How Do They Get Cars in the Mall?

At the front entrance of the mall, there are wide doors large enough to open and drive a car through.

Most people these days spend a lot of time in the shopping malls for shopping or entertainment purposes. Have you ever noticed a car inside a shopping complex? Also, the car selections on the display keep changing regularly. 

It is part of trying to attract new customers each day. According to some studies, it takes 5 times more effort to attract a new customer than keeping the old ones.

There is a possibility that you might have no idea about how the car gets inside the mall. In all malls, there is a wide special door which opens large enough for a car to drive through.

The doors are not open to the public, hence everyone cannot open or close the doors. It can be accessible with the help of a person who works at the mall.

The process usually takes place early in the morning before the mall opens and not between the crowded part of the day. Local dealers put these cars for display.

Reasons Why Car Dealerships Put Cars in Malls? 

Attracting a good amount of customers is not an easy task as it requires continuous hard work by the dealership.

There are several reasons behind putting a car in the mall by the dealers. Here are some of the significant reasons why a car dealership puts cars on display inside the mall.

  • For Marketing Purposes

The unique features of a new car make it stand out from the past models. But, without a close look at the new model, you cannot distinguish it from the rest.

But, if a car is on display at a mall, you can have a look at it by passing around and touching it. Also, it will not bother anybody if you spend 15-20 minutes around the car and observing its features in the meantime.

Many buyers of the vehicle want to investigate features in greater depth before making a purchase, but they rarely get the chance to do so without a salesperson trying to sell them to the car’s advantage.

  • For Displaying a New Model

Car manufacturers keep on introducing new car models very frequently. They want the entire world to know about the features of the new car. Some people upgrade the car so often that even some minor designs and concepts fascinate them. 

Sometimes people are ready to buy a brand-new model so they can stand out. Strategically, dealers know that they can target such kinds of customers and get the feal done in a short period. 

This is something that most people care about. They will want to make sure they have the most up-to-date versions of any product that comes out. If you are eager to get your hands on a brand-new vehicle, the mall can be a good spot to start looking.

  • Less Stress Than The Dealership

In most cases, car dealerships put heavy pressure on the salesperson to close a deal. There is so much stress in the dealership that you can not even get enough time to check the full features of the vehicle.

In the shopping mall, most customers first see the full features and then agree to make a purchase. A mall can be a perfect place if you want some extra time to look for the wide choices available in the automobile sector. 

All the smart dealerships realize how beneficial it is to strategically place the car in the shopping mall to attract potential clients.

  • Easy Deal

The reason why people hate going to car dealerships is the increasing pressure and hassle of shopping. Car manufacturers have realized that customers watch cars in the malls with more interest. 

Usually, people come up and ask necessary questions to the sales representative. In malls, the process of booking a car is much easier and simpler.

Such services make the cars selling faster than before. Both the individuals and the dealers are happy with the results of such a fast buying decision. 

Have you seen how dealers are adopting strategic methods for enhancing sales? This is beneficial to the customer as well as they get a close glimpse of the product they will buy.

Sometimes, they also provide a demo by calling the customer somewhere outside. They also provide reasonable offers on other services related to the vehicle. This includes free servicing, discounted car accessories, or insurance.

Other Locations Cars are Placed on Display

A mall is not the only place where dealerships put the cars for display. These cars are selling very often in other areas as well. 

A large corporate office, medical association, or hotel can be considered while putting the cars on display. The only thing which needs to be taken care of is a large opening in the building. Double doors without beams are the best fit for getting the car inside.

Vehicles with a good height may cause trouble and will not work. Close measurements can be fit by deflating the tires. 

Because of the size of the vehicle and the difficulty of transporting it inside the building in one form, many car dealerships are particular about which cars they put in malls.

Final Thoughts

Attracting new customers to the mall can be easy. Still, it requires patience, hard work, and tolerance. You now got an insider view of how car dealerships put cars inside shopping malls. 

The whole problem arises due to the mall opening gate because sometimes the height and width are not accommodating with the vehicle.

But, this process is possible without too much trouble because the dealers are quite specific about the cars they choose to put in the mall.

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