Does Verizon Work In Australia? (your Full Guide)

You should know that the reception will be good, considering that the country has a lot of land.

 The company has made it very clear that it doesn’t have a presence in Australia. This isn’t a news story that I’m reporting, but rather a clarification point for people who read and are interested in what the company has to offer.

Does Verizon Work in Australia In 2022?

Verizon is currently working out a deal to be the exclusive provider of mobile services in Australia. There has been some concern that Verizon may have a difficult time in the country, as people may be concerned about their privacy and security.

Are you curious where Verizon works in Australia? Do you want to learn more about the company or its operations? If so, keep reading for the answers to your questions.

Will My Verizon Phone Work in Australia?

Your Verizon phone will work in Australia, without a SIM card, but you will only be able to make calls. Your phone will not send or collect texts.

When you travel to a country where the carrier for your phone is different, you need to consider your phone’s compatibility. For example, Verizon will not work in Australia or Japan as the technology isn’t compatible.

Does Verizon Offer International Calling Plans for Australia?

Verizon Travelpass is a great phone plan for travelers, and if you’re visiting Australia you can use it to avoid higher rates.

Even if you use your phone in other countries there may be charges for international roaming, so it is a lot cheaper to use it at home.

You won’t be charged for the data you used up even if you just refresh a website, but if you download a new app, that will be charged.

How Do You Add Verizon TravelPass to Your Account?

You just need to sign up for TravelPass, then sign in during your trip to the US.

For this example, you can text the word “Travel” to 4004, or you can head to my Verizon and start setting up the plan to go on vacation.

Does Verizon Work in Melbourne Australia?

You can use the Verizon International Travel Coverage map to see how well you’re going to get reception while in a new city.

Does Verizon Work in Ballarat Australia?

The Verizon International Travel Coverage map shows that Verizon will work in any parts of the world, even in Ballarat, Australia.

Does Verizon Work in Sydney Australia?

Verizon will definitely work in Australia, but we cannot guarantee what reception is like. Coverage and reception is good overall.

Does Verizon Work in Big Desert Wilderness Park Australia?

Although Verizon may have the strongest signal in the world, we still do not cover the full United States, and some places have no coverage at all.

If you are in this location, it’s likely that you are going to have some difficulty receiving a text. The best thing to do here is to switch to another form of communication, such as a social media messaging feature.

Does Verizon Work in Port Augusta Australia?

This area of Australia will have a better reception and signal strength than you will find in other areas of Australia.

Does Verizon Work in Perth Australia?

This map shows some of the coverage areas for your Verizon cell phone. It helps you make an informed decision about which phone you should get to make the best calls while you are out traveling.

Does Verizon Work in Darwin Australia?

you will get a signal in the Mary river National Park, but you won’t get a signal if you head south.

In this case, there is probably something physical happening with the signal that isn’t being captured by the cell phone’s radio signal. The antennas in the base of the phone are working to provide a signal to your phone, but there’s something blocking the signal and this is what you’re seeing with the reduced coverage.

Does Verizon Work in Brisbane Australia?

Verizon is going to work well in Brisbane, Australia, and you shouldn’t lose a signal no matter where you’re at.

If you want to know more, you can also read our posts on whether or not Verizon works in Brazil, if Verizon works in Canada, and if Verizon works in Japan.


Verizon works in Australia if your phone can run on both the GSM and CDMA networks. The only problem is that the CDMA-only phones won’t work at all.

Since you’re not tied into one particular carrier, your phone will work in a majority of large cities. If you’re in a rural area, you can get a phone that works on the smaller cell towers, but the data won’t be as speedy.

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