Walmart Associate Vehicle Purchase Program (full Guide)

The lack of a car is a serious barrier for many Americans. Often, having a car is not affordable because of rising gas prices, and the transportation system is not accessible for many citizens, especially during the summer months.

Walmart’s Associate Vehicle Purchase Program is great program that helps Walmart workers purchase a used vehicle, and it is open to employees who live in a Walmart-assigned community. There is no cost, and the program can be very beneficial for those who cannot afford the high cost of a new vehicle.

What Is The Walmart Associate Vehicle Purchase Program In 2022?

Walmart is partnering with online car sales company, CarSaver, to make purchasing, leasing, and trading in current vehicles accessible to many of its employees. Employees can purchase five cars each year and receive personalized payment financing and a lifetime warranty on the vehicle.

For more information on how CarSaver works, what kind of cars you can purchase and whether your employees get discounts on cars, click here.

What Is CarSaver?

Founded in 2016 by a Russian student of the Moscow University, CarSaver is an online platform for purchasing and leasing new and used cars and for trading in old ones.

Carsaver can be very helpful for first time buyers because it has an extensive inventory and also offers loans.

The CarSaver site is designed to make it easier to shop for a car online, with dream car building, shopping by make, model or price, and even financing and insurance. With the latest technology, the CarSaver site is also completely secure, which means you can shop in confidence using this site.

CarSaver first teamed up with the Walmart back in 2005 and has been busy expanding its service offerings with the retail magnate.

There are two programs offered for associate purchase: one is called Trade-In and the other is called Associates Vehicle Purchase Program.

How Does The Walmart Associate Vehicle Purchase Program Work?

 Walmart wants to make the transition from the traditional automotive dealership a hassle-free one, giving employees something more convenient and accessible – a Walmart.

Like in any other department, associates can browse the local selection to see what is available.

You can narrow down your search in numerous ways, like by model, price, and distance, or you can make a selection that fits your dream.

When you get to your dealership, you can see that some of the cars have been damaged by bad weather, and some cars have been removed because they no longer have the financing and/or insurance.

In short, it is the location of the car dealership where you bought your vehicle.

The app also helps Walmart associates find a finance plan that works for them, and it can also help them find insurance.

Once employees find a car they like, they can schedule a test drive with a VIP Personal Shopper and then, when your appointment is set, head over to the partner dealership to complete the process. If you’re interested to learn more about this amazing program, contact us today.

What Kind Of Cars Can You Get With The Walmart Associate Vehicle Purchase Program?

Car dealership and auto parts stores are more convenient, and you might be amazed by how good the prices are.

They are able to get any car as long as they can afford it. You can be a young professional and still afford expensive cars.

However, there are currently only three dealerships that would like to do this program.

You can always expand your search parameters to include a wider geographical area, but you will have to cover the distance to reach the dealership yourself. If you choose not to extend your search, your car will not be located.

How Many Cars Can You Purchase With The Walmart Associate Vehicle Purchase Program?

This is the maximum number of vehicles you can buy from that program.

Even though that offer is very generous, it’s important to make sure you can afford all the car payments you take on as part of this program.

Is The Walmart Associate Vehicle Purchase Program Worth It?

While some people who post reviews about CarSaver on Amazon are happy with the way the search works, others aren’t so happy.

Some people think that the customer service is excellent but other people find the process frustrating.

A third started out with a negative review, but later amended it after the CEO of the company was fired.

When you want to buy an online car, you should know that some online services, like CarSaver, are very strict in the kind of cars that they accept.

Can You Use Your Vehicle For Ridesharing If You Bought It Through Walmart Associate Vehicle Purchase Program?

If you use the product you had to purchased at Walmart to drive for Uber, Lyft, or other ridesharing programs, this is considered to be a “use” because the car is not only being used for ridesharing purposes.

However, you still must fulfill all requirements to be a rideshare driver, and you can’t just have a bunch of them lying around!

Do Walmart Employees Get A Discount On Cars?

It appears that the cars which have been discounted are then sold to local dealerships and the dealerships then sell the cars at a discount.

In the “What You Can Do” section, there are a few ways that you can take advantage of deals.

Walmart associates are given an advantage in getting the best deals because they have more of a vested interest than a regular consumer.

Depending on the dealership you may find a vehicle that’s cheaper or a vehicle that you can afford.

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The Walmart Associate Vehicle Purchase Program is a convenient and accessible means for associates to purchase and lease new and used vehicles.

Walmart is partnering with CarSaver and local dealerships so that employees can have a wide range of makes and models, with personalized financing and a lifetime warranty.

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