Does Verizon Work In Jamaica? (all You Need To Know)

If you’re from the United States and traveling to Jamaica, you want to make sure that your cell phone is going to work in the country. If you live in the United States, cell phone service provider Verizon works in Jamaica.

If you want to know how good or bad your coverage really is in Jamaica, you’ll love this post that breaks down Verizon’s coverage in Jamaica.

Does Verizon Work in Jamaica In 2022?

The second part about roaming is that it’s expensive, and Verizon plans to avoid that by offering a program called TravelPass. Verizon will bundle the travel features with your contract, and you’ll pay a set monthly fee to use those roaming services. In the U.S., you’ll pay extra to use them. In Jamaica, where there are roaming costs, Verizon TravelPass will save you.

If you would like to learn more about Verizon and the best way to use your phone while in Jamaica, keep reading below to learn all of the important details.

Will Verizon Phones Work in Jamaica?

If you are using a Verizon Wireless device (CDMA phone) you will be able to use it in Jamaica.

In the Bahamas, you will be able to receive local telephone services such as Digicel or FLOW, as well as American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T) services.

I can guarantee the service is not going to be available in the mountains, the only places that won’t receive a signal will be in the mountains.

Is Verizon Free in Jamaica?

That means you have to be careful about if you are on the beach and you want to send a text message to your friend on the beach, you are going to pay $3.00.

Is Wi-Fi Calling Free in Jamaica?

If you put your Verizon phone on airplane mode and then connect to the Wi-Fi in your hotel, you could use Wi-Fi calling for free in Jamaica, according to travelers online.
To be clear, no one can guarantee free calls in Jamaica, but there are ways to get free calls, and one of them is to use Wi-Fi calling to connect to hotels with Wi-Fi.
The problem is that it’s not always easy to find the Wi-Fi network, and you may have to connect with a strong signal.

However, it’s very easy to accidentally get out of airplane mode in Jamaica, and this would then cost you regular roaming fees, so you have to be careful if you use this solution in Canada.

Can You Text in Jamaica with Verizon?

If you use the standard Verizon plan, a roaming charge of $1.79 per minute will apply. If you use the unlimited data plan, you aren’t subject to a roaming charge.

So if you want to go international, you can avoid additional charges by using Verizon TravelPass, which will cost you a flat rate for the days you use your phone. That makes traveling a lot cheaper.

Does Verizon TravelPass Work in Jamaica?

Verizon TravelPass will let Jamaicans use their phones when they are outside of Jamaica for free.

The people who have unlimited data plan use more than $10, which is not bad at all.

But when you use it for more than one day, like you do if you go to Spain, TravelPass starts charging $20 for your phone.

TravelPass is a much cheaper way to use voice and texts over the air in Jamaica when you are not roaming and have data service on. It costs the same as a local SIM card for one month.

* Use the “TravelPass Application Setup Wizard” on the IBM Tivoli Network Systems Administration Tools screen.
* Run “nss-setup.exe”, and select the Use “Setup Wizard” option.

Does Verizon Work in Montego Bay Jamaica?

Verizon works in Montego Bay, a beach resort located in the south of Jamaica. According to Verizon, the coverage is excellent.

The city of Montego Bay is home to all the most popular nightlife, and entertainment destinations in Jamaica. This is a perfect place to stay while you’re having fun with family and friends. It’s also the best place to stay if you want to enjoy the nightlife and entertainment in this part of Jamaica.

Does Verizon Work in Negril Jamaica?

Even if you are roaming internationally, you would find that Verizon has a terrible voice and data experience, especially in countries where the network is crowded.

In addition, Verizon will not offer service using Google maps for directions. The reason is simple: the provider would be taking the work away from Google Maps, and they don’t want to do that.

Therefore, you should always check your phone in an area with clear reception. If you can not get a cell reception, take a look at the “Negril” section of this guide.

Does Verizon Work in Ocho Rios Jamaica?

Verizon has great cell phone coverage in Ocho Rios, but it starts to deteriorate the closer you get to the mountains. In fact, if you’re headed to Mystic Mountain or Turtle River Falls, Verizon will not work there.

Does Verizon Work at the Rockhouse Hotel in Jamaica?

Does Verizon Work in Falmouth Jamaica?

If you want to visit a historical site in Falmouth, you’ll be able to use your Verizon phone as you’ll get great coverage within this city.

Additionally, this place should have a reliable 4G connection from Verizon, so if you’re using Verizon and visiting, it’s a great place to stay.

To learn more about Verizon, you can also check our posts on how to block Verizon, whether Verizon works in California, if Verizon works in the U.S., and Verizon phone number.


Verizon’s customers in Jamaica will experience a great experience. The experience will be the same as their customers in the United States.

Finally, you can always purchase prepaid SIM cards from local vendors to avoid roaming charges. These cards are inexpensive and can be topped up.

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