining a SIM card.

If you need to know if Verizon Roadside Assistance is included in your monthly bill, as well as how you can use it, continue reading this article. You’ll find all of the answers here.

Does Verizon Offer Free Roadside Assistance?

Verizon Roadside Assistance is not free, and will cost $4.99 per month, which means the service costs can add up quickly for anyone who wants the service active for their entire family.

Not physical presence, however. For example, if you called from a phone, that it is not physically present at the location of the breakdown. In this instance, you would pay $89.95, regardless of how long you’ve had the phone or what network it’s on.

Can You Use Verizon Roadside Assistance Immediately?

You are required to activate your Roadside Assistance coverage. If you wait until after the 48-hour time frame, then the Roadside Assistance will not be available to you.

There are also times when you can use the roadside assistance service even when the battery is dead, but you’ll still be charged $89.95 for each time you request it until the roadside assistance activates on your account.

How Does Verizon Roadside Assistance Work?

It’s easy to begin using the Verizon Roadside Assistance program once you’ve enrolled and you just need to fill out the form for the service online.

And since 1-800-Call-Me can connect you to any phone number, you can call 1-800-Call-Me from any phone and get help.

The name of the service request and the email address where you’ll be notified if the request fails to start.

You can opt-in to be notified via text when the company will be here, and can let you know the name and number of the company, and can tell you an estimated time of arrival.

What Does Verizon Roadside Assistance Include?

Towing, lockout service, jump start, mechanical services, fuel delivery, fuel service, fuel delivery and maintenance, and much more.

However, if you are in the United States or Canada, you will pay $2,500 per annum for this coverage.

You don’t need to be in your vehicle to use the service either, as you can be in a rental or someone else’s car and use the service. It does cover the phone.

It’s not that the device has to be located at the location where roadside assistance is needed. It has to be at the location where you are.

How Do I Know If I Have Verizon Roadside Assistance?

If you’re unsure if your device plan features Verizon Roadside Assistance, log into your My Verizon account online or through the app, and look for the features on your device plan.

And you can send them a query with the name of the account you want to activate using the code they supplied you, and they can give you the account details for that account.

How Do I Cancel Verizon Roadside Assistance?

Your phone also has an “Add-ons & Apps” menu that contains a list of all the Verizon apps you need to cancel, including Roadside.

You may need to enter your password if you want to access this account feature.

From the “Settings,” go to the “Manage” option and unenroll your service in case it’s not working properly.

Finally, your account is successfully signed up. You will now be able to receive email messages from the University while using the website.

Does Verizon Roadside Assistance Cover Motorcycles?

The roadside assistance on a motorcycle is usually good, as long as the phone is on the motorcycle and the phone is enrolled in the service, the insurance company would probably pay for the service.

Does Verizon Roadside Assistance Cover RVs?

If your RV is over 10,000 pounds or you’ve lost the phone that was enrolled in the plan, you may have to pay out of pocket for roadside service.

Do You Need to Show ID When Using Verizon Roadside Assistance?

You do not need to show a driver’s license or other identification when calling for Roadside Service. It is the mobile phone that must be shown to the operator to activate the service.

To avoid the $89.95 fee, you should be within the specified radius. If you are close enough to an AT&T service location, you do not need to pay the installation fee.

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If you have a smartphone you must sign up for it to keep the service, and it will cost $14.99 per month. If you sign up for the $4.99 plan it is $9.99 a month.

If your phone is in the vehicle, and you call Roadside Assist on someone else’s phone, you can call, and they will dispatch a Roadside Assist vehicle to you.

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