Important Things to Know About Salvage Cars

A vehicle with a salvage title has sustained severe damage through a natural disaster (flooding, fire exposure, or hail exposure) or an accident. 

Therefore, it is considered unsafe to drive and declared a total loss by an insurance company. However, you can restore salvage cars and get them inspected by the DMV to obtain a rebuilt title.

Significant Factors to Know Before Buying a Salvage Car

Salvage cars are quickly becoming popular among car enthusiasts due to their affordable prices. In addition, the salvage car inventory includes vintage cars, classic cars, as well as recent models and makes. This creates a perfect opportunity for everyone to buy their dream car.

These are some of the most important factors of why you should select your next vehicle from the salvage title category.

Economical Rates

Buying a car has become quite difficult due to soaring automobile prices. Since salvage cars are available at less than the market value, you can easily purchase one within your budget. Moreover, some car auctions offer salvage cars at wholesale rates. 

For example, A Better Bid car auction allows the public audience to place car bids and buy vehicles that are exclusively available for dealerships. As a result, you don’t have to pay additional expenses to a dealership.

Obtaining A Rebuilt Title

After purchasing a salvage vehicle, you cannot take it for a drive unless it is completely fixed. You must repair all the significant issues and have the vehicle evaluated by the DMV. 

At the DMV, all the vehicle features will be tested for road safety. If your car passes the test, it will get a rebuilt title and will be legally drivable again.

Valuable Vehicle Parts

For people who love fixing cars and want genuine car parts, the more economical option is to buy a salvage car and retrieve important parts from it. This way you can access genuine car parts that are difficult and expensive to find.

Cosmetic Damage Vehicles

Not all salvage title vehicles get damaged in an accident or through collision as some of them fall victim to natural events such as a hailstorm. 

These cars will mostly have cosmetic damage that is only surface-deep, meaning the engine and machinery will be in good condition. So, you only have to repair the vehicle body to acquire a rebuilt title.

Tips for Buying a Salvage Car

When buying a salvage car, use these tips to get a good deal.

Review the Vehicle History Report

A vehicle history report provides vital information about a car’s condition, ownership, accident history, and more based on the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Reviewing this report will help you determine whether or not buying a specific car is a good investment. 

You can correctly evaluate the current damage and estimate the total repair cost. For example, if the repair cost is exceeding the market value of a vehicle, you should focus on another car listing.

Some auto auction platforms like ABB provide vehicle history reports to their Pro and Premium members. With these membership subscriptions, you can easily request and inspect a vehicle history report to learn more about:

  • Accident History: This covers the frequency of accidents, their nature, and how much damage was caused to the automobile.
  • Title History: This will show the current and accurate car title and prevent you from becoming a victim of title washing.
  • Owner History: You can learn how many people owned the car before you and for how long.
  • Odometer Reading: This reading shows the total amount of mileage a car has traveled in its lifetime; so, you don’t have to solely depend on the current reading on the car odometer.

Consult a Mechanic

Once you have reviewed the vehicle history report, consult with a trusted mechanic. They will be able to help you evaluate the correct repair cost. Moreover, they can help you decide on a salvage car that fits your budget.

Buy from a Reliable Platform

To get the best deal on a salvage car, you need to visit the most reliable platform that provides complete details about the car. As a result, you can make an informed buying decision.

The most dependable platform to buy a salvage car is from a car auction like A Better Bid (ABB). ABB is an online vehicle auction that is open to the public. It allows you to buy from a 300,000+ vehicle inventory without a dealer’s license. Online auctions are held daily, and you can purchase classic cars, clean titles, salvage titles, and rebuilt title cars at wholesale rates.

To participate in the live bidding, you have to create an account on the ABB site, using your state-issued driver’s license or ID. Then, you can choose the membership package and deposit money to gain buying power. Once the registration process is complete, choose your favorite car and place the winning bid on it during the live auction.

You will have to pay the entire amount within 2 to 3 business days. After payment, provide delivery details to take advantage of ABB’s US-wide doorstep shipping service.

Wrapping Up

Salvage cars are declared a total loss by an insurance company, but you can buy one at an affordable price and fix it. Then, you can get it reviewed by the DMV to attain a rebuilt title. As some salvage cars only have external damage, you will not have to make excessive repairs. You can also buy a salvage title vehicle for genuine and valuable car parts.

Make sure to review the vehicle history report and take an expert mechanic opinion. This will help you decide whether a car is a good investment or not. You should also buy from a dependable online auto auction like ABB to get an excellent deal.

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