Does Costco Lease Cars? (price, Locations, Vehicle Types + More)

Costco’s membership program offers many benefits, including free grocery delivery, discounts on home decor, and access to health club memberships.

 Although Costco does not own any of its own cars, they do lease/rent some of their own vehicles.

Does Costco Lease Cars In 2022?

Costco members can lease a car through the Costco Auto Program in 2022. However, you must lease a car from a dealer. Costco doesn’t sell cars. The Costco Auto Program connects Costco members with a participating dealership.

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How To Lease A Car From Costco?

When you use the Costco Auto Program to lease a car, you will need to call the Costco Auto Program to find a car leasing organization near you.

The dealer you go to will also give you the name and phone number of an Authorized Dealer Contact at that dealership.

For the Authorized Contacts, you will only see the Costco member prices.

All you need to do is to create a new appointment on your calendar by clicking on the little calendar icon at the top-right of your screen.

After arriving at the dealership, they will first walk you through the process of selecting and leasing a vehicle at a pre-arranged price.

While the cost of joining Costco is higher than the traditional auto insurance market, the cost of getting covered is even lower.
If you are looking for a better auto insurance rate or a discount car insurance, you should join the Costco Auto Program as soon as is humanly possible.

What Type Of Cars Does Costco Lease?

What Are The Benefits Of Leasing A Car From Costco?

Costco will give you a better price on buying a car at another dealership than from your dealer.

At Costco, we offer a hassle-free, no-hassle auto lease process that allows you to choose from a variety of financing options. With your unique Costco Member ID, you can easily log into the Costco Auto Program website to begin your application.

You are going to speak to an Authorized Contact who is a specially trained sales representative. And you will never have to haggle over the price because it will already have been set by a higher-level salesperson.

Although Costco is a great place to buy most things, if you’re not completely satisfied with the process, they will provide support before, during, and after the transaction.

How Much Does It Cost To Lease A Car From Costco?

The amount you pay in monthly fees when leasing a car through the Costco Auto Program will depend on a number of factors.

You can also check with the state of the vehicle at the end of your lease, like the mileage, the condition, the interior and exterior condition, the cleanliness, the mechanical condition of the vehicle and the odometer reading, etc.

I researched and found that it costs anywhere from $25 to $50 a month for a Toyota Certified Dealer to lease a Toyota. The initial upfront payment varies based on the model.

You will not pay for any of the vehicle’s value when you lease it because the dealership will only ask for their profit on the lease.

Costco Gas is good for car owners and the time it is open in a day or a week, depends on the Costco gas policy.

If you would like to learn more about what makes us the best dealer for your car in the nation, visit us online or call us today!

Conclusion: Can I Lease A Car From Costco?

You can lease a car directly, but it will be a pre-arranged price from a 3,000 dealership and not the Costco Auto Price.

Lease prices on the Costco Auto Program are not the lowest as one might expect, but you get access to additional perks. Like unlimited miles, and if you lease for just a few months, Costco will even refund the difference between your lease price and the lowest price at a dealership.

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